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02.09.2018 Daily Update Future House 2018 New EDM Club Music Bass House Best This September Compilation mp3 PART-3

02.09.2018 Daily Update Future House 2018 New EDM Club Music Bass Hous

Fidget House, Bass Music 2018
$ex Cell$ & Subi - Disco Biscuits (Original Mix)
Aiden - Guestlist
Botnek - Days Of Disco (Extended Mix)
DAAV - Wonder
DJ Brailey - OG
Gaullin - Wonder 
Inkline & Tengu - Sickening ft. Dread MC & Grove
Joel Fletcher & Amir - That's It
Kmoba - Feel Good (Original Mix)
Kush Rust - Like That (Original Mix)
Kush Rust - NOCIF (Original Mix) 
LNY TNZ feat. Laurel & Mann - After Midnight (Julian Jordan Remix)
Masteria - The One
Nuki - Dreams
Subshock and Evangelos - Lazernight
Travis Scott - Sicko Mode (ANGELZ Remix)
Xeonz - With Me

House, Classic, Jackin House, Future House 2018!
ALPHANO - Totalitario (Original Mix)
Hoved - Back To You (Original Mix)
Khrebto feat. Swedish Red Elephant - Redemption (Extended Mix)
Relanium & Deen West feat. Carl Prit - Light Up The Club (Original Mix)
Tiësto - Phoenix (Color Switch Soundtrack) 
DJ Burlak - Let It Go (Club Mix)
Felipe Avelar - Can't Stop the Dub (Original Mix)
Fish From Japan - Da Flute (Robbie Rivera Extended Remix)
Hiva, J.R. Mark - From The Ghetto
Kou - Lady Doll (Original Mix)
Kou - Peter (Original Mix)
Milty Evans, Brian Boncher - Good Vibrations (Original Mix)
Moree MK - Trompeton (Extended Mix)
Moree MK - Trompeton (Original Mix)
MVZZIK - Spread Love
Natural Rhythm - Do It On The Weekends
Rio Dela Duna, Ozzie London - Sigma Six feat Tesz Millan (Haipa & Gene Remix)
Seven Davis Jr. - Family (Borrowed CS Remix)
Amfree, Hoxtones - Another Chance (Extended Mix)
Analogue Dear - Rivulets feat Yvette Young (Original Mix)
Ann Nesby - Love Is What We Need (Joe T. Vannelli Diva Remix)
B.A.N.G! - Amazing (Club Instrumental)
B.A.N.G! - Amazing (Dub Mix)
B.A.N.G! - Amazing (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown - Relight My Fire (Original Mix)
Brian Best - Pressure (Original Mix)
Bu.Di - Indigo (Original Mix)
Cohen - Disco Royale (Original Mix)
Cohen - So Hot (Original Mix)
Colour Castle, Vo - Come With Me (Original Mix)
Corazon De Melon - Nevalet (Original Mix)
Culoe De Song - Felidaen Kings
Culoe De Song - Medicine
Culoe De Song - Poki Returns
David Morales - Believe (David Morales Church Instrumental)
David Morales - Believe (David Morales Church Mix)
David Morales - Believe (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Harmonica Dub)
David Morales - Believe (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix)
Diamantero - Riot
Disclosure - Love Can Be So Hard 
Disclosure - Where Angels Fear To Tread 
Dr. Candid - Whole Life
Dr. Candid, Mpumi - Breath Away
Dr. Candid, Mpumi - Dance
Enrico BSJ Ferrari - My Soul (Original Mix) 
EtzoWynd - Fabulous Night (Original Mix)
Gas Di Fede, Marco Santoro - The Party (Original Mix)
Gianluca Nasci - Sunny Beach (Gianni Bini Back To Basics Rework)
Gianluca Nasci - Sunny Beach (Original Mix)
Gianni Santoro - Africa Siel (Original Mix)
Inner City, Latroit - You Give Me That Feeling (Latroit Extended Mix)
Ivan Boyarkin - Naviboy (Original Club Version)
Jadey Leigh - My Love (Carl H Mix)
