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03.05.16 Daily Update New Tracks, Videos PART-1 (New Songs Hot Billboard Charts 2016 Week Of May 8 Best Songs Hip Hop RnB Mix 2016 New Mp3)

New Songs Hot Billboard Charts 2016 Week Of May 8 Best Songs Hip Hop R
V.A - ALBUMS PACK + Instrumentals Beats 2016
2 Pac - Uppercut
2 Pac - Hair Of Wool
2 Pac - Thug Nigga (Feat Asu Cocoa Brovas)
2 Pac - Can U Get Away
2 Pac - Trill Ballin
2 Pac - White Horses
2 Pac - Thugz Mansion
2 Pac - Cause I Had
2 Pac - Satin On Your Panties
2 Pac - Layzie Believe
2 Pac - The Lifetime Thory: Makeveli Beyond
2 Pac - Loyalty
2 Pac - Chili Money
2 Pac - No Witness Protected
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - R.E.P Intro
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - Kold
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - Get To It
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - BanZZ
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - My Method
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - On Everything
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - Anchor Down
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - Lean & Dreamz
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - JuGG RiiGGht
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - On Deck
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - How It Is
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - Get It
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - BiG BoSS
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - The
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - When I Wanna
Live, Xkluiv, Slugga, P.h.a.n, Turf - OuTro
Al Bundy - Hammer Pants Feat Phlegm
Al Bundy - Nina Nina Az Feat Young Doc Half Baked Swayze
Al Bundy - Ghost Feat Jase Kevion
Al Bundy - Way Too Jiggy
Al Bundy - Goldie Feat Satara
Al Bundy - Scott Pip
Al Bundy - Fuck Em Up Feat Cola G
Al Bundy - Orenthal
Al Bundy - All These Bithces Feat Cola G
Al Bundy - Lo Life
Al Bundy - In My Zone
Al Bundy - Bitch Lyin Feat Dutch Sweets
Al Bundy - All I Wan Feat Street Scott Young Menace
Al Bundy - Boobie
Al Bundy - Playa Shit Feat Dutch Sweets Doob
Al Bundy - G. Train Feat Half Baked Swayze
Al Bundy - Soul Of A Mack Feat Cola G
Al Bundy - GloShon Moreno
Al Bundy - Ten On Me (Rookie Rodman)
Al Bundy - Iodine Poisonin Feat Flizy
Al Bundy - In Out Feat Cola G
Allegiance - Intro (Prod. By starBeats & Jamal Ganja)
Allegiance - Who Am I (Prod. By Nate Rhodes)
Allegiance - Came From Nothing (Prod. Scott Supreme)
Allegiance - Never Satisfied (Prod. By BigHead)
Allegiance - Bullet With Your Name (Prod. By NyBangers)
Allegiance - Too Easy (Prod. By RicandThadeus)
Allegiance - Interlude (Prod. By Lexi Banks)
Allegiance - i Already Know (Prod. By TheToughGuys)
Allegiance - Tidal Waves (Prod. By Tone Jonez)
Allegiance - SouL LoW (Prod. By BigHead)
Allegiance - Adolescence Feat. Flyy Skyy (Prod. By ScottSupreme)
Allegiance - Still Here Feat. Liveosa (Prod. By Say-T)
Allegiance - Good Enough (Prod. By Tonez Jonez)
Allegiance - One Day (Prod. By Lexi Banks)
Big Boi Jay-Z Andre Tu2 Pac Remix
Drake Kanye West LIL Wayne Remix
French Montana Jadakiss Remix
Ice Cube Chainz Redfoo Remix
Jay-Z Remix
BOB TI Juicy J Remix
Outkast ft Slick Rick Remix
Future Pusha T Pharrell Remix
Snoop Dogg Dr. Dre Remix
Yo Gotti Remix
Notorious Big Remix
Mobb Deep Remix
Blaze Ru Jaee - Intro ( Days / Nights )
Blaze Ru Jaee - Just Some Lines To Sniff Pt .
Blaze Ru Jaee - G Like ( ft . Q Macck )
Blaze Ru Jaee - Cold Nights ( G Herbo Flow )
Blaze Ru Jaee - You Wasnt There ( Letter To My Dead )
Blaze Ru Jaee - Kemo
Blaze Ru Jaee - El Chapo
Blaze Ru Jaee - Outro [ RNB ] (Real Nigga Barz)
Blaze Ru Jaee - #Bonus - Max Herbo Wave ( Cold Night Pt. )
Blaze Ru Jaee - #Bonus - Boyz N Da Hood ( ft. Q Macck )
Blaze Ru Jaee - #Bonus - Free The Guys ( ft . Nate Dougie )
Blaze Ru Jaee - #Bonus - Sosa Flow ( Die xs) #FTO
BRINGHIM (Feat Nixon)-Chronology
BRINGHIM (Feat Abigail Johson)-Hysteria
Bryson Tiller - Exchange (Dane Foxx Remix)
Bryson Tiller - Self Righteous
Bryson Tiller - Fuck That Nigga
Bryson Tiller - The Right Way
Bryson Tiller - Overtime
Bryson Tiller - Ex s (Feat PartyNextDoor)
Bryson Tiller - Paranoid
Bryson Tiller - Opinions
Bryson Tiller - Trust Issues
Bryson Tiller - Newbie
Bryson Tiller - Love Faces
Bryson Tiller - Mastermind
Bryson Tiller - He Dont
Bryson Tiller - Second Call (Interlude)
Bryson Tiller - House Party (Feat. Elliott Nichols)
Bryson Tiller - Sure Thing (Feat. J Shipp)
Bryson Tiller - Hardcore
Bryson Tiller - Hit By Love Again (Feat. Cole Kane)
Bryson Tiller - I Know How To Party
Bryson Tiller - Thank You RB
D-WaZz x Theokoles
D-WaZz x Buzzy B
Theokoles x Buzzy Back to school
Kima x Buzzy -back school-
Trap It - Wide x Buzzy B
No time - Loggan x Buzzy B
Theo x buzzy B back to school
Lucratif Beatz x Buzzy B
Tota Beatz x Buzzy B
Hazou-x-Buzzy B
Lucratif Beatz x Buzzy B -Back school mixtape-
Gudda x Buzzy B Back To School
Wide x Buzzy B
Kima Prod x Buzzy B Back To School
D-WaZz X Theokoles -back to school-
Im getting Money - Skola
Walked in - Bankroll Fresh
Aww Man - Lil Bibby & Future
Best Friend - Young Thug
Thats My Best Friend - J.R. ft Trey Songz
Cut it - OT Genesis
Watch Out - Chainz
By Chance - Rae Sremmurd
First - Shy Glizzy
Dope - Rick Ross ft Future
Dab - Migos
RGF Island - Fetty Wap
Oh My Goodness - Boogie
Power - Young Thug
Jumped Over Jump Man - Kanye West
Designer - Yo Gotti
That Bag - Rich Kid
Summer Sixteen - Drake
No Charge - Future
Ritz - Plies
Run to the money - Zoey Dollaz
Wicked - Future
Run Up - Future
Bottom of the bottle - Curren ft. Lil Wayne & August
Brinks truck All Me - Smoke Dza
Doing It - Fabolous ft Nicki Minaj & Trey Songz.
All Or Nothing - London
Eric Bellnger - Fetty Wap & Valet
Im the man - Uncle Murda ft Fetty Wap
Work - Rihanna ft Drake
Sorry - Justin Bieber
Oui - Jeremih
Tryna Fu&^ - Juicy J ft Drake & Ty Dolla
Might Be HI - Luke Nasty
Body - Jeremih & Dreezy
Exchange - Bryson Tiller
Hey there - Dej Loaf ft Future
Slippin - Meek Mill
War Pain - Meek Mill
Chief Keef - WHERE YA AT
Chief Keef - JUMANJI
Chief Keef - CHECK IT OUT
Chief Keef - FOOL YA
Chief Keef - TD
Chief Keef - AM
Chief Keef - SLEEPY
Chief Keef - WAYNE
Chief Keef - MIRROR
Chief Keef - HIMALAYAS
Chief Keef - VET LUNGS
Chief Keef - COOL
Chief Keef - PICK ONE
Chief Keef - SILLY
Chief Keef - ON IT
Chief Keef - PEE PEED
Chief Keef - EARNED IT
Chief Keef - HOW IT WENT
Chief Keef - FEDS
Chief Keef - MY HOUSE
Chief Keef - RUNNIN
Chief Keef - NO TOMORROW
Chief Keef - LAW AND ORDER
Chief Keef - FLU
Chief Keef - TEC
Chief Keef - COLORS
Chief Keef - BUSSIN
Chief Keef - FUNNY
Chief Keef - BARS
Chief Keef - HATE ME NOW
Chief Keef - BOUNCIN
Chief Keef - FEVER
Chief Keef - IGNORANT
Chief Keef - CHICAGO
Chief Keef - OBAMA
Chief Keef - GETTIN WILD
Chief Keef - IM DA MAN
Chief Keef - TURN UP
Chino Loc - Suffering From The Siccness
Chino Loc - Breathe
Chino Loc - Clika One To Da GMT, Ft Romero From Clika One (remix)
Chino Loc - Vampires.
