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17.05.16 Daily Update New Tracks, Videos PART-1 (Most popular songs from hip-hop music 2016 June, hottest Rap songs 2016, mixtapes, videos)

Most popular songs from hip-hop music 2016 June, hottest Rap songs 201
V.A - ALBUMS PACK + Instrumentals 2016
2 Chainz - Felt Like Cappin [Prod. By Fki]
2 Chainz - Mfn Right [Prod. By Mike Will & Zaytoven]
2 Chainz - Back On The Bullshyt (Feat. Lil Wayne) [Prod. By Cardo]
2 Chainz - Not Invited [Prod. By Tm]
2 Chainz - Mindin My Business [Prod. By X, D.O. Speaks & Street Symphony]
2 Chainz - This Me, Fck It [Prod. By Timbaland]
2 Chainz - Mfn Right [Prod. By Mike Will & Zaytoven] (Clean)
2 Chainz - Back On The Bullshyt (Feat. Lil Wayne) [Prod. By Cardo] (Clean)
th Regiment - War Ready
th Regiment - Bounce
th Regiment - Light Work
th Regiment - I love this game
th Regiment - Comin foe you
th Regiment - Sundown To Sunup
th Regiment - He Got The Juice
th Regiment - Fuck the Law
th Regiment - Rookie of the year
th Regiment - Yay Freetyle
th Regiment - Oh Lord
th Regiment - Bring my name up
Aint No Joke - Proof Pt. 2 (Intro)
Aint No Joke - The Return of the Young Gunners
Aint No Joke - City Officials feat. E.B. da iLLest
Aint No Joke - Everyday Thing
Aint No Joke - The Archives feat. E.B. da iLLest
Aint No Joke - This Verse
Aint No Joke - The Lions Are Coming feat. E.B. da iLLest
Aint No Joke - Do It for the Team
Aint No Joke - Not for the Radio feat. Clyde McDoobley
Aint No Joke - Seems Like (Outro)
Amiazzell - Not A Word
Amiazzell - Down And Out
Amiazzell - Devil On My Shoulder ft. Flock
Amiazzell - Focus ft. Sage
Amiazzell - How I Feel
Amiazzell - Dreams ft Drama
Amiazzell - Champagne
Amiazzell - Humble ft. Flock
Amiazzell - Tricks ft. Savage Montana
Amiazzell - To The Grave
Amiazzell - Ride ft. Drama
Amiazzell - No Tellin ft. Drama
Amiazzell - Think For Yourself ft. Cory
Amiazzell - Satisfied
Amiazzell - Hunnids ft. P
Amiazzell - When I Die ft. Drama
Amiazzell - No Emotions
Amiazzell - No Faith ft. Flock
Amiazzell - Lost Ones ft. Drama
Amiazzell - Seeing Stars ft. Drama
Amiazzell - Living Life
Amiazzell - Sacrifice ft. Drama
Amiazzell - Through The Smoke
Amiazzell - Night In The Ville
B List - Back To Simpler Times
B List - Dark Messages
B List - Deep
B List - Echo
B List - Go Ahead And Sleep lol
B List - Homeland
B List - Hopeless
B List - I Didnt Forget
B List - Miami Trap
B List - My Afternoon
B List - Soft Spoken
B List - The Night Before
B List - The Wait Was Worth It
B List - Thugger x Future
Blac Monei - Competition Time
Blac Monei - Right Now (feat. Daddy Scoop & Sneakbo)
Blac Monei - Jumpman
Blac Monei - Blow A Bag
Blac Monei - Lock Arfff
Blac Monei - OG Bobby Johnson
Blac Monei - Poppin
Blac Monei - Stick Talk
Blac Monei - Ciroc Nights Freestyle
Blac Monei - Me U & Ciroc
Blac Monei - Back 2 Back
Blac Monei - Computers
Blac Monei - Energy
Blac Monei - Train
Blac Monei - Blessings
Blac Monei - Aint On Nuttin
Blac Monei - Hot Nigga
Blac Monei - Believe Me
Blac Monei - Trillmatic
Blac Monei - Black Airmax
Brandon Beats On the Boards - ZooWop
Brandon Beats On the Boards - Lions Den
Brandon Beats On the Boards - Week Ago
Brandon Beats On the Boards - Daddys Home
Brandon Beats On the Boards - The Dawn
Brandon Beats On the Boards - Buck Rogers
Brandon Beats On the Boards - Bad Choices
Brandon Beats On the Boards - Cheap Labor
Brandon Beats On the Boards - RGF
Brandon Beats On the Boards - Hit List
C Jimmy - Sauce (prod. Al )
C Jimmy - Cookin the Work ft Damon Alexander
C Jimmy - Future Feel
C Jimmy - Only the Best Interlude (prod. Akeem Haze)
C Jimmy - Crazy ft Sonny Breakfast (prod. Akeem Haze)
C Jimmy - Come Up ft Crooked Thoughts (prod. Akeem Haze)
C Jimmy - Effumden ft Sonny Breakfast, Damon Alexander (prod. Akeem Haze)
C Jimmy - FourohFiveAM Interlude (prod. Anigs)
C Jimmy - Palm Trees (prod. Akeem Haze)
Chief Keef - Awkward
Chief Keef - Bitches In The Room
Chief Keef - Blocka
Chief Keef - Instagram
Chief Keef - Kane
Chief Keef - Macaroni Time (Remix)
Chief Keef - Redbull
Chief Keef - Rolls
Chief Keef - Run Up
Chief Keef - Sosa Pain
Chief Keef - Squidward Tentacles
Chief Keef - So Cold
Chief Keef - Tats
Chief Keef - Too Turnt
Chief Keef - Untrustworthy
Chief Keef - VV
Chief Keef - Wait For Nothing
Chief Keef - Whats Going On
D-Lusion - The Calm Before The Storm Tagged
D-Lusion - Guest In The House Of Hip-Hop
D-Lusion - Afflictions(Produced by Don Jarvis)
D-Lusion - Questions
D-Lusion - Pop Another
D-Lusion - Diamonds On Your Pillowcase