Jadey Leigh - My Love (Paul Benjamin Mix)
Jadey Leigh - My Love (The Brixtonians)
JL, Yvvan Back, EM PI - EL AMOR ES (Club Mix)
John Modena - Da Wee Da (Radio Edit)
John Spinosa, Mike Ivy, Builes - Perfect Day (Extended Mix)
Juanito - Bitch Better Have My Money (Original Mix)
Juanito - Bitch Better Have My Money (The Clark Kents Remix)
Juanito - Oh Yeah (Original Mix)
Juanito - Tamborero (Martijn Ten Velden Remix)
Juanito - Tamborero (Original Mix)
Julia Luna - Lights (Original Club Mix)
Kid M_ive - The Fire (Original Mix)
Kruel Intentions - Daydreams (Alex Hobson Extended Remix)
Kruel Intentions - Daydreams (Alex Hobson Remix)
Kruel Intentions - Daydreams (Extended Mix)
Kruel Intentions - Daydreams (Radio Mix)
Lalya Pars - I Told You So (Original Mix)
Lalya Pars - Music Makes The Soul Move (Original Mix)
Lalya Pars - The Unexpected (Original Mix)
Leo Motte - Fluctus (Original Mix)
Leo Motte - Ortus (Original Mix)
Locomotive - To Night (Extended Mix) 
LoudbaserS - Deepway (Original Mix)
LoudbaserS - Goodbye (Original Mix)
LoudbaserS - Season For Love (Original Mix)
LoudbaserS - Starlight (Original Mix)
Luca Debonaire - Just The Two Of Us (Original Mix)
Luca Debonaire - Just The Two Of Us (Radio Edit)
Luis Requena - Joefunk (Original Mix)
Makito - All Night Long (Original Mix) 
micFreak - Love Change (Original Mix)
micFreak - Saved By House (Dub Mix)
micFreak - Saved By House (Vocal Mix)
Mike Ivy, John Spinosa, Builes - Perfect Day (Extended Mix)
Mike Ivy, John Spinosa, Builes - Perfect Day (Instrumental Mix)
Mike Ivy, John Spinosa, Builes - Perfect Day (Original Mix)
Mike Terra (NYC) - For The Floor (Original Mix)
Milty Evans, Brian Boncher - Good Vibrations (Original Mix) 
Mirelle Noveron - I Can Stay (Original Mix)
Modento - Without U (Original Mix)
Modento - Without U (Vertigini Remix)
MVZZIK - Spread Love 
Oliver Koletzki, Niko Schwind - Subati (Daniel Rateuke Remix)
Oscar P, FNX OMAR - Filtered African Blues (FNX OMAR Remix)
OU - Fear (Afro Mix)
Paid & Live - All My Time (Matthias Heilbronn Matty's Dub)
Panooc - Adieu in Chrome (Original Mix)
Patrick Wayne - Got Funk (Instrumental)
Patrick Wayne - Got Funk (Original Mix)
Paul Hester - Turning Point (Original Mix)
Re-Tide, Moon Rocket - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (Mattei & Omich Remix)
Re.you - Voodoo Tool (Original Mix)
Remove Hyphen - Great-Grandmother Song (Original Mix)
Riggi & Piros, Rielle, James Piros, Anthony Riggi - Miss Me (Original Mix)
Rustyfarian - Sink or Swim (Original Mix)
Sean Cormac - A Call To Arms (Original Mix)
Seb Skalski, L .T. Brown - I Live For That Day (Original Mix) 
Seductive Souls, Onita Boone - Ain't Nobody (Mousse T.'s Ain't No Good Man Mix)
Sergio Matina & Gabry Sangineto - Groove Inn (Original Mix)
Shamrock - Continental Ground
Shamrock - People Of The Rain
Shamrock - Watch
Silverfox, Raul Soto - El Fuego
Silverfox, Raul Soto, A'Lisa B - House Junky
Simplex Motive - Can't Live Without Music (Akio Imai Remix)
Simplex Motive - Can't Live Without Music (Lev Kitkin Remix)
Simplex Motive - Can't Live Without Music (Original Mix)
Soul Divide - Love Fantasy (Filta Freqz Remix)
Soul Divide - Love Fantasy (Original Mix)
T-White - A Story Of A TigerSnake (Ambiteque Mix)