Chino Loc - The Freeworld
Chino Loc - Bluetiful Musicc
Chino Loc - Dont Have The Tyme Ft JLeeryC
Chino Loc - Gunshots
Chino Loc - It Doesnt Matter
Chino Loc - Murda Da Money
Chino Loc - Death Murda Slaughter Kill Ft. Body Bag
Chino Loc - Stress
Chino Loc - Commin You
Chino Loc - Trust No Bitch
Chino Loc - D-Ception Feat, Ophelia
Chino Loc - If I Die
Chino Loc - Ill Be Gone
Chino Loc - The Exorcist
Chino Loc - Gotta Believe It Ft, Lucy Grace
Deezy - Intro
Deezy - Trouble
Deezy - Closer To My Dreams
Deezy - We In Here ft DMM, Chuck T
Deezy - Russian Roulette
Deezy - Day n Night
Deezy - Dream Chasers ft D BK
Deezy - Love Me
Deezy - Boot Up ft Fya Squad
Deezy - Young Reckless ft Menace
Dj Damage - Sy Ari intro
Dj Damage - Future- Hatin Shit
Dj Damage - PeeWee Longway x Hoodrich Pablo- Want
Dj Damage - Rich The Kid- Ritz Carlton Remix
Dj Damage - Que- Dawg Catcher
Dj Damage - Hotboy Turk Hatin On Me
Dj Damage - Swaggod- Heaven Sent
Dj Damage - Kodak Black- Wake n Bake
Dj Damage - Wildcat Woodz- Genie
Dj Damage - Scotty ATL x Jose Guapo- Real One
Dj Damage - Sy Ari Speaks
Dj Damage - JR The Truth x Vado- Take Notes
Dj Damage - Buddyman Feat. Rich The Kid- Exclusive
Dj Damage - Yung BB- Goodfellas
Dj Damage - King- Phase Me
Dj Damage - Mista Fame x HardLife- Bandz
Dj Damage - SubBoi- Dont Fuck Wid Me
Dj Damage - Taylorboi x Osama Snapback-
Dj Damage - Slick Casino- In The Air
Dj Damage - Wildcat Woodz- Only Go Up
Dj Damage - BreadGang Blazel- Tell Bae
Dj Damage - Sy Ari- Road To Heartbreak
Dj Damage - Sy Ari outro
Orad Johnson-Choosy
Peake - Good (Prd. by DTM Life)
Lil Caezar-Like a stripper
Trill gang ft Beerfest Off The Boat
QuezTrillAzz -Hustle and grind
Lil Mex - The Old Me (Prod By M.Green)
B.S.G. Lil Ken - Big Money On Me Ft. DaddyDo (Prod. By. Neaux The Motive)
lowz ft D.Swoosh-Show No Love
Tux Ft. Savuge- Counterfeit Ft. Savuge
PoBlakk- No nd PlaceNo nd Place
JSN- Right Cheek Left Cheek ft Berrfest (Dirty)
izova The Khemist. Murda Swag
Drake - Summer
Drake - Empire (Feat Rick Ross Drake)
Drake - Work
Drake - Cory Jo
Drake - Meek Mill Diss
Drake - On My Shoulder
Drake - OVO Owl Speaks ( Interlude)
Drake - Comedy
Drake - City Lights
Drake - Suite
Drake - OVO Raptor
Drake - Fetty Way
Drake - In One Thirty
Drake - OVO Owl (Interlude)
Drake -
Drake - Waves
Drake - Fuck Tryna
Drake - I Can
Drake - Side Of Me
Drake - Rich Friends
Drake - Why Tell Me
Drake - Evolving
Drake - Jump
Drake - Spanish Bling
Drake - Noah ShebibRadio (Outro)
Eye On The Dollar Bill (Prod. Dude Cla¥¥)
Dab On The Pyramid (Prod. Dude Cla¥¥)
(Prod. Dude Cla¥¥)
Trap Out The Church (Prod. Dude Cla¥¥)
God Like (Prod. Dude Cla¥¥)
Order Of The Wise (Prod. Dude Cla¥¥)
Conspiracy (Prod. Dude Cla¥¥)
Secret Society (Prod. Dude Cla¥¥)
Devils Theories (Prod. Dude Cla¥¥)
Blck Illuminati (Prod. Dude Cla¥¥)
Eksa-Q - KILL YOSELF (produced by Shorty Macknificent)
Eksa-Q - TALKIN CASH SHIT (produced by Eksa-Q)
Eksa-Q - AND BLEU CHEESE f. Johnny Lightnin (produced by Eksa-Q Shorty Macknificent)
Eksa-Q - HAN SOLO AND CHEWBACCA f. Baby Bolo (produced by Shorty Macknificent)
Eksa-Q - Summertime f. Roq-Z and Mallorie Stiger (produced by Scott)
Eksa-Q - MAMAS BOY f. Rich Bankz(produced by Rich Bankz)
Eksa-Q - Hunger Games (produced by Rich Bankz)
Eksa-Q - U, YOU AND YOO f. Roq (produced by Rich Bankz)
Eksa-Q - ON THE BLOCK (produced by Shorty Macknificent)
Eksa-Q - RED CAPRICE (produced by Shorty Macknificent)
Eksa-Q - M.O.E. f. Shorty Macknificent (produced by Shorty Macknificent)
Eksa-Q - TURNT F. Shorty Macknificent (produced by Eksa-Q Shorty Macknificent)
Karizma - Likes
Meek Mill ft Omelly - War Pain
SaksDaMoneyMan- Thuggin
Dave East - Work Remix
SaksDaMoneyMan - Pain
T-Pain - Do Dat Shit
Trill Cut - Goin Tha Kill
Nas - March Madness Freestyle
Boss Man Bandz - Serena (Freestyle)
Chief Keef - Foreigns
Silent Assasin ft. Jaybo - Standing
Tinashe - Ride Of Your Life
FRAME JAMES - Trap art
FRAME JAMES - Get Right (feat SlimFish Brown)
FRAME JAMES - Latenights
FRAME JAMES - Clientel
FRAME JAMES - TraleLowkeyXJackalotXFrames-Lean On Me
FRAME JAMES - let go ft A.J. MIL
FRAME JAMES - TwexxyXFramesXJackalot-I Do Dis
FRAME JAMES - Nigga Thoughts
FRAME JAMES - Too Much (feat SlimFish Brown)
FRAME JAMES - Cant Explain it ft Young Julie
Future - In Abundance
Future - Low Life
Future - No Problems
Future - Then I Leave
Future - Sacrifice
Future - Made Of Money
Future - Forever
Future - Drippin (How U Luv That)
Future - Hater Shit
Future - All Right
Future - Never Forget
Future - Bye Bye
Future - Wicked
Future - Purple Reign
Future - No Charge
Future - Perkys Calling
Future - Run Up
Future - Salute
Future - Inside The Mattress
G Mello - Intro
G Mello - rd Eye
G Mello - Eye See You
G Mello - How We Do It
G Mello - Insomnia
G Mello - Phonky Bomb
G Mello - Can I Ball
G Mello - Paid In Full
G Mello - Vets feat. K.I.D
G Mello - Outro
G Mello - Bonus Track Flava
Humongous The God - YRNN (Prod. by The Avengerz)
Humongous The God - Grand (Prod. by A.R. Pro)
Humongous The God - White Vans Ft. Migos (Prod. by A.R. Pro)
Humongous The God - Gizod (Prod. by A.R. Pro)
Humongous The God - Flight (Prod. by A.R. Pro)
Humongous The God - Fake Friends (Prod. by A.R. Pro)
Humongous The God - Mentiros (Prod. by A.R. Pro)
Humongous The God - T.D.W.S.Y.W. Ft. DJ Khaled (Prod. by A.R. Pro)
Humongous The God - Eastside Ft. DJ Khaled (Prod. By The Avengerz)
Humongous The God - Like Us (Prod. By A.R. Pro)
Hunned Lou - Species Skit
Hunned Lou - Bitter Sweet Salary Ft. Trappin and Stribby Prod.Trappin
Hunned Lou - Back of the Bando Ft. ZellyBo and Kwon Prod.Trap Life Muzik
Hunned Lou - Grimey s Ft. Stribby Prod.Teo I Like This
Hunned Lou - One Size Skit
Hunned Lou - That Hard Ft. Nef The Pharaoh, Tax Artist, Erick Dee, Stribby Prod.Teo I Like This
Hunned Lou - 2 Pack of Money Ft. Stribby and Bea Rokin Prod.Teo I Like This
Hunned Lou - Zanny A Vike Prod.Teo I Like This
Hunned Lou - !st Thing !st Ft. Trappin Prod. Purps On The Beat
Hunned Lou - Six2 Pack Skit
Hupernikao - rollwithme
Hupernikao - violint
Hupernikao - dirtysoda .