D-Lusion - Problems
D-Lusion - Premeditated Murderer
D-Lusion - (Bonus) D-Lusion-Mind Ur Manners
Darius Clark - D.Clark (Prod.Darius Clark)
Darius Clark - Show Me Love (Prod.Tony Vapors)
Darius Clark - Caddy Ridin (Prod.Tony Vapors)
Darius Clark - Turn Up (Prod.Dre Brown)
Darius Clark - Steady (Prod.Tony Vapors)
Dat Boy Spook - No Sleep (Feat. Young Masta)
Dat Boy Spook - Young Masta - Dont Love These Hoes (Feat. Dat Boy Spook)
Dat Boy Spook - Born Stuntin
Dat Boy Spook - Ballin
Dat Boy Spook - Playoffs (Feat. Young Masta)
Dee Reese - Intro
Dee Reese - Dee Rose Intro Beat
Dee Reese - Cam Newton No Hook
Dee Reese - Cam Newton
Dee Reese - Make a Move No Hook
Dee Reese - Make a Move
Dee Reese - Im Lit
Dee Reese - Im Lit No Hook
Dee Reese - Six2TwoSeven
Dee Reese - -2
Dee Reese - Crowns (Prod By Lex Luger Dee Reese)
Dee Reese - New Kings (Prod By Dee Reese Lex Luger)
Dee Reese - New Kings 2 (Prod By Dee Reese Lex Luger)
Dee Reese - The Last Kings (Prod By Lex Luger Dee Reese)
Dee Reese - D and D (Prod By Dee Reese Dee Aye)
Dee Reese - Dee Up (Prod By Dee Reese and Steve Chea)
Dee Reese - Trap Autotune (Prod By Young L Beats and Dee Reese)
Dee Reese - .
Dee Reese -
Dee Reese - Hunnid
Dee Reese - 2D2
Dee Reese - Amare Laquarious Jones The 2rd
Dee Reese - Avatr
Dee Reese - Be Quiet
Dee Reese - Blessed
Dee Reese - DEATH
Dee Reese - Drill Drill Drill 2x
Dee Reese - Elijah (You Will Be Missed)
Dee Reese - Love Hate
Dee Reese - Era
Dee Reese - Era Part 2 (Prod by Dee Reese and Young L Beats)
Dee Reese - Foreign (Prod By Smorez and Dee Reese)
Dee Reese - G Wop
Dee Reese - G.O.O.D
Dee Reese - Game Over Boi
Dee Reese - Gangis Khon
Dee Reese - Give No F (Prod By Dee Reese and MallDidIt)
Dee Reese - Trappin Out (Prod By Dee Reese and MallDidIt)
Dee Reese - Daze
Dee Reese - I Died Too Hard
Dee Reese - Its All Over
Dee Reese - MTAFMC
Dee Reese - New Trap Village
Dee Reese - Storytelling Is An Art
Dee Reese - Sweatshirt
Dee Reese - Sweet X Teen
Dee Reese - Taliban (Prod By Dee Reese Eve The Producer)
Dee Reese - The Birth Of VDETrap
Dee Reese - THTAG
Dee Reese - Toolz
Dee Reese - Trap Trap Trap
Dee Reese - Unrealeased
Dee Reese - We Gettin Crunk
Dee Reese - Whoa
Dee Reese - Yit
Dee Reese - You Kno
Dee Reese - OG
Dee Reese - Trythem And Blues Trap RB
Dee Reese - The Best
Dee Reese - King
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Nate- Never Fall Off
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Donte Credo- Talk My Sh!t
Dj Khasper Bhinks - DjKhasperBhinks - D.Mightyft.DoeWizTheyKnow
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Chris Envy- She A Player
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Alpha Tvylore- Make The World Mine
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Fridai Nite- F#%k Wit Me
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Eze- Going
Dj Khasper Bhinks - CC Marley- Im Sorry
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Jay Wallace- Talkin Bout
Dj Khasper Bhinks - J- Prove It
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Budda Mack- The Bay
Dj Khasper Bhinks - P. Emery- Molly Party
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Joey Supratta & Ttereve- Underground Kings
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Moonie Music- LOUD
Dj Khasper Bhinks - King Lon Da Great- Gunnin
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Fridai Nite- Get This Money
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Doe Wiz- Now or Never
Dj Khasper Bhinks - Yates- Money Mula Cash Dinero
Dr. Dre - Dr. Dre Intro
Dr. Dre - Naked (feat. Marsha Abrosius and Sly Paper)
Dr. Dre - Dr. Dre - Freestyle
Dr. Dre - Interlude
Dr. Dre - Back To Business (Unreleased)
Dr. Dre - Dont Trip
Dr. Dre - Music To Drive By
Dr. Dre - Hip Hop (feat. Pete Rock Kurupt)
Dr. Dre - Naked (Full)
Dr. Dre - Fuck Wit Dre Day (Extented Mix)
Dr. Dre - Let Me Ride (Club Remix)
Dr. Dre - Kickin It (Interlude)
Dr. Dre - Nuthin But A G Thang (Club Mix)
Dr. Dre - Puffin On Blunts Drankin Tanqueray
Dr. Dre - Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat (Remastered)
Dr. Dre - Street Scholars (Unreleased)
Dr. Dre - Nuthin But A G Thang (Freestyle )
Dr. Dre - Interlude
Dr. Dre - Blueberries (Feat. Snoop Dogg Sam Sneed)
Dr. Dre - Lady Herion (Feat. Sam Sneed J. Flexx)
Dr. Dre - Whats The Difference (feat. Hittman Eminem) (Original)
Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre (feat. Eminem) (Original)
Dr. Dre - Frontpage Stardom (feat. Eminem Hittman)
Dr. Dre - Sooner You Give (Feat. E.S.P.)
