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We DO NOT host any pirated music or have any download links whatsoever on this blog. We are a DJ Remix Service and we only allow DJs to join us. We perform strict checks to make sure that anyone who requests to join us are not only a working DJ, but that they are currently working in either a nightclub or bar. We have a very small number of members who have passed these strict checks. We turn down over 20 requests per day due to people not passing our strict criteria.

If however, there is still something on this blog that you feel is in breach of copyright, and you are the owner of this copyright, then please send an email to – CONTACT ME FIELDS with the subject line ‘copyright breach’ along with your company name and the url of the content in question, and we will remove this at once.

We are not in the business of upsetting artists and labels, and we do not want to participate in the current mass internet piracy that is destroying the current music industry.

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