Hupernikao - coldnights
Hupernikao - backandforth
Hupernikao - thruandthru
Hupernikao - real
Hupernikao - pastfaded
Hupernikao - randomrhymes
Hupernikao - worldsaway
Hupernikao - toohigh
Hupernikao - allnight
Ice Cube - hoo-bangin
Ice Cube - westside slaughterhouse
Ice Cube - connected for life
Ice Cube - higher
Ice Cube - king of the hill
Ice Cube - get off my dick and tell yo bitch to come here
Ice Cube - gangsta nation
Ice Cube - stop snitchin
Ice Cube - only in california
Ice Cube - you aint got to lie to kick it
Ice Cube - friday
Ice Cube - all the critics in new york
Ice Cube - you know how we do it
Ice Cube - im only out for one thang
Ice Cube - ghetto bird
Ice Cube - natural born killaz
Ice Cube - chrome paint
Ice Cube - be true to the game
Ice Cube - whos the mack
Ice Cube - played like a piano
Ice Cube - hello
Ice Cube - pushin weight
Ice Cube - west up
Ice Cube - gangstas make the world go round
Ice Cube - aint nothin but a word
Ice Cube - dopeman
Ice Cube - growin up
Ice Cube - until we rich
Ice Cube - the world is mine
Ice Cube - game over
Ice Cube - you cant fade me
Ice Cube - the predator
Ice Cube - go to the church
Ice Cube - real nigga roll call
Ice Cube - two to the head
Ice Cube - dead homiez
Ice Cube - you gotta lotta that
Ice Cube - hand of the dead body
Ice Cube - color blind
Ice Cube - it was a good day
Ice Cube - it was a good day remix
Ice Cube - down for whatever
Ice Cube - ho b- tha hommie
Ice Cube - laugh now cry later
Ice Cube - Why we thugs
Ice Cube - Chin check
Ice Cube - Check yo self
Ice Cube - Check yo self (remix)
Ice Cube - Straight outta compton
Ice Cube - Rollin wit the lench mob
Ice Cube - I wanna kill sam
Ice Cube - Holla cha boy
Ice Cube - Horny lil devil
Ice Cube - The nigga ya love to hate
Ice Cube - The grand finale
Ice Cube - Burn hollywood burn
Ice Cube - Endangered species
Ice Cube - Last wordz
Ice Cube - A gangstas fairytale
Ice Cube - Tell me when to go (remix)
Ice Cube - How to survive in south central
Ice Cube - Amerikkkas most wanted
Ice Cube - The wrong nigga to fuck wit
Ice Cube - No vaseline
Ice Cube - Wicked
Ice Cube - Bop gun
Ice Cube - Bonnie clyde theme
Ice Cube - Givin up the nappy dug out
Ice Cube - the game lord
Ice Cube - st ides commercial
Ice Cube - king tees beer stand
Ice Cube - dirty mack
Ice Cube - you can do it
Ice Cube - gangsta gangsta
Ice Cube - trespass
Ice Cube - my summer vacation
Ice Cube - steal the show
Ice Cube - steady mobbin
Ice Cube - a bitch iz a bitch
Ice Cube - what can i do (remix)
Ice Cube - parental discretion iz advised
Ice Cube - really doe
Ice Cube - express yourself (remix)
Ice Cube - now i gotta wet cha
Ice Cube - street fighter
Ice Cube - cave bitch
Ice Cube - we be clubbin
Ice Cube - bow down
Ice Cube - doin what it pose do
Ice Cube - outro
Icez - Clan (Prod. By Icez)
Icez - Foolery (Prod. By Icez)
Icez - Anyway (Prod. By Icez)
Icez - Lava (Interlude) (Prod. By Icez)
Icez - Magic (Prod. By Icez)
Icez - Gettin Bands (Prod. By Icez)
Icez - Yit Up (Prod. By Icez)
Icez - Triple Threat (Prod. By Icez)
Icez - Clutch (Prod. By Icez)
illbert - Abstract (prod. Wayvee)
illbert - Golden Ticket (prod. LMC & DVNGLEz)
illbert - Surreal Killa (prod. illbert)
illbert - Look In My Eyes (prod. illbert)
illbert - Erect Dict (prod. illbert)
illbert - Interlude (prod. illbert)
illbert - Post Human (prod. SoundSnobz)
illbert - Character (prod. Sane)
illbert - Low (prod. Klimeks)
illbert - Young Adult (prod. illbert)
illbert - Stress Relief (prod. illbert)
illbert - Audition (prod. Mesa)
Jizzle Bandz - MOMMA TOLD ME
Kane, Mike Day - Problem (Remix)
Kane, Mike Day - Take Notes
Kane, Mike Day - Pimpin Dealin ft. JJ
Kane, Mike Day - Aint Shit
Kane, Mike Day - West Coast (Prod. By BRBK)
Kane, Mike Day - Keep it Real (Prod. By mjNichols)
Kane, Mike Day - Copy & Paste
Kanye West - I Want It All (Freestyle)
Kanye West - Bound
Kanye West - Cant Stop My Love
Kanye West - All Your Fault (ft. Big Sean)
Kanye West - Awesome
Kanye West - Fade (ft. Ty$ Post Malone)
Kanye West - Wolves (ft. Vic Mensa Sia)
Kanye West - Black Skinhead [Le Grand]
Kanye West - All Day [Leak Rework]
Kanye West - God Level
Kanye West - Big Boys Neighborhood Freestyle
Kanye West - Midas Touch (Rihanna Reference Track)
Kanye West - Summer League (Feat. Kanye West)
Kanye West - Thank You (feat. Q-Tip, Lil Wayne Kanye West)
Kanye West - One Man Can Change The World (Feat. Kanye West John Legend)
Kanye West - Blessings (ft. Big Sean Drake)
Kanye West - All Day (Feat. Theophilus London Allan Kingdom) [Live @ Brit Awards]
Kanye West - Wolves Say You Will [Live @ Foundation Louis Vuitton]
Kanye West - I Am Not Here Right Now (Interlude) [Live @ SAP Center]
Kanye West - Talk About Our Love [Extended Mix] (feat. Kanye West)
Kanye West - Addiction [Terry Hunter And Kenny Dope Remix]
Kanye West - Stronger [Andrew Dawson Remix]
Kanye West - Love Lockdown [Aerotronic Remix]
Kanye West - Jesus Walks [Live In Paridiso ]
Kanye West - Gold Digger [Live on SNL]
Kanye West - All Falls Down [Live]
Kanye West - Black Skinhead [Live on SNL]
Kanye West - New Slaves [Live on SNL]
War Pain - Meek Mill Feat. Omelly
Cant Trust a Soul - Lil Bibby
Nu Gambino - Fabolous Feat. Jazzy
Old Man Wildin - Diddy Feat. Jadakiss, Styles P
Too Rich For The Bitch - Cent
Back On The Bullshyt - Chainz Feat. Lil Wayne
Castle - Kevin Gates
WOA - Migos
Ask Charlamagne - Waka Flocka
HollyHood - Kodak Black
Retro Flow - Lil Herb
Mo Money - Curren
Light This Bitch Up - P-Lo Feat. G-Eazy, Jay Ant
Smile - Isaiah Rashad
Absolutely Perfect - Smoke DZA Feat. Wale
KDV - Intro
KDV - Led By His Spirit
KDV - Faith To Faith
KDV - Your The One
KDV - What Do You Stand For(Prequel)
KDV - Change
KDV - Dreams
KDV - What Do You Live For
KDV - Sold Out
KDV - Go !