Dr. Dre - get your money right (feat. Jay Z the game)
Dr. Dre - Nothin To It (Feat. Serenade)
Dr. Dre - Nas Interlude
Dr. Dre - Street Dreams (Feat. Nas, Nature Drauma)
Dr. Dre - Guilty As Sin (Feat. Sharief, Drauma Kurupt)
Dr. Dre - Let The Maddness Begin (Feat. R.C., Drauma Jhery)
Dr. Dre - Hands On Intro
Dr. Dre - Experience (Feat. Hands On)
Dr. Dre - Get It On (Feat. Hands On)
Dr. Dre - In Da Zone (Feat. Sam Sneed J. Flexx Drauma)
Dr. Dre - Its Like That
Dr. Dre - Say Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre - The Doctor
Dr. Dre - Topless (Version )
Dr. Dre - Whos Next Feat Clyde Carson
Dr. Dre - On Top Now Feat (cent Stat Quo)
Dr. Dre - Ya Boy Feat (The Game)
Dr. Dre - Imagine [ ft Ja Rule Snoop Dogg]
Dr. Dre - Hallelujah (Feat Bishop Lamont Xzibit)
Dr. Dre - Hard Liqour
Dr. Dre - Still
Dr. Dre - F ck You
Dr. Dre - California Love
Dr. Dre - The Next Episode
Dr. Dre - Commercial
Dr. Dre - Straight Outta Compton
Dr. Dre - Outro
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - Words From Dupreice Kreed(M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - Anonimys Grudge(M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - BLG TGT 2(M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - Soo Flyy(M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - Greatest of the time(M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - Brave Life (M.A.G) Skit
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - Had To Go Get It 2(M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - Dats All I Know (M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - Brave Lyfe Set Reppin(M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - MacBook And GarageBand interlude(M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - Perkacets(M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - All I Really Wanted (M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - Top Pelt Back (M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - Frequencies(M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - All My Niggehs(M.A.G),ma
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - Closing Words From Dupreice(M.A.G)
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - (Bonus Track)Shut Dat DownBL
Dupriece Kreed (BraveLife) - (Bonus Track)stephen curryBL
Dyenamyte - Ready Freestyle
Dyenamyte - Lean Wit It Freestyle
Dyenamyte - Flatlines ft Jimmy Smith
Dyenamyte - Whos Real
Dyenamyte - My Chick
Dyenamyte - Its A Party
Dyenamyte - Ground Up ft RZAK, Y-O
Dyenamyte - Thee Night
Dyenamyte - The Only Way
Dyenamyte - No Fuks ft Nina The Queen
Dyenamyte - Get Blowed ft Jimmy Smith
Dyenamyte - Got Away
Dyenamyte - Monster Freestyle
Dyenamyte - All Frontin
Dyenamyte - T.G.I.F
Dyenamyte - Lead For It Freestyle
Dyenamyte - Doin Me ft Jimmy Smith
Dyenamyte - Real Life
Dyenamyte - Till I Die Remix
Eminem & Breaking News (Feat. Big Proof/Speaking)
Eminem & Fight Music (Feat. 2Pac)
Eminem & The Girls Go Boom (Feat. Big Proof)
Eminem & No Stoppin At All (Feat. Drake, Jay-z Nas)
Eminem & Get To That Paper (Feat. Ludacris Young Jeezy)
Eminem & Fuck The World (Feat. Lil Wayne)
Eminem & Do It Myself (Feat. Young Buck Ca)
Eminem & Muthafucka (Feat. Xzibit)
Eminem & U Shouldnt Play That (Feat. Cent)
Eminem & Trouble Finds Me (Feat. Tony Yayo Obie Trice)
Eminem & Nobody Knows (Feat. Cent)
Eminem & Micheal Jordan (Feat. D2)
Eminem & Whats On Your Mind (Feat. DMX)
Eminem & Rest In Peace (Feat. Big Proof)
Eminem & You Acting (Feat. Ca, Lloyd Banks, The Game Cent)
Eminem & Mushroom Mountain (Feat. D2)
Eminem & Gangstad Up (Feat. Tray-Dee, Goldie Loc Snoop Dogg)
Eminem & Throw It Up (Feat. Lil Jon, The Game, Young Buck Big Proof)
Eminem & Wheres Your Gun At (Feat. Dr. Dre)
Euphorik - One Day {Intro} (Prod. Euphorik)
Euphorik - Think Twice (Prod. Class Act)
Euphorik - Go and Get It (Prod. Musikdae)
Euphorik - Hungry (Prod. MjNichols)
Euphorik - Alignment Ft. Bdice (Prod. iRatz)
Euphorik - Dead Presidents Remix
Euphorik - Real Ft. Merkules (Prod. iRatz)
Euphorik - Commit (Prod. Anno Domini Beats)
Euphorik - No Sucka MCs (Prod. C-Lance)
Euphorik - Lately (Prod. Luke White)
Euphorik - Balance {Interlude} (Prod. Canis Major)
Euphorik - Influence (Prod. Sonderful)
Euphorik - Human (Prod. Canis Major)
Euphorik - More Than Rap (Prod. Euphorik)
Euphorik - Energy Remix
Euphorik - Fantasy (Prod. Kid Ocean)
Euphorik - Strive (Prod. Canis Major)