T-White - Angola (South Side Mix)
T-White - Cosmic Travellers (Original Mix)
T-White - North Of Estosha (feat MziDeep) (South Side Mix)
Timo Calio - What Have U Done To Me (Original Mix)
Tom Jones, Mousse T. - Sexbomb (Sounds Of Life Dub Mix)
Tony Delta - I Love You (Extended Mix)
TSHNKO - I Will Be (Jaytor & Housenick Remix)
TSHNKO - I Will Be (Original Mix)
Vidojean X Oliver Loenn - The Citadel Guard (Original Mix)
Wolca - Dead String (Original Mix)
Zsak - Feeling Down (Original Mix)
ZuluMafia, Ree Morris - Running After You (Instrumental Mix)
ZuluMafia, Ree Morris - Running After You (Main Mix)
ZuluMafia, Ree Morris - Running After You (Radio Edit)

Traxsource Presents 80's Jams 2018
Traxsource Presents Modern Disco 2018
Traxsource Presents Prime Time Bangers 2018
Traxsource Presents Songs for the Sun 2018
Traxsource Presents Summer Anthems 2018
Traxsource Presents The Summer of Afro 2018

80s Child - Bangkok Nights (Original Mix)
Brenda Taylor - You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too (Alternate Mix; 2016 - Remaster)
Casual Connection - Love On The Dub (Original Mix)
Coeo - Never Going Home (Original Mix)
Dabeull - Ride feat. Holybrune (Original Mix)
Daco - The Uprise (Gal†ctica Mix)
DiscoRazor - Thunder (Original Mix)
Doorly - On The Upside (Original Mix)
First Touch - 80's Babies (Original Mix)
Fort Romeau - Emu II (Original Mix)
Hammer - Canna (Lauer Remix)
Ilya Santana, Linda Axelsson - Hammerhead (Original Mix)
Krystal Davis - So Smooth (Kon Extended Hit N Run Mix)
Krystal Klear - Division Ave (Original Mix)
Krystal Klear - Neutron Dance (Original Mix)
Marcus Marr - Love Release (Original Mix)
Peggy Gou - Han Jan (Original Mix)
Pete Herbert - Expresso (Original Mix)
Ponty Mython - Pink Tango (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)
PY - Polyethers (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
Raw DMX - Do It To The Funk (Greg Wilson Re-Edit)
Richard From Milwaukee - Break Free (303)
SAAND - Mystic Blues (Lonely Boy's Disco Mix)
Seamus Haji - Feel It (Lifelike Summer Of Love Remix)
Seamus Haji - One Kocky Edit (Original Mix)
Slaves of love - Sake of Nothing (Original Mix)
Tensnake, Fiora, Gemini Rising - Sunrise Boulevard (Original Mix)
Ursula 1000 - Chess King (Extended Version)
Yarni - 28 Years of It (Lauer Disco Mix)
Yota - Til the Night Fades Out (Original Mix)
Chaka Khan - I Feel For You (Original Mix)
Charlie Rope - All For You (Original Mix)
Chuggin Edits - Down the Road (Original Mix)
Coeo - Like It Is (Original Mix)
D.C. LaRue - Cathedrals (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix)
Dave Leatherman, HP Vince - Not Giving Up (Nu Disco Mix)
Debbie Jacobs - Don't You Want My Love (Dimitri From Paris Classic Re-Edit)
DJ Spen, Susu Bobien - Love Sensation (DJ Spen, Michele Chiavarini, & Thommy Davis Original Mix)
Doug Willis - Risky Biznizz (Joey Negro Bionic House Mix)
Doug Willis - Skate Dancer (Dr Packer Remix)
Dr Packer, Casual Connection - Rollerskating Jam (Disco Rap Mix)
First Choice - Doctor Love (Late Nite Tuff Guy Hypnotizin' Groove)
First Choice - Love Thang (Dr Packer Rework)
Kiu D - Dynamite (DR. Packer Remix)