KDV - Mainline
KDV - Hard to Breathe Feat. Tracey Vanc
KEY! - Had Me Like
KEY! - Parade
KEY! - Real One
KEY! - Key! - Parade
K.I.D.D. - Ay Yi I Ft. Louie V E
K.I.D.D. - In Charge
K.I.D.D. - Money Callin
K.I.D.D. - Remember Them Dayz
K.I.D.D. - Drunk Drivin
K.I.D.D. - Oceans
K.I.D.D. - Aint Livin Rite Ft. Blizzy
K.I.D.D. - Yung N as
K.I.D.D. - Know Me
K.I.D.D. - Lost Cause Ft Blizzy
K.I.D.D. - One Hunnid
Lil A - Intro [Mind Over Matter MixTape]
Lil A - Lifes A Test (Ft. Caskz)
Lil A - BankRoll (Ft. Roger)
Lil A - This Life (Ft. Roger)
Lil A - On My Hustle (Ft. Roger)
Lil A - Smoking Cannabis (Old Town Crew Ft. I- Playaz)
Lil A - Lately
Lil A - Ridding Solo (Ft. Roger)
Lil A - Feeling Trapped (Ft. WiseGuys)
Lil A - Mind Over Matter (Outro)
Lil A - Bonus Track (Roll Up) Old Town Crew
Lil Rondo - (Intro)
Lil Rondo - Street Shid
Lil Rondo - Bruddas
Lil Rondo - Bando
Lil Rondo - Right My Wroungz
Lil Rondo - For Sale
Lil Rondo - In Dese Streets
Lil Rondo - Our Time
Lil Rondo - Stay Soild
Lil Rondo - Fuck A DJ
Lil Rondo - Barz(Outro)
Lil UZI VERT - Philly Zoo
Lil UZI VERT - In Da Field [Freestyle]
Lil UZI VERT - She On Me
Lil UZI VERT - I Dont Give A Fuck (feat. Kur)
Lil UZI VERT - Barry White (feat. Louis Rose)
Lil UZI VERT - Steelo (feat. Mugga Terintino)
Lil UZI VERT - Ze Boyz
Lil UZI VERT - Flex On Me
Lil UZI VERT - Feenin Freestyle
Lil UZI VERT - Danny Glover (Freestyle)
Lil UZI VERT - Chiraq Part (feat. Kur)
Lil UZI VERT - Meek Mill
Lil UZI VERT - Faded (feat. Reese)
Lil UZI VERT - Big & Puff (feat. William Aston
Lil UZI VERT - Hella Bitches (feat. Kur)
Lil UZI VERT - (feat. A Ant)
Lil UZI VERT - Deceiving (feat. Phat Geez)
Lil UZI VERT - Motorola
Lil UZI VERT - Degrees (feat. Reese)
Lil UZI VERT - Drop (feat. A Ant & Tayyib A
Lil UZI VERT - Pretty Boy Anthem (feat. Lil B
Lil UZI VERT - Neva Change (feat. Phat Geez)
Lil UZI VERT - We Rollin (feat. Brenmar & Rome
Lil UZI VERT - Cant Lose (feat. DJ Moni)
Lil UZI VERT - Bustdown (feat. Rich the Kid)
Lil UZI VERT - Count Dem Rollz (feat. Uzi Gang
Lil UZI VERT - Uzi Manson
Lil UZI VERT - Everytime (feat. Lamb$)
Lil UZI VERT - Dej Loaf
Lil UZI VERT - Pull Up (feat. Louie V Gutta)
Lil UZI VERT - Da Money (feat. Y.S.L.)
Lil UZI VERT - Stylin
Lil UZI VERT - Pressure (feat. Lil Durk)
Lil UZI VERT - Made A Million
Lil UZI VERT - Horse
Lil UZI VERT - JuiceMan
Lil UZI VERT - On My Line (feat. Lil Herb)
Lil UZI VERT - Lane Switching (feat. Iamsu! &
Lil UZI VERT - All Night
Lil UZI VERT - No Wait
Lil UZI VERT - F ck Up The Party (feat. Rizzoo
Lil Wayne - Crystal Ball Feat. Stephanie Acevedo
Lil Wayne - Bullshit
Lil Wayne- Half Way
Lil Wayne - Smuckers
Lil Wayne - Ejected
Lil Wayne Speaks
Lil Wayne-Feel It In The Air ft Lil Twist
Lil Wayne-Pour Up
Lil Wayne-Do It ft Christina Milian
Lil Wayne-Do Ya Thang Remix ft Young Juve and Mannie Fresh
Lil Wayne-Fresh ft Mannie Fresh
Lil Wayne - Switch up
Lil Wayne - Duffle Bagz
Lil Wayne- Street Chainz
Lil Wayne- MS
Lil Wayne-From Adam ft The Game
Lil Wayne-Angel
Lil Wayne - Picture Perfect (Mike Will)
Lil Wayne - Commas
Lil Wayne - I Aint Nervous (Feat Boo)
Lil Wayne - BlackOut (Feat Juelz Santana)
Lil Wayne - Stay Hood (Lex Luger)
Lil Wayne - We Bout That
Lil Wayne Speaks
Lil Wayne - Yellow Tape (Feat Fat joeAAP RockyFrench Montana)
Lil Wayne - Good Kush and Alcohol (Bitches Love Me) (Feat DrakeFuture) (Prod Mike Will)
Lil Wayne - Bullet Wound (Feat Gucci ManeYoung Scooter)
Lil Wayne - Party Anthem (Prod Timbaland)
Lil Wayne - Staring At The world
Lil Wayne - Awkward
Lil Wayne - Karate Chop (Remix) (Feat Future)
Lil Wayne - Scream and Shout
Lil Wayne - Outro
Lil Wayne - Get At These Niggas
Lil Wayne - Arm
Lil Wayne - After Disaster
Lil Wayne - Bring It Back...