Euphorik - Be aware (Prod. Canis Major)
Euphorik - Grown (Prod. Canis Major)
Euphorik - Type of Night (Prod. Luke White)
Euphorik - Life (Prod. J Dilla)
Euphorik - Outro (Prod. Scott Jones)
Fatboy - FAR 2 skit ft Mario P
Fatboy - Need it in My Life
Fatboy - Fareal
Fatboy - Best Friend
Fatboy - Goes Down
Fatboy - Funky
Fatboy - Dont
Fatboy - Drugz
Fatboy - One Train
Future - Intro
Future - Clean Coke
Future - Wolf Trap
Future - Faded
Future - Cali Rari
Future - Go Where
Future - Rounds
Future - Hyped Vagina
Future - GKAB
Future - Anotha
Future - Fucked
Future - Real
Future - Bar Tab
Future - Ape Shit
Ghost Reezy - slime balls prod by kabuz beatz
Ghost Reezy - cowboy in a hoody prod by jesse james
Ghost Reezy - love,learn,live prod by ea productions
Ghost Reezy - see me prod by lionriddims
Ghost Reezy - life goes on
GreatShii - Halloween In January (Intro)
GreatShii - Color Money ft. Rick Ross
GreatShii - Break From Miami
GreatShii - Sorry Not Sorry ft. Bryson Tiller
GreatShii - Rico
GreatShii - Tory Lanez - Say It
GreatShii - Im The Plug
GreatShii - We In Da City ft. Young Dro
GreatShii - Take Off
GreatShii - Jig Is Up
GreatShii - Pound Cake
Gucci Mane & Zaytoven - - Wzup
Gucci Mane & Zaytoven - 2 - Two Thangs
Gucci Mane & Zaytoven - - Trapstar
Gucci Mane & Zaytoven - - Shake It Baby
Gucci Mane & Zaytoven - - Ride Wit Me
Gucci Mane & Zaytoven - - Hold Up Now (Feat Tre)
Gucci Mane & Zaytoven - - Conceited (Feat Silk)
Gucci Mane & Zaytoven - - Get Geeked
Gucci Mane & Zaytoven - - Pill Man
HUHCHO - Intro
HUHCHO - Killin Em
HUHCHO - Everyday
HUHCHO - Feelin Great Ft. Sheed Mugga
HUHCHO - Amnesia
HUHCHO - Green Light
HUHCHO - AU Nasty Ft. Sheed Mugga
HUHCHO - Wanna Know Ft. PnB Rock
HUHCHO - Missed Calls
HUHCHO - Nursery
HUHCHO - No More feat. Omelly
HUHCHO - Back 2 The Future Ft. Eno
HUHCHO - Mr. Softee Ft. Blackwood
HUHCHO - Getting It Ft. Kilo Blanca
HUHCHO - Use To This Ft. Killa Ky
HUHCHO - I Promise
HUHCHO - Outro
Instrumentals - Def Street - Camilla
Instrumentals - Def Street - Sometimes
Instrumentals - Def Street - Everytime everywere
Instrumentals - Def Street - Alpine
Instrumentals - Def Street - Every day
Instrumentals - Def Street - Dealer
Instrumentals - Def Street - Clss s
Instrumentals - Def Street - Ills
Instrumentals - Def Street - Last Days
Instrumentals - Def Street - Pull Up
Instrumentals - Def Street - One on one
Instrumentals - Def Street - Comfo
Instrumentals - Def Street - Ness
Instrumentals - Def Street - Weigh
Instrumentals - Def Street - The appeal
Instrumentals - Def Street - Axe
Instrumentals - Def Street - Bullz
Instrumentals - Def Street - Final
J-Hood - - Intro
J-Hood - 2 - How Long
J-Hood - - Uncrowned King
J-Hood - - Nostalgia
J-Hood - - Dez Niggaz Be Frontin Freestyle
J-Hood - - Ride On You
J-Hood - - 2Th Hour
J-Hood - - Fan Interlude
J-Hood - - Check
J-Hood - - My Way
J-Hood - - Try Me
J-Hood - - Mind Frame
J-Hood - - Take The Blame (Ft A-Mafia)
J-Hood - - Fugees Freestyle
J-Hood - - Coke Cake
J-Hood - - Dj Premier Freestyle
J-Hood - - King Skit
J-Hood - - Statik
J-Hood - - Red October
J-Hood - High As A Plane
J-Hood - Pirates
J-Hood - Started From The Bottom
J-Hood - 2 - Salute Me (Ft Jae Rellz)
Jacquees - New Wave
Jacquees - Set It Off (Feat. Dej Loaf)
Jacquees - Hot Girl
Jacquees - B.E.D
Jacquees - On It (Feat. Birdman)
Jacquees - Know You
Jacquees - Them Other Girls (Interlude)
Jacquees - Ready (Feat. Birdman)
Jacquees - (Feat. Kevin Gates & Young Scooter)
Jacquees - Ex Games
Jacquees - Pandora
Jacquees - Bounce
Jacquees - R&B Nigga
Jacquees - Come Thru (Feat. Rich Homie Quan)
Jacquees - Like Baby
Jacquees - T-Shirt & Panties (Feat. Kirko Bangz)
Jahlil Beats x CRMC - Act - New Levels
Jahlil Beats x CRMC - Perfect
Jahlil Beats x CRMC - Game
Jahlil Beats x CRMC - Lost Ones
Jahlil Beats x CRMC - Crabs In The Barel
Jahlil Beats x CRMC - Act 2 - New Devils
Jahlil Beats x CRMC - Light It Up
Jahlil Beats x CRMC - Woes
Jahlil Beats x CRMC - Let A Nigga Know
Jahlil Beats x CRMC - Bye Felicia
Jboi & Snax - Intro (Strong)
Jboi & Snax - What You Need
Jboi & Snax - 2 Grams
Jboi & Snax - For This Money (California ) Ft. D-Ray
Jboi & Snax - Money Maker
Jboi & Snax - Social Life
Jboi & Snax - Have You Ever
Jboi & Snax - Break It Down (Blow)
Jensen George - Ball So Hard
Jensen George - Man of the Show
Jensen George - Hot Nigga
Jensen George - 22
Jensen George - Otis ft. A.B.