Klassique - Somebody's Loving You (Original Ray Reid 12' Club Mix Remastered)
Le Babar, Silver Disco - Get Down (Ghosts Of Venice Remix)
Louie Vega - Love Paradox Featuring The Martinez Brothers
Sartorial - Brockwell Park (Original Mix)
Saskin S - Dance Shooze (Original Mix)
Soul Clap - Moov To Tha Beat (Original Mix)
The Face, Adam Shaw, Mark Brown - Needin' U (Dimitri From Paris)
The Salsoul Orchestra - Chicago Bus Stop (Ooh, I Love It) (DJ Spinna ReFreak)
Underdog Edits - Just Fakin' It (Underdog Edit)
Walterino - Disco Klap (Main Mix)
Young Pulse - Strong Survive
2 Sides Of Soul - No Trouble (Original Mix)
Ali Love, CamelPhat - Dopamine Machine (Club Mix)
Andrew Meller - Born Slippy (Reincarnation Mix)
Apexape, Riddim Commission - Sureshot (Original Mix)
Ariano Kina, Marco Bruzzano - Heey (Original Mix)
Armand Van Helden, ANOTR - Funk Phenomena (Sidney Charles Extended Remix)
Basement Jaxx - Fly Life (Flashmob 2018 Remix)
Basement Jaxx - Good Luck feat. Lisa Kekaula (Butch Remix)
Crazibiza - Feel The Vibe (Original Mix)
Danny Kane, Jack Tyson Charles - State Of Mind (Original Mix)
Dante Payne, Rubedo Walker - Come Back Baby (Original Reincarnation)
Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (Mousse T.'s House Masters Re-Rub)
Dennis Quin, Shermanology - Move out of My Way (Original Mix)
FISHER (OZ) - Losing It (Extended)
Josh Butler - Anonymous (Original Mix)
Kolsch, Tiga - HAL (Original Mix)
Lexa Hill - Go Down (Original Mix)
Lupe, Josh Caffe - Give Me Body (Original Mix)
Michel Talle - Lead (Original Mix)
Ocsav - Nobody (Original Mix)
Piero Scratch - WFU (Original Mix)
Rex The Dog - Crasher (Original Mix)
Ron Carroll - Walking Down the Street (Ruben Mandolini Remix)
Ruben Mandolini - Romantica (Original Mix)
Sabb - Jeopardized (Super Flu Remix)
Sidney Charles - Eat My Chords (Original Mix)
Tiga, Clarian - You're so Special (Eats Everything Remix)
Tiger Stripes - Jack My Yum (Original Mix)
Tuff London - Move (Original Mix)
Waze & Odyssey - Everything (Original Mix)
Afrobuddh, Kakatsitsi Drummers - Obame (Dub Mix)
Armonica - Ngeke (Andhim Remix)
Bosq - Tumbala feat. Tempo Alomar (Auntie Flo Remix)
Coeo - Azzuro (Original Mix)
Coeo - Cabrio Mango (Original Mix)
Coeo - Nigerian Affair (Original Mix)
Dele Sosimi - Turbulent Times (Armonica Remix)
Dele Sosimi - You No Fit Touch Am (Medlar Remix)
Detroit Swindle - High Life feat. Lorenz Rhode (Original Mix)
Eastar, Diephuis - Hoye Mama (Original Mix)
Fish Go Deep - Don't Need Me (Original Mix)
Honey Dijon - State Of Confusion feat. Joi Cardwell (Original Mix)
House Of Stone, K-Modi - Linda (Amflow Mix Vox)
Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel - Pasilda feat. Angie Rincon (Original Mix)
Kerri Chandler - Coro (Dj Spen Kaoz Re-Edit)
KingSfiso - Ilanga feat. Mbuso Khoza (Manoo Remix)
Madji'k - Forceful Rhythm (Tchida) (Original Edit)
Miguel Migs - Broken Barriers (Original Mix)
Mohig - Searching For Barong (Till von Sein Remix)
Niko Bellotto, Kiko Navarro, Naile Sosa - Barasuayo (Afroterraneo Version)
Palamino - Oh My! (Manoo Vocal Mix)
Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (Original Mix)
SAMO - Straight On (Angelo Ferreri Sweet Groove Mix)
Taola - Freedom (Manoo Remix)