Lil Wayne - Always Strapped
Lil Wayne - Birds Flying High
Lil Wayne - By Myself
Lil Wayne - Does What She Wants
Lil Wayne - Favorite Things
Lil Wayne - Guys Like Us
Lil Wayne - Hood Shit (Demo Version)
Lil Wayne - Let Us Pray
Lil Wayne - Move The Damn Thing
Lil Wayne - Nigga Like Me
Lil Wayne - Oh Yeah
Lil Wayne - Hot Shit
Lil Wayne - Rep My Hood
Lil Wayne - Rewind
Lil Wayne - Rollers And Riders
Lil Wayne - Rubber Burnin
Lil Wayne - Say Yes
Lil Wayne - The Bad Side
Lil Wayne - Throw Ya Sets Up
Lil Wayne - Pusha (feat. Lloyd)
Lil Wayne - Demolition I (feat. Gudda Gudda)
Lil Wayne - Demolition II (feat. Gudda Gudda)
Lil Wayne - No Quitter, Go Getter
Lil Wayne - I Know Your Name (feat. The Alchemist Travie McCoy)
Lil Wayne - Stupid (Remix) (feat. Playaz Circle Young Jeezy)
Lil Wayne - Another Planet (feat. Huey)
Lil Wayne - Sacrifice (feat. Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine Shanell)
Lil Wayne - Baseball Sex (feat. Mack Maine)
Lil Wayne - Come On (feat. Pistols J. Holiday)
Lil Wayne - Lifes Too Short
Lil Wayne - Down In The Studio (feat. T-Streets Mack Maine)
Lil Wayne - Real As They Come (feat. Tity Boi Dre)
Lil Wayne - Waist of a Wasp (feat. T-Pain)
Lil Wayne - Home Run (feat. Juelz Santana)
Lil Wayne - We Are the World for Haiti (feat. Various Artists)
Lil Wayne - Fuck Me In The Mosh Pit
Lil Wayne - Money or Graveyard (feat. Gudda Gudda)
Lil Wayne - My Weezy (feat. Shanell, Lil Twist Tyga)
Lil Wayne - Hot Revolver
Lil Wayne - Forever (Remix) (feat. Chris Brown Lupe Fiasco)
Lil Wayne - Marlin Pussy (feat. Mack Maine)
Lil Wayne - Arab Money (Remix) (feat. Busta Rhymes, Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beats, T-Pain Akon)
Lil Wayne - Just Me Her (feat. Gata)
Lil Wayne - Winding (feat. Fat Joe Ron Browz)
Lil Wayne - Red Rum (feat. Dre)
Lil Wayne - Just Lean (feat. Tyga)
Lil Wayne - Pretty Brown (feat. Lloyd)
Lil Wayne - Blame It (Remix) (feat. Jamie Foxx, Busta Rhymes T-Pain)
Lil Wayne - Crack Rock (feat. Short Dawg Tyga)
Lil Wayne - Thinkin of You (feat. Tyga)
Lil Wayne - Call of Duty
Lil Wayne - Im At War (feat. Sean Kingston)
Lil Wayne - Unstoppable (feat. Drake Santigold)
Lil Wayne - Troublemaker (feat. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda T-Streets)
Lil Wayne - Around The Way Girl
Lil Wayne - Road Block (feat. T-Streets Mack Maine)
Lil Wayne - Ignant Shit (feat. Drake)
Lil Wayne - Colorful Clothes (feat. Birdman, Maino, Kardinal Offishall, Joe Young, Hunt, Wes Fif Trae)
Lil Wayne - February th
Lil Wayne - PaYow (feat. Huey Bobby Valentino)
Lil Wayne - Turnin Me On (Remix) (feat. Keri Hilson T-Pain)
Lil Wayne - I Hate That I Love You (feat. Miz)
Lil Wayne - He Raps, He Sangs (feat. T-Pain)
Lil Wayne - Cut Like A Blender (feat. Juelz Santana)
Lil Wayne - Americas Suitehearts (Remix) (feat. Fall Out Boy)
Lil Wayne - Morning
Lil Wayne - Thinking To Myself (feat. Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine Nicki Minaj)
Lil Wayne - Politics (feat. Gudda Gudda)
Lil Wayne - She Knows
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - All We Ever Wanted
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - Doin My Thing
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - This Could Describe Me
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - Im Going Through Hell
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - Dust To Dust
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - All Of The Hate
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - Walking and Talking (Feat. Mr. Champagne)
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - American Poet
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - Posted
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - This Blunt That Im Smokin
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - I Dont Fuck With Many (Feat. Mr. Champagne)
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - Im Finally Gone
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - Ghengis
Louis VKS, Mr. Champagne - This One Is For Ben
Majik - Me Personally
Majik - Nightlife
Majik - Perfect Picture
Majik - Freedom
Majik - Showtime
Majik - I Know
Manifest Wallace - HIM (prod. JayUrbanMusic)
Manifest Wallace - Trendsetter (prod. Alex Williams)
Manifest Wallace - Fucking Jump
Manifest Wallace - Not Comin Down (Signature prod. Team)
Manifest Wallace - Started at the Plantation
Manifest Wallace - My Suzie (Signature prod. Team)
Manifest Wallace - We Own the Night ft. Valentina & Pablo (Signature prod. Team)
Manifest Wallace - Ill Be Back Before You Know It
Matti Baybee - Shake [Prod. by ISM Beats]
Matti Baybee - Aint Goin Back [Prod. by ISM Beats]
Moe Dase - Famous ft. TK Skywalker, C.I. Bang Lejhon Hawkins (Produced by Wade)
Moe Dase - Adaptation ft. Brookfield Duece C.I. Bang (Produced by Wade
Moe Dase - Realist ft. Lil E (Produced by Wade
Moe Dase - We Lit (Produced By Tommeezy)
Moe Dase - #GWTT Girl with the tattoo (Produced by Wade)
Moe Dase - Buss it Open ft. TK Skywalker (Produced by Wadeo)
Moe Dase - #TUSO Turn Up, Show Out (Produced by NonStop)
Moe Dase - Double Bs $s ft. Brookfield Duece C.I. Bang (Produced by Wade)
Moe Dase - We Them Niggas ft TK Skywalker C.I. Bang (Produced by Wade)
Monsta,Techx,Kayman,Rimz,HenzOnTheBeat - Still Drillin (Instrumental)
Monsta,Techx,Kayman,Rimz,HenzOnTheBeat - Man Down (Monsta X Techx X Rimz) (Instrumental)
Monsta,Techx,Kayman,Rimz,HenzOnTheBeat - Brit Drillin (Instrumental) (MonstaUk X Techx) (MT)
Monsta,Techx,Kayman,Rimz,HenzOnTheBeat - Uk Drill God (Instrumental)
Monsta,Techx,Kayman,Rimz,HenzOnTheBeat - Trap Trap Trap (Instrumental)
Monsta,Techx,Kayman,Rimz,HenzOnTheBeat - Road (Monsta X Techx X Kayman (Instrumental)
Monsta,Techx,Kayman,Rimz,HenzOnTheBeat - Opp Block (MonstaUk X Techx) (MT) (Instrumental)
Monsta,Techx,Kayman,Rimz,HenzOnTheBeat - PM Drill (Instrumental)
Monsta,Techx,Kayman,Rimz,HenzOnTheBeat - Ten Toes (MonstaUk X Techx X HenzOnTheBeat) (Instrumental)
Monsta,Techx,Kayman,Rimz,HenzOnTheBeat - Uk Drill Music (Instrumental)
MrGoodGoesHard - Madness
MrGoodGoesHard - Mob (prod. by Roca Beats)
MrGoodGoesHard - Blood In (Prod.Roca Beats)
MrGoodGoesHard - Calls From The - (prod. by Padron Beats)
MrGoodGoesHard - I Saw
MrGoodGoesHard - The City (Prod. Freeze CVP Beats)
MrGoodGoesHard - Caution (prod. by Padron Beats)
MrGoodGoesHard - Fucking With Us (with hook)
MrGoodGoesHard - Hard Times (prod. by Foreign Beats)
MrGoodGoesHard - Liquid Gold (prod. by TheBeatPlug x Shawnz Beats)
Mutty Stone - In Between Two Rivers
Mutty Stone - No Hitter (Prod By Stix)
Mutty Stone - Hail Mary (Prod By Stix)
Mutty Stone - Crooked Homie - History (Crooked Homie Prod By Lyrik Cruz)
Mutty Stone - Crooked Homie - History
NICKY NENO - S2 Paced Out
NICKY NENO - Nicky Neno
NICKY NENO - Turn Up A Check
NICKY NENO - Mustard
NICKY NENO - Whyte Chycks
NICKY NENO - East Iraq
NICKY NENO - Dumb Dumb
NICKY NENO - Go gether Feat. Astin Kush
NICKY NENO - Strapped
NICKY NENO - Pretty Thangz
NICKY NENO - THC & Codeine
NICKY NENO - Dope Game
NICKY NENO - Shotgun Feat. Jeezy G.Code
Raphael - Midnight (Intro)
Raphael - Working For The Devil
Raphael - Dirty Dancer [Prod. By Dictatorz]
Raphael - Anywhere Love [Prod. By Dictatorz]
Raphael - Dear Haters (interlude)
Raphael - Stay Lit [Prod. By DreEazy]
Raphael - inspirationalude
Raphael - Till I make It
Raphael - Shade