Jensen George - Love Yourz
Jensen George - Now or Later
Jensen George - Goodbye
Ju Tyme - IntroPull Up
Ju Tyme - A Long Tyme Came
Ju Tyme - MLK speaksBout A Check
Ju Tyme - Real No More ft. Keona Vonshae
Ju Tyme - Malcolm X speaksPower In Numbers
Ju Tyme - U.N.I.T.Y.
Ju Tyme - Simple Pleasures
Ju Tyme - All Weve Ever Known
Ju Tyme - 2Pac speaksOn GodMarshawn Lynch speaks
Ju Tyme - Overview
Ju Tyme - #Her
Ju Tyme - Reckless
Ju Tyme - Claude Anderson speaks (Nothin)
Ju Tyme - Best Believe
Ju Tyme - Love Flo ft. D-Money
Ju Tyme - Great Debaters clip (No Competition)
Kendrick Lamar - What The Deal Freestyle
Kendrick Lamar-2nite ft dr dre and jeremih
Kendrick Lamar-Black Friday
Kendrick Lamar-eyes above
Kendrick Lamar-la ft ty dolla sign and dnd
Kendrick Lamar-lunch table freestyle
Kendrick Lamar-money over love ft bilal
Kendrick Lamar-Monster Freestyle
Kendrick Lamar-Picture Me Rollin (Remix)
Kendrick Lamar-all day ft kanye west
Kendrick Lamar-vegas
Kendrick Lamar-thuggin ft glasses malone
Kendrick Lamar-party nauseous ft lady gaga
Kendrick Lamar-interlude
Kendrick Lamar-holy ghost ft young jeezy
Kendrick Lamar-heaven help me ft jonathan emile
Kendrick Lamar-pay for it ft jay rock
Kendrick Lamar-Multiply
King Tre - BDST [Intro]
King Tre - Want It All (Prod. By Ac Beats)
King Tre - Blasted ft. Juiicem (Prod. By Dj Flippp)
King Tre - Testarossa (Prod. By Bravestarr)
King Tre - Weed N Liquor (Prod. By Dj Flippp)
King Tre - Bout The Money (Prod. By Young N Fly)
King Tre - Hunnid Thou
King Tre - Got That Work (Prod. By Ac Beats)
King Tre - Passion [Outro]
KOLLGE BOY - Fuck Nigga (Intro)
KOLLGE BOY - Who Blessed
KOLLGE BOY - Hang Wit Me (Freestyle)
KOLLGE BOY - New Chicago (Outro)
Kylynn, - Wake Up
Kylynn, - On Her Own
Kylynn, - All Night (Vampin)
Kylynn, - ThugLIfe
Kylynn, - 2Legit2Quit
Kylynn, - RACKS
Kylynn, - Watch Out
Kylynn, - Too Many Xs
Kylynn, - Bout It
Kylynn, - So High (Boomin)
Kylynn, - TWOFOUR
Leggo, Psycho - WHL
Leggo, Psycho - Barz
Leggo, Psycho - Flex Ft Loskie
Leggo, Psycho - Action
Leggo, Psycho - Krazy
Leggo, Psycho - Gone
Leggo, Psycho - Problems Ft Random, A.R
Leggo, Psycho - Manisfestation
Leggo, Psycho - Welcome To The Yard
Leggo, Psycho - BETTER DAYZ Ft Ceajay
Lil Rob - Watch Out Freestyle
Lil Rob - I Cant Tell You
Lil Rob - I Would Ft. LG Savage
Lil Rob - Bag Up The Money Ft. Ray Tarano
Lil Rob - Villain
Lil Rob - Say It
Lil Rob - Feel Me
Lil Rob - Drunk Texting (Interlude)
Lil Rob - Hello
Lil Rob - I Hate You I Love You
Lil Rob - Ft. Ray Tarano LoNo
Lil Rob - Shanghi Freestyle
Lil Rob - 2 Phones Ft. Ray Tarano LG Savage
Lil Rob - By My Side Ft. TaylorMade
Lil Rob - Feel This
Lil Rob - SKRT
Lil Rob - My Team Ft. Snowboy
Lil Rob - Blow My High Ft. Hitman
Lil Rob - Energy (LG GodFather)
Lil Shawtee Baby - Karma
Lil Shawtee Baby - Lil Shawty
Lil Shawtee Baby - Aint a Ni**a
Lil Shawtee Baby - On My Own
Lil Shawtee Baby - Im Yours
Lil Shawtee Baby - Fadeaway
Lil Shawtee Baby - No Games
Lil Shawtee Baby - Cold
Lil Shawtee Baby - Cant Stop Me
Lil Shawtee Baby - Blow Your Mind
LilTrell - LETS GET IT FT. NINO WAVEY [ProdBy.Bezze]
LilTrell - KnowWassup Ft. Naudikah [ProdBy.JCashperjan]
LilTrell - ONE HOUR [ProdBy.Fumesbeats]
LilTrell - SwaggSurfin ft. Hannah
LilTrell - Drunk In Love
LilTrell - DreamsNightmares
LilTrell - She Just Wanna [ProdBy.Pistol Pete Beats]
MAX B - Cold World
MAX B - Dom P
MAX B - Dont Take It Personal
MAX B - Ghetto Love
MAX B - Grand Cru (Unreleased)
MAX B - Part Time Lover
MAX B - Picture Me Rollin
MAX B - See My Style
MAX B - Ooww Ooww
MAX B - Still Movin
MAX B - Take Your Breath Away
MAX B - Want
MAX B - We Roll
MAX B - Why You Do That
Max B - - Jim Jones Ft HOB - Not To Fuck Wit Freestyle
Max B - - Max B Ft Jim Jones - We Be On Our Shit
Meek Mill - Fa Sho ft Tdot Illdude
Meek Mill - Ricky
Meek Mill - Slippin ft Future and Dave East
Meek Mill - War Pain ft Omelly
Meek Mill - OfficialYoungRB (Intro)
Meek Mill - Fa Sho ft Tdot Illdude
Meek Mill - Pray For Em
Meek Mill - Ricky
Meek Mill - Im Da Plug Freestyle
Meek Mill - Slippin ft Future and Dave East
Meek Mill - Gave Em Hope
Meek Mill - War Pain ft Omelly
Meek Mill - FBH
Meek Mill - OfficialYoungRB - My Niggaz [Prod By Swagg B]
Adele Hello Remix Denisia Feat.ya Boy Big Choo
Josephine Beat Radio (Sissy Nobby TaeBtw)
make ya booty got beat by frankyboy da king of bounce n djjoewitdadreadz
S-ighty - Halfway
Ronnie Bell Cotton Candy Bounce Remix By DjCalvin