The Black 80s - Move On (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix)
These Machines - Martina feat. Rafael Berrio (Club Edit)
Tony Allen - Asiko (In a Silent Mix) (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
Tunnelvisions - Guava (Extended Mix)
Vince Watson - Another Rendezvous (Original Mix)
Zogri - Fly Away (Afro Organ Mix)
Adam Port - Do You Still Think Of Me_ (Original Mix)
Adam Port, Rampa, &ME, Keinemusik - Muye (Original Mix)
Carl Cox - Your Light Shines On (Chus & Ceballos Remix)
Dario Nunez, Frank Nitty - Asi Lo Grita (Harry Romero & Erick Morillo Extended Remix)
David Penn - Sunset With Viki (Original Mix)
Dele Sosimi - Turbulent Times (Armonica Remix)
Dennis Cruz - El Sueno feat. Martina Camargo (Original Mix)
Djeff - Labyrinth (Original Mix)
Eastar, Diephuis - Hoye Mama (Original Mix)
Flashmob - The Lone Brazilian (Original Mix)
Floyd Lavine - Masala (Pablo Fierro Remix)
Ilary Montanari - Morenita (Original Mix)
Jesse Rose, Seven Davis Jr - Appreciate (Original Mix)
Junior Jack, Tube & Berger - E SAMBA 2018 (Original Mix)
Louie Vega, The Martinez Brothers, Hector Lavoe - Shut The Door (TMBLV Main Mix)
Mark Knight - Selecao feat. Shovell (Original Mix)
Mauri Fly - Red Tribal (Silvano Del Gado Remix)
Mele - Brooklyn Bounce (Extended Mix)
Mele, Shovell - Pasilda (Extended Mix)
Mijangos - Aqui Se Baila (Afro Latin Mix)
PAAX (Tulum) - Sera El Sol (Harry Romero Extended Remix)
Pirupa - Wanaka (Original Mix)
Silvano Del Gado - From Jamaica to Brasil
Sloux, Dave Martinez - Coroncoro (Original Mix)
Stella, NTEIBINT - A State Nearby (Adam Port Calypso Remix)
Supernova - Tuyo (Feat. Javier Cardellino) (Original Mix)
Tedd Patterson - X-TENSION (TP's Live Mix)
The Cube Guys - Apum (Original Mix)
The Deepshakerz - Bonita (Original Mix)
Todd Terry, Gypsymen - Babarabatiri (David Penn Remix)
Adam Port, Rampa, &ME, Keinemusik - Muye (Original Mix)
Afrokillerz - La Tradicion (Original Mix)
Argento Dust - S.O.A (Main Mix)
Armonica - Ngeke (Andhim Remix)
Cee ElAssaad - Sacred Chant (Rocco Rodamaal Remix)
D.Y.A, Kalyma - Operator (Original Mix)
Dele Sosimi - Turbulent Times (Armonica Remix)
DJ Angelo - Black Sheep (Original Mix)
Djeff - Labyrinth (Original Mix)
Fabio Genito - Why (FG Mediterranean Deep Mix)
Frederick Stone - Lamentin (Original Mix)
Hyenah - You Made Me Who I Am (Enoo Napa Remix)
Isaac Aesili - The Real (Kiko Navarro Remix)
Jackie Queens - Love Will Wait (Karyendasoul Remix Instrumental)
Josh Milan, Guri Guri Boys - Be Yourself (Manoo Remix)
M. Caporale, Pietro Nicosia - Urban People (Original Mix)
Manoo - The Dub (Original Mix)
Moon Rocket, Mori Taiye - Running (Club Mix)
NAAMANE - Hafla (Moroccan Vibe Mix)
Red Axes, Yakomin - Abidjan feat. Yakomin (Original Mix)
Sabb - Jeopardized (Original Mix)
Sabrina, HyperSOUL-X - Happiness (Doug Gomez Remix)
Saliva Commandos, Kelly Diniz - Tempo (Original Mix)
Santiago Garcia - Serenata (Original Mix)
Shimza - All Alone feat. Argento Dust (Original Mix)
Stones & Bones - Masambe feat. Mpumi (Santiago Garcia Remix)
Super Flu - Doppt (Original Mix)
Taola - Freedom (Manoo Remix)
Themba - Who is Themba_ (Original Mix)
Zakir - Save the Children (David Mayer Remix)

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