Raphael - Yes, Wait, No [Prod. By Beat Attikz]
Raphael - Eazy (Prod. By DreEazy)
Raphael - Johnny [Prod. By Beat Attikz
Rich Homie Quan-Day
Rich Homie Quan - Dubai
Rich Homie Quan ft Young Dolph-Drop Off
Rich Homie Quan- Running Back To Money
Rich Homie Quan - Calamari
Rich Homie Quan - Tell Me Why
Rich Homie Quan - Money Minded
Rich Homie Quan - No Alibi
Rich Homie Quan - Bankroll
Rich Homie Quan ft Offset-Basement
Rich Homie Quan-I Mean It
Rich Homie Quan ft Young Thug-She Do The Most
Rich Homie Quan and Don Primo-Criminals
Rich Homie Quan-Brand New
Rich Homie Quan-Hitman
Rich Homie Quan-Look At Me Now
Rich Homie Quan-No Sleep
Rich Homie Quan-Break A Table
Rich Homie Quan-Have You Ever
Rich Homie Quan-Change Remix ft Chief Keef
Rich Homie Quan-Shawty ft Timbaland
Rich Homie Quan-Khally
Rich Homie Quan-Vanilla ft Fabolous
Rich Homie Quan-Room Full ft YFN Lucci
Rich Homie Quan-Who I Am ft Ralo
Rich Homie Quan-All About A Dollar ft Greedy
Rich Homie Quan-Dont Know Where Id Be ft YFN Lucci
Rich Homie Quan-Change Up
Rich Homie Quan-Numbers
Rich Homie Quan-Situation
Rich Homie Quan-Ugh Remix ft Young Dro
Rich Homie Quan-Adam Sandler
Rich Homie Quan-Carlito
Rich Homie Quan-Have You Ever ft Boosie Badazz
Rich Homie Quan-The Most
RockStar-E - Intro
RockStar-E - Only The Beginning (Prod.by Rhakim Ali)
RockStar-E - Like This (Prod.by Ricky Vela)
RockStar-E - What I Do (ft. Prince Able) (Prod.by Pdub The Producer)
RockStar-E - Indiya
RockStar-E - Keeping It Real (Prod.by BluntedBeatz)
RockStar-E - I Messed Up (Prod.by Pdub The Producer)
RockStar-E - Feelin The Vibe (Prod.by LeBanon Don)
RockStar-E - Perfect Lady (Prod.by Classixs Beats)
RockStar-E - Groupchat (Prod.by Classixs Beats)
SAM GUNNAA - Back It Up N Dump It Ft. Gio Da Don (Prod By. Sam Gunnaa)
SAM GUNNAA - No Walls Slop Jaws (Prod By Traysmoove Sam Gunnaa) (Bonus Track)
Shi kid - Go Harder Prod By Cam
Shi kid - See No Evil Feat B Eazy Prod By Cam
Shi kid - Take Ya Home Prod By Cam
Shi kid - Phone Click Prod By Polo Boy Shawty
Shi kid - Look At Me Now Feat Ty Will Prod By Cam
Shi kid - Live My Life Prod By Cam
Shi kid - Party Prod By Teflon the Don
Shi kid - Shorty Wanna Flex Prod By Polo Boy Shawty
Shi kid - I Want It Prod By Polo Boy Shawty
Shi kid - With My Bitch Prod By Cam
dat shit retarted YJ
Soulja Boy - Giuseppe Kick Files
Soulja Boy Ft. Migos - Actavis
Soulja Boy - Run Yo Check Up
Soulja Boy - Gratata
Soulja Boy - Rick Ross
Soulja Boy - Diamonds & Gold
Soulja Boy Tell Em - Whippin My Wrist
Soulja Boy - Drop The Top
Soulja Boy - Jumpman
Soulja Boy - Backwoods
Soulja Boy - Too Clean
Soulja Boy - Man Down
Soulja Boy - Cut It
Soulja Boy - Broke The Rim Like Master P
Soulja Boy - Stephen Curry
Soulja Boy Ft. HoodRich Pablo Juan - Rick James
Soulja Boy Ft. HoodRich Pablo Juan - MF ( But Fuck )
Soulja Boy Ft. A.Goff , Trill Sammy , Dice Soho - Dip
Soulja Boy - Thrill Sammy Ft. Soulja Boy - Trappin
Southern Bound - Off the Dome
Southern Bound - thuggin in da public
Southern Bound - Get On IT
Southern Bound - pink walls
Southern Bound - we so fire
Southern Bound - Move On
Southern Bound - Only one option
Southern Bound - im on one
Southern Bound - we grindin
Southern Bound - they kno
Steve Lan - Aint My Fault Prod. By Shonuff
Steve Lan - ADD Prod. By Fresh Killers
Steve Lan - Caught up (ft. Joe Moses & R.O Tudda) Prod. By Fresh Killers
Steve Lan - My City (ft Mistah Fab H.U.) Prod. By Fresh Killers
Steve Lan - For You Prod. By Fresh Killers
Steve Lan - Outta Here Prod. By Shonuff
Steve Lan - Faded Prod. By Fresh Killers
Steve Lan - Truth Or Dare Prod. By Fresh Killers
Steve Lan - NFWM ft GQ Prod. By Fresh Killers
Steve Lan - MCM Prod. By Fresh Killers
Steve Lan - At First Prod. By Fresh Killers
Steve Lan - CnC Prod. By Fresh Killers
Strap Da Fool - Round & Round [Prod. By Exoticmuzik]
Strap Da Fool - Good (Feat. Skooly & Boochie) [Prod. By Chase The Money]
Strap Da Fool - Woah Kemosabi [Prod. By Buddah]
Strap Da Fool - Set It Off Freestyle
Strap Da Fool - Blow It (Feat. Bankroll Fresh & Mexio)
Strap Da Fool - Yea Yea [Prod. By Buddah]
Strap Da Fool - Ray Charles [Prod. By Bobby Kritical]
Strap Da Fool - Top Down [Prod. By Helluvalife]
Strap Da Fool - Hol On [Prod. By Go Grizzly]
Strap Da Fool - Know Ima Ridah [Prod. By Crowe]
Strap Da Fool - Damn Thing [Prod. By Fresh Jones]
Strap Da Fool - Karma [Prod. By Jo-Al]
Strap Da Fool - Dolla Sign (Feat. Kevin Gates, Skooly, Phi & Spodee)
Strap Da Fool - On Me (Feat. Kidd) [Prod. By Black Akadami]
Strap Da Fool - Wanna Be A Baller Freestyle
Strap Da Fool - Love In Ya Mouth [Prod. By King CeeO]
Strap Da Fool - Styrofoam [Prod. By CeeO]
Strap Da Fool - On n On (Feat. KaH)
Strap Da Fool - Greatest (Feat. Jazze Pha) [Prod. By Chophouze]
Streets - Street Sweeper
Streets - Intro
Streets - Tryna get some money
Streets - I Try
Streets - Sauce
Streets - Ghetto Child
Streets - Skit Ghost
Streets - No Matter What
Streets - Inspector Gadget
Streets - WCW
Streets - Vibin Thru Tha City
Streets - Nasty
Streets - Ima Pimp
Streets - I Used To Be Broke
Streets - Cant Stop
Sush Montana - Intro (SFTW)
Sush Montana - Watch It
Sush Montana - Try Me
Sush Montana - Miserable
Sush Montana - No Days Off
Sush Montana - Crazy J (Interlude)
Sush Montana - My Yungin
Sush Montana - Posed be in love
Sush Montana - Sweets
Sush Montana - East Jacks To East Watts ()
Sush Montana - Old Skool Kaddy
Sush Montana - Exchange (Outro)
Sush Montana - Set it Off Freestyle (Bonus)
Swisslizz - How High ft. HWay (Prod. by Swisslizz)
Swisslizz - Whats Mine (Prod. by Shah)
Swisslizz - One Time ft. Vancity Prince (Prod by Swisslizz)
Swisslizz - No Hands ft. Rawj (Prod. by Swisslizz)
Swisslizz - Ride ft Kenny Gourmet (Prod by Swisslizz)
Swisslizz - Believe Me (Prod. by LoudBeats)
Swisslizz - Know Better ft Raeliss (Prod. by Swisslizz x Shah)
Real Shit (Intro) (PROD By AustinOnTheTrack)
Dive and Spit Round ft Scotty Cain (PROD By AustinOnTheTrack)
On That Freestlye (PROD By AustinOnTheTrack)
No Patients (PROD By AustinOnTheTrack)
Run Up A Check ft Scotty Cain, Zoe Realla, KushFlights, AustinRashaad Gee Money (Prod by Austinonth
Corrupted Minds Freestyle (PROD By AustinOnTheTrack)
One Minute Of Chaos
How I Roll ft Lil Phat (PROD By Breal)
Dont Call Me Back (PROD By AustinOnTheTrack)
Pockets Popping ft Dame Cain (PROD By AustinOnTheTrack)
Tatted Fanatic ft Kushflight and Bova
Dope Man ft Maine (PROD By Breal)
Real On My Side of town Freestyle
Network freestyle
No One TNT and TazzBlow ft Fedarro (PROD By Fedarro)
Tom.G - Goin Thru Sum
Tom.G - Givenci Freestyle
Tom.G - Cypha
Tom.G - #YNWAB
Tom.G - No Fuk Niggaz
Tom.G - Tears of Joy
Tom.G - U And Ya Friend
Tom.G - Rules
Tom.G - Risk It
Tom.G - Fuk Wrong Wit Em
Tom.G - Touch ME Tease Me Freestyle
Tom.G - Ritz Carlton Freestyle
Tom.G - After Da Bar Dick
Tone The GOAT - The Soufside [INTRO]
Tone The GOAT - My Mink [prod. Daniel Few]
Tone The GOAT - Friends Turn To Enemies
Tone The GOAT - Fuck Ya
Tone The GOAT - Pain [prod. Daniel Few]
Tone The GOAT - Run Outta Breath ft. Boosie Badazz [DIRTY]
Tone The GOAT - Bankroll Love ft. Yo Suave
Tone The GOAT - Trap It Out
Tone The GOAT - Bizerkk ft. Fabo
Tone The GOAT - Roll Up A Dutch ft. DC Young Fly
Tone The GOAT - Aint Nothing Left
Tone The GOAT - Hippie Sex
Tone The GOAT - Baby Otw
Tone The GOAT - We Continued
Trapp Tarell - The Prince Of The South Intro .