tokyoxvanity my bestie finna mix by joewitdadreadz
Yo Gotti - Down In The DM
eat dat pussy remixx
CLUB POPPIN - Master P Ft. E-, Alley Boy & Fat Trel (RADIO)
DJ TY Give Me My Gots
EXCLUSIVE!!! -- Mr Magic -- Like Beeyonce
Franchiyze - Diva -Radio
Future - Freak H
Mook - Intro ft Don Q Dizzle
Mook - Last Night at My Apollo
Mook - Dope
Mook - To Fly For Mankind ft Mac Pheen
Mook - Trust Issues
Mook - Phoenix
Mook - DiamondCutz
Mook - Hood But Classy
Mr.Fletch feat.Young trill and Million Dolla -Treyz Up
Mr.Fletch feat. MG - Brown&White
Mr Fletch - Get Right
Mr.Fletch feat. Don P Barcode -The Turn up is real
Mr Fletch- Too close
Mr.Fletch feat. DonPBarcode - U dont wanna know
Mr Fletch- Credit
Mr.Fletch - Come up
Mr fletch- Kill em all
mr fletch- fake fony
Mr.Fletch- dont like me
Mr.Fletch feat. Mazzaratti Bands - Party and Wildin
Mr Fletch -Bring me back to life
Mr fletch- Been through it all
MrGoodGoesHard - Oakland Girl
MrGoodGoesHard - Vanity
MrGoodGoesHard - Now (prod. by NajaesBeats)
MrGoodGoesHard - Monroe
MrGoodGoesHard - Lust
MrGoodGoesHard - In Private (prod. by itsashleetho)
MrGoodGoesHard - Many Moons
MrGoodGoesHard - Bryson Tiller - Dont (Instrumental With Hook)
MrGoodGoesHard - All Night
Music Don - Music Is Back
Music Don - Faded
Music Don - Kick It With You
Music Don - I Dont Need
Music Don - So High
Music Don - Its Me You (I Love You)
Music Don - Dance Party
Music Don - Lebron Shit
Nunechi - Monsters
Nunechi - Sauced Up
Nunechi - Codeine ft Loso
Nunechi - Ammo
Nunechi - Ball
Nunechi - Dash ft Jone
Nunechi - Yung Nigga ft Loso
Nunechi - Another ft Booweible
Nunechi - I Wonder Why ft Booweible
Nunechi - Get It Back
Nunechi - Another Nigga Bitch
Nunechi - Im On It
Nunechi - Brazy ft Nape Fargo
Nunechi - I Need Some More ft Booweible
Nunechi - freestyle
OG Lucky Moody - iGot prod.by.PurpleBeatz
OG Lucky Moody ft Big Ratchet OgBishh (Remix) prod.by.infared
OG Lucky Moody- . prod.by.infared
OG Lucky Moody ft Ceo Kash - Helicopter Fly prod.by.infared
OG Lucky Moody - What u Want ft Dre
OG Lucky Moody - B.O.D. (Bars on Deck) Freestyle
OG Lucky Moody - s s prod.by.idBeatz
OG Lucky Moody ft Geedy - Im loving it prod.by.CoriG
OG Lucky Moody - Pressure prod.by.infared
OG Lucky Moody- TNup! (TrapVersion) prod.by.Infared
OG Lucky Moody - TonyStory prod.by.Infared
OG Lucky Moody - Outro
Payne - The Arrival [(Intro)]
Payne - Bless Me
Payne - Crzy NorMaL (Like You Didnt Know)[FreeStyle]
Payne - Mjondolo
Payne - Joburg City
Payne - Bayaloya
Payne - Bayaloya
Payne - Thesis
Payne - The Best
Payne - Drugs Featuring Moose x Gifted
Payne - Grind All Day (Freestyle) [Outro]
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Bary (intro)
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Mirror
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Knucklehead (ft. Lil Herb)
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - SKRT SKRT
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Wind in my Sails
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Quest Power
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - st, Lil Uzi Vert, Mac Miller Post Malone - Cameras
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Whats Up (Prod FKi)
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Holyfield (Prod FKi)
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Thats It (Prod Fki)
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Tear$ Feat st (Prod FKi)
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Tryna Fuck Me Over Feat Cent
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Yacht Lash (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt and Riff Raff)
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Earl Sweatshirt - Look
Post Malone, Earl Sweatshirt - Post Malone - White Iverson (Arnold bootleg)
P.Smith - Future Flow
P.Smith - Rota
P.Smith - LMAO
P.Smith - Will Be
P.Smith - Just Thinking
P.Smith - Im Good
P.Smith - Growing Pains
P.Smith - Real Me
P.Smith - Better
P.Smith - Bout It (feat Neil)
Yella Cream- My Day (Feat. Yungin)
Lil Tooty- Jimmy
FlyBoiDe- Turn Up (Ft. LA)
Lil Ken- Nuckle Up (Feat. FlyBoiDe)
FlyBoiDe- Find My Way
PGEnt Mafia- F*** Boi Diss
Nino Z- What Da Business Iz
FlyBoiDe- Dreams (Feat. Nino Z)
FlyBoiDe- Up It [Mista Sample]
FlyBoiDe- Lost In Her Eyes
Lil Ken- Werk (Ft. Lil Tooty, FlyBoiDe)
FlyBoiDe- All I Wanna Do (Feat. Lil Ken)
FlyBoiDe- Trust No Hoe
Nino Z- Turn Up For Dhat Check!