Trapp Tarell - W.U.T.U. (Prod. By J. Philly)
Trapp Tarell - Pretty On Purpose.
Trapp Tarell - Better Than Yours
Trapp Tarell - K. Michelle Would Love Me.
Trapp Tarell - You Boo Not Bae.
Trapp Tarell - Why Do Men Cheat.
Trapp Tarell - Right Now.
Trapp Tarell - Letter From Mississippi Ft Tito Lo MilTicket (Prod. By Genius Boy)
Trapp Tarell - The Dionte Story.
Trapp Tarell - Swing Yo Hair.
Trapp Tarell - Shots Fired.
Trapp Tarell - Rearview.
Trapp Tarell - For So Long.
Trapp Tarell - Be Free.
Trapp Tarell - Tic Toc
Trapp Tarell - Lights,Camera,Action
Trapp Tarell - Just Listen Ft Young Marquis
Trapp Tarell - Bugatti Dreams
Trapp Tarell - Too Turnt Up
Trapp Tarell - Plenty
Trapp Tarell - Playing With Me
Trapp Tarell - Playa
Trapp Tarell - Party
Trapp Tarell - Make Love
Trapp Tarell - Look What Youve Done Remix
Trapp Tarell - Im Flying
Trapp Tarell - The End
Trapp Tarell - Dear Mama Remix
Trapp Tarell - Ciroc and Rose
Trapp Tarell - Bad Girl
Tye Barz - Rida Ft Britt
Tye Barz - Hot Nigga(Tye Barz Mix)
Tye Barz - Heater
Tye Barz - Kush and Swag
Tye Barz - Surgery ft Geek Boi (Bonus Track)
Slippin ft Future and Dave East
The Return Of Ms Twitter Fingaz (Drake Meek Mill Diss)
Fetty Way
Drake Gay AF (Drake Diss)
Pull Up On Ya
Drake Diss Philly (Freestyle)
Big Rings (Comrade Yth Remix)
cookie crumbs(prod freddy machete) lee major ft axion jaxion
ooey(prod freddy mahete)axion jaxion ft lee majors
all my niggaz(prod jay luck)axion jaxion ft lee majors
dont like(prod melo made it)s.talent ft axion jaxion
you know about me(prod vybe beats)bunz ft the jacka(r.i.p),s.talent, lee ;ajors
block baby(prod cozmo beats)axion jaxion ft ampichino
das how(prd johnny versace)s.talent,scoot(of dem hoodstarz),sleezy boi chico tone
bottoms up(prod freddy machete) axion jaxion ft s.talent
sirens(prod so gutta)lee majors ft axion jaxion
fire man(weatherman)s.talent
all i have-la roo ft opioum
say somethin(prod freddy machete)axion jaxion ft lee majors
all dope errthang(prod jay luck) axion jaxion
house party(pro freddy machete) axion jaxion ft s.talent lee majors
she want the D(prod jay luck) s.talent ft axion jaxion
mamasita(prod freddy machete) s.talent,chico tone sleezy boi
Dreamin of me-don greco ft rappin tay s.talent
strip fa me(prod weatherman) s.talent
no love(prod renai) s.talent, cheese (of renaci), san quinn
stress case(prod freddy machete) lee majors ft axion jaxion
doin me-tito b feat bogey(r.i.p)
Die today(prod vybe beats) axion jaxion
Eli - Assassin
Kisses-Aint Shit
Sweet P - Bankroll
Karess Chantelle-Keep It
Shardaysa-Gimmie My Gots
Eli - Go Off LOUD
Carmyn Renee-Swerve
i can get petty
MC Karess-Wassup
Shardaysa-Shady Situation Pt.
Shun-For Real For Real
Izzy-Mandatory Evacuation
Keep Hustlin
My Lifestyle(rmx)
Nuthin Like Home
No Friend Of Mine
Rock Da Mic
Youre The Man
Bitches On My Back
DJ Jerry-Intro
Drake-Summer Sixteen [Prod By Boi-da, Cubeatz]
Meek Mill Feat Omelly-War Pain
Boosie Badazz-Who Gone Stop Me Now
Chainz Feat Lil Wayne-Back On The Bullshyt
Chief Keef-Too Turnt [Prod By Metro Boomin DJ Spinz]
Trae Tha Truth Feat Young Thug-Slugs
Meek Mill-Ricky
Nas-March Madness Freestyle
Tha Captin Feat Boosie Badazz-Don t Grind Won t Shine Prod By Golden Gramz
Young Thug Feat Quavo-F ck Cancer
Yo Gotti Feat Lunch Money Lewis-Again
Lil Durk Feat Ike Boy Korn Capo-Drugz In My Life
TK N Cash Feat Young Thug-Money On Money
Chief Keef-Kane
Tha Captin- Minutes
Lil Mouse-Terry Crews
ASAP Rocky Ft. ASAP Ferg, ASAP Nast, ASAP Ant & Juicy J - Yamborghini High
Wiz Khalifa Ft. Travis Scott - Bake Sale
Future - Drippn (How U Luv That)
Future & The Weeknd - Low Life
Kanye West - Facts
Meek Mill Ft. Omelly - War Pain
Drake - Summer Sixteen
Future - Wicked
Plies - Ritz Carlton
Lil Wayne - Cry Out Amen
Kanye West Ft. Ty Dolla Sign - Real Friends
Young Thug Ft. Quavo - Fuck Cancer
Rihanna Ft. Drake - Work
Kid Ink Ft. Omarion - Summer In The Winter
Chainz Ft. Lil Wayne - Back On The Bullshyt
ASAP Rocky Ft. Pharrell - Hear Me
Ty Dolla Sign Ft. Joe Moses - Wavy
Tory Lanez Ft. Nyce - Traphouse
Miguel Ft. Travis Scott - Waves (Remix)
ASAP Ferg Ft. Future - New Level
Travis Scott - Tourist
Jeremih Ft. The Weeknd - Pass Dat (Diamond Cuttz Mix)
Migos - WOA
NC Intro & Shawn B Like Lebron
Chrnc Featuring YS Work
Ray Cash Saks Fifth
Nicke Wayne NTWKD
Vonnie Heard Weed Up
Stalley Glass Garages
BlackOut Wolf Back
Q If Aint Real
Machine Gun Kelly Featuring Dub O Tezo Thoed Ass
Shuicide Holla Dumb
Dwayne Skye Take It Slow
Fresh Tone Featuring Chrnc Make It Cleveland
L Dro Featuring Beanie Sigel JadaKiss Life We Live
Doe Boy Featuring Future Soulja Boy WYM
Paul Wall Swangin In The Rain
Shots (Prod. by The Beat Brigade Buddah)
Benjamin Franklin ft. Johnny Bam (Prod. by Johnny Bam)
Call Me Papi, (Prod. By Jahlil Beats)
Finnesser ft Tory Lanez, (Prod. By V The Hitman)
Mr. Hollywood (Prod. by Matt Cody)
Jackin Beats
On My Own D (Prod. by The Beat Brigade)
Sacrifice (Prod. by Johnny Bam)
Diamonds Dancing (Prod. By Zaytoven)
Team Chocolate - Hardaway (Prod. by Matt Cody)
Live A Full One ft. B Jamon (Prod. by Baby Paul Hendrix)
Devvon Terrell Intro
Devvon Terrell ft. Futuristic - Uber To My Place
Stuey Rock ft. Sy Ari Da Kid - Me And You
DRE ft. Mishon - Comfortable
Jacob Latimore - Remember Me
Ella Mai ft. Ty Dolla Sign - She Dont
Evante ft. Breeze - Party Girl
Devvon Terrell ft. Futuristic - Sorry Remix
Devvon Terrell Checks In
Kirko Bangz - Codeine
Tinashe ft. Juicy J - Energy
Miguel ft. Travis Scott - Waves Remix
Trey Songz ft. Jowynalex - Girls
Devvon Terrell - Fire and Rain
Jhene Aiko - Bs and Hs
Prince Sole - TRAPSOLE
Devvon Terrell - WCW
Tinashe - Ride of your Life
Devvon Terrell Checks In
Devvon Terrell - Doin Tonight
T-Pain - Do Dat Shit
Flamez Ft Sharp Demarko - Gettin to the Money
Flamez- Ft. S. Dot & L. Dot Dead & Gone
Hate Bang ft Flamez prod by donny
Flamez Ft. Cuco Trippin
Flamez Ft. Capion & Cash Cow- Qualified produced by Dee Blaze
Flamez- Ft. Hype & Daytona