Lil Tooty- Valentine (Ft. FlyBoiDe)
FlyBoiDe- Industry
FlyBoiDe- KILL EM (Feat. Nino Z)
FlyBoiDe- Cake Factory (Feat. Nino Z)
Nino Z- Burna (CoCo Remix) Feat. FlyBoiDe
Nino Z- Michael Jordan
Nino Z- Fake FriendZ
Nino Z- What I Do (Freestyle)
FlyBoiDe- Dont Go Over Your Head (Feat. Nino Z)
FlyBoiDe- GameTime (Feat. Nino Z)
Nino Z- Hit A Lick (Feat. Choppa)
Radio Rell - Im On
Radio Rell - Ride Wit Me
Radio Rell - Like This
Radio Rell - Dont Be Scared
Radio Rell - Shawty On Fleek
Radio Rell - Belly Of The Beast
Radio Rell - All I Know
RAIDER KLAN - REll - Intro (Prod. SGP)
RAIDER KLAN - Amber London - Bussin Back $ (Feat. MuffLucid) (Prod. Ronny J)
RAIDER KLAN - Dough 2x - FREESTYLE (Prod By Key Nyata)
RAIDER KLAN - Lil Champ FWAY - Pop That Pussy For The KLVN Pt (Feat Yung Simmie) (Prod by Legion Beatz)
RAIDER KLAN - SpaceGhostPurrp - Believe Me (Prod. SGP)
RAIDER KLAN - SG Rilla Mane - How It Go (ProdYung Cortex)
RAIDER KLAN - Yung Simmie - Hella Bud
RAIDER KLAN - 2 Amber London x Ethelwulf - Trillanation original (Prod Konflict Od)
RAIDER KLAN - SpaceGhostPurrp - V.I.P.
RAIDER KLAN - NLL - The Outro prod. Spaceghostpurrp
Rich Homie Quan J Money - All I Ever Wanted
Rich Homie Quan - Buy What I Want
Rich Homie Quan ft. Lil Uzi Vert Skeme - Big Money
Rich Homie Quan - All About A Dollar
Rich Homie Quan - Why
Rich Homie Quan - Situation
Rich Homie Quan - Khally
Rich Homie Quan Chief Keef Change (Remix)
Rich Homie Quan - Never Tell Nobody
Rich Homie Quan - Yung N Thuggin
Rich Homie Quan-2 Many ft Doe B
Rich Homie Quan-Stop Breathing
Rich Homie Quan-Weight Up
Rich Homie Quan-Memories
Rich Homie Quan-Real
Rich Homie Quan-Whole Lotta
Rich Homie Quan-Cash Money
Rich Homie Quan - Room Full
Rich Homie Quan-Feel It
Rich Homie Quan-No Pressure
Rich Homie Quan AAP Ferg -Never Stop Getting Money
Rich Homie Quan-Still Goin In
RIV - Be Alright
RIV - Good Year Pt 2
RIV - Mr. Burberry
RIV - 2
RIV - Da Kapp
RIV - Bank Account
RIV - Another Day
RIV - Wishing On A Dream
RIV - Celebration
RIV - Outro
Rockie Fresh - The Landing
Rockie Fresh - Are You With Me (Feat Ed Sheeran)
Rockie Fresh - Call Me (When Its Over) (Feat Chris Brown)
Rockie Fresh - Missed Calls (Interlude)
Rockie Fresh - Your Life (Feat Rick Ross)
Rockie Fresh - I Need
Rockie Fresh - Come Again
Rockie Fresh - Down To Roll
Rockie Fresh - Obvious (Interlude)
Rockie Fresh - Tell Me
Rockie Fresh - Thought About It
Rockie Fresh - December Rain
Rockie Fresh - Dont Change (Bonus)
Ruby Gang Family - Intro- Proppy Dynamite
Ruby Gang Family - Hater Alert- Feat Born Fly Pook
Ruby Gang Family - Crew Poppin
Ruby Gang Family - Late Night- Feat NaNa
Ruby Gang Family - Talkin Ruby Shit (Freestyle)
Ruby Gang Family - Wit Da Fork
Ruby Gang Family - Quarter key -Feat Babyluvpops ,FleedaDon
Ruby Gang Family - Makin A Move -Feat N.O, MaybachDice
Ruby Gang Family - Ruby Rich
Ruby Gang Family - SlowDown - NaNa
Ruby Gang Family - Talkin Benjamins feat -J Boss
Ruby Gang Family - Vegetarians
Ruby Gang Family - Savage Feat - MaybachDice
Ruby Gang Family - Dream Hoe
Ruby Gang Family - Work feat - GADDAFI
Ruby Gang Family - I Just Came
Ruby Gang Family - CockRoaches
Ruby Gang Family - Dropping Bombs - Feat Born Fly Pook
Ruby Gang Family - Covered In Angels
SB, FOUR - YTB Freestyle (INTRO)
SB, FOUR - Reckless
SB, FOUR - Bussin
SB, FOUR - Back to Back Freestyle
SB, FOUR - Sorry
SB, FOUR - Panda (YTB Mix)
SB, FOUR - Man Again
SB, FOUR - Santana
SB, FOUR - Get it
SB, FOUR - Stankroll
SB, FOUR - Know It
SB, FOUR - Hobby (OUTRO)
SB, FOUR - My Walk (BONUS)
SB, FOUR - Who am I (BONUS 2)
Smokee Gambino - RedBeamFlow 2 (Prod. By AraabMUZIK)