Flamez Ft. Bang- House Party
Flamez Lite em up (box of cancer)
Impatient J-Krillz ft Flamez
Yae ft Flamez Check
Flamez Ft. Kharii D.F.W.M
Flamez- Got Dam Ft. Pedro Bucks & A.T.M Dell
Face Off T. Young ft Snipe
L Dot Dont Fuck with you
Onyx Freestyle Flamez & Bang
Flamez -Ft. L Dot & Snype Drop em Off
Ty skit
Flamez ft. Snipe & Young Yae thottie
Flamez Lets Talk about it
Flamez Recall Facts produced by Hitman & Dee Blaze
BOOTY DANCE-dj lucky
Ominous - Chill
Ominous - Barmegeddon
Ominous - Cant Lose
Ominous - Dreaming
Ominous - Mic Assassin
Ominous - Righteous Hustle
Ominous - The Non Conformist
Ominous - Temperatures Rising
Ominous - Threats
Ominous ft Librty - Break Free
Ominous ft Librty - Think Twice
Ominous ft RatBag - Praise
Pulsating Incineration Ft. Celsos
Meek Mill - Im Da Plug Freestyle (Prod By South Side)
Code G - Monies (Prod By Code G)
Travis Porter - Lay It Down (Prod By Mondo)
Migos - Chapter [Prod
Future - Al Sharpton (Prod By Mike Will Made It)
Lil Uzi Vert ft Travis Porter - Huh Boy (Prod BY DP Beats)
Losie - i Just Want Some Money
Migos - WOA (Prod By DunDeal)
Young Thug - Serious (Prod By Produced By Isaac Flame)
Code G ft Persona -Everythang (Prod By Code G)
Lil Twist ft Lil Wayne - LA Traffic
Eminem Royce Da Unreleased Freestyle ()
Bun B ft Killer Mike Cuz Lightyear - Savage Habit (Prod By Little Shalimar)
Smoke DZA - Where Its At (Prod By Ron Browz)
Sonny Digital - Watch That (Prod By Sonny Digital)
Dat Boi Dad ft Yoksta - Like A Bike (Prod By Yoksta)
Cap - USHAREHER - (Prod By DunDeal)
Travis Scott ft The Weeknd - Wonderful (Prod By Scott x Boi-da x Mike Dean T-Minus
Meek Mill - FBH (Prod By Jahlil Beats)
Code G ft Ricco Barrino x Persona - All Night Long [Prod
Game ft Trey Songz - Do It To You (Prod BY Cool Dre)
Team Eastside Peezy - Real Niggas Win
Eastside s - Blow Tales
DawnTae Hussel - Supparay Diss ()
Pablo Skywalkin - On The Weekend
Dame Dot - Boolin (Feat. Hardwork Jig)
Baby James - It Aint My Fault (HNIC Pesh-Peezy Diss)
Payroll Giovanni - Never Seen Money
DameDot - Talk About (Official Video)
HardWork Jig DameDot - Round (Feat. Sada)
Oba Rowland - Still Here (Feat. Payroll Giovanni)
Dawntae Hussel - Get the money FT GEE MONEY K Money
Dame Dot - All This Money
#BandGang #Tr - Cash Rule All Groupies
Rocaine - Best Verses Pt. ( GLO GANG )
Team Eastside Lil P - Kash Doll (Feat. DameDot Sweezee Don)
Dame Dot - Decisions
Dawntae Hussel - MAD AT ME
Webbo - Federal Nightmares (Feat. Eastside s, HNIC Pesh Fetti)
Eric Billinger -Quit Lookin
Derek Wise - Opinions
Bryson Tiller - Overtime
Tank - Already In Love
Bryson Tiller - Let Em Know
Juice & Rice Music - Pain Is Love
Musiq - Soulchild
Omarion - Temptation
Mel Buckley - Rock like that
Tank - So cold
Trey songz Ft Jowynalex - Girls
Kevin Gates Ft. Trey Songz - Jam
London - She Know
Eric Bellinger - Reward
Eric Bellinger - Pandora
Kevin Cossom - Overflow
Marques Houston - Body
T-Pain - Do Dat Shit
Dreezy Ft. Jeremih - Body
David Correy Ft. Kite Status - Wa
Mansa - Uncomfortable
lloyd - take you home
Jacquees Ft. Kirko Bangz - T-Shir
Young Chitown - Me U Hennessy (Remix)
Versatile Mafia - Juiced Up
Versatile Mafia - baby
Versatile Mafia - IDAGF
Versatile Mafia - Oh No!
Versatile Mafia - Tell Nobody
Versatile Mafia - El Chapo
Versatile Mafia - Call My Phone
Versatile Mafia - Inspector Gadget
Versatile Mafia - AK
Versatile Mafia - Slick
Versatile Mafia - We Got Dem Drugs
Versatile Mafia - Cum
Versatile Mafia - Been Thru It All Remix
Versatile Mafia - My Soul Prod by DeeBoi Dollaz
Versatile Mafia - Tokyo
VTanna - Tanna Man (Intro)
VTanna - Pressure
VTanna - Stick Talk (Remix) (Purple Rain)
VTanna - Down In The DM (Remix)
VTanna - Hollywood
VTanna - Watch Out (Remix)
VTanna - Ride With The Kid
VTanna - Or Nah (Remix)
VTanna - Boys In The Hood
VTanna - EA Sports
VTanna - Retarded
VTanna - No-Lacking
VTanna - From The Bottom
VTanna - Erica Kane (Remix)
VTanna - Bandz (Freestyle)
VTanna - Fun Night
VTanna - Changes
VTanna - Gasn
VTanna - Cal Berkeley
VTanna - I Wanna
VTanna - Wats Beef
VTanna - The Plug
VTanna - Hard Jealousy
Wyld Boyz - Privacy
Wyld Boyz - Tell Em feat. Glasses Malone
Wyld Boyz - late Nights Early Mornings
Wyld Boyz - Dirty Sprite
Wyld Boyz - Not That Prod By DJ Mustard
Wyld Boyz - Abstract Vision
Wyld Boyz - Loud Pak
Wyld Boyz - Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Young Little,Young Walker - The Way I Feel
Young Little,Young Walker - New To Me
Young Little,Young Walker - Saying Tho
Young Little,Young Walker - Poe Poe
Young Little,Young Walker - Legs In The Air
Young Little,Young Walker - Win
Young Little,Young Walker - Back it up
Young Little,Young Walker - Keep Ya Head Up
Young Little,Young Walker - Samething
Young Louie & Red Kapone - SuckaFree
Young Louie & Red Kapone - All I Need
Young Louie & Red Kapone - Out Da Spot
Young Louie & Red Kapone - No Looking Back
Young Louie & Red Kapone - Long Rangers
Young Louie & Red Kapone - My Brotherz
Young Louie & Red Kapone - Savage
Young Louie & Red Kapone - Have Ya Ever
Young Louie & Red Kapone - AM
Young Louie & Red Kapone - Mill Or SumThing
Young Louie & Red Kapone - Tom Brady Ft. QuanDaDon
Young Louie & Red Kapone - Take It There
Young Louie & Red Kapone - LongLiveKapone Ft. Soprano
Young North America - Night Shift
Young North America - Keys Skit ft. DJ Khaled
Young North America - Fast Lane
Young North America - Amazing
Young North America - Press Play
Young North America - The Come Up Skit ft Theatsix
Young North America - The Come Up
Young North America - Fuck Jerry
Young North America - Gotta Get It ft. Rob Self
Young North America - The Juice
Serious-Young Thug
Boy Bandz -Post Malone
Hot Girl -Jacquees
Trippin -Migos
Smellin Like A Re-Up -Smino
Codeine-Kirko Bangz
Pop Off -Casey Veggies Ft. Dom Kennedy (prod. Radio)
Dont Look Down -Eric Bellinger ft. Tory Lanez
YOUNGTONEFRESH - Whats Up Ft.Royal &
YOUNGTONEFRESH - nd Outtro (Tippin On s)
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