Smokee Gambino - Na Na (Freestyle)
Smokee Gambino - Game Tight (S.W.A.G.) (Prod. By That Nigga Charles)
Smokee Gambino - Girls Love Smoking (Blow My Name) Feat. Unspoken
Smokee Gambino - Love My Gang (Prod. By That Nigga Charles)
Smokee Gambino - Drunk in Love Freestyle
Smokee Gambino - Still Yung Feat. Kay Luciano Siccolas Cage (Reprod. By BeatzbyTre)
Smokee Gambino - I Wish You Would (Prod. By BrodneyNewman)
Smokee Gambino - to Freestyle
Smokee Gambino - Forever Feat. Siccolas Cage (Prod. By Sonic)
Smokee Gambino - Only Feat. Siccolas Cage Kay Luciano
Smokee Gambino - Freestyle
Spiritt-MX - 2 (DATSIK n Spiritt-MX)
Spiritt-MX - I Aint Cool
Spiritt-MX - Pretty Boy MC
Spiritt-MX - Wreck this place ft. Emalkay (Extended Edit)
Spiritt-MX - Session
Spiritt-MX - Example VS Spiritt-MX VS Datsik dubstep Mash up
Stallion & D-Rock - DJ WINN INTRO
Stallion & D-Rock - BOUT IT
Stallion & D-Rock - KNOW SHE A FREAK
Stallion & D-Rock - ROAD TO RICHES
Stallion & D-Rock - ALL WE DO
Stallion & D-Rock - OUR BITCH
Stallion & D-Rock - INTO YOU
Stallion & D-Rock - STICKS STONES
Stallion & D-Rock - HOOKED
Stallion & D-Rock - ON THAT
Stallion & D-Rock - SPEND IT
Stallion & D-Rock - ROLL ME UP
Thalandlord Me Myself I
ThaLandlord Milly Rock
ThaLandlord Back 2 Back
ThaLandlord Alone In Vegas Feat. Lito
ThaLandlord Sin City 2 Sem City Ft. Philthy Rich
ThaLandlord Back Home Ft. Euroz
ThaLandlord No Hope ft. Yowda
ThaLandlord Versace
ThaLandlord - ThaLandlord Dont Make That Right Ft. Lito & Propain
ThaLandlord Free Da Guyz
ThaLandlord So Temporary
ThaLandlord Nights Ft. Fastline
ThaLandlord Trap Alike Ft. Lito
Tim Hoffa - Man Remix
Tim Hoffa - Fired Up
Tim Hoffa - Go Too Hard
Tim Hoffa - Flippin On Da Block (feat. OG Tex)
Tim Hoffa - What Ya Sippin On
Tim Hoffa - She A Freak
Tim Hoffa - While ya Sleepin
Tim Hoffa - Real Shh
Tim Hoffa - Really Dont Care (feat. OG Tex)
Tim Hoffa - The Message
Tim Hoffa - Pimpn Da Pens Remix
Tim Hoffa - Riding Thru Our City (feat. El Campo Loop, OG Tex)
Tim Hoffa - Watch Me (feat. OG Tex)
Tim Hoffa - What You Got Me Drinkin
Tim Hoffa - Get So Crazy
Tim Hoffa - Rafael Ramirez (feat. Mista )
Tmark the Visionary - Dedication
Tmark the Visionary - You Aint On My Level
Tmark the Visionary - Tmark the Visionary- Go Hard ft. Jflow tha ruthless
Tmark the Visionary - Understood (i swear)
Tmark the Visionary - On The Block
Tmark the Visionary - Dancing
Tmark the Visionary - Other Life ft. Sonya
Tmark the Visionary - Big Bands
Tmark the Visionary - Dedication 2
Trae Millz - New Age Intro
Trae Millz - Homicide
Trae Millz - Way 2 Fast Ft. Styxx
Trae Millz - Spotlight
Trae Millz - Chris Angel
Trae Millz - What You Know About Me Ft. Chris Holley
Trae Millz - I Aint Mad
Trae Millz - Straight Up
Trae Millz - Nobody
Trae Millz - Love Is Crazy Ft. Mike G
Trae Millz - Love Boat Ft. Yung Koot
Migos - You Wanna See [Prod. By Dun Deal]
2 Rich The Kid Feat. Migos, 2 Savage & Manman Savage - Migo Gang & Slaughter Gang
Tn$ - Kung Fu [Prod. By Bruh N Laws]
Hoodrich Pablo Juan - Percocet [Prod. By Spiffy Global]
Peewee Longway Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J - Jackie Tan [Prod. By Mafia]
Future - Hater Shit [Prod. By Metro Boomin]
Hoodrich Pablo Juan Feat. Drugrixpeso - Where I Come From
Migos - Muhfckn Tired [Prod. By Roc].
Gucci Mane Feat. Chaz Gotti - Ran Wit It [Prod. By Mafia]
Famous Dex - Do It Like That
Rich The Kid Feat. Skippa Da Flippa - Dab Flu [Prod. By Zaytoven]
2 Young Thug - Serious
Lil Uzi Vert - All This Money
Key! Feat. Rizzoo Rizzoo - Money Feelings
T-Wayne Feat. Rich The Kid & Tk N Cash - Im Grinding
Travis Porter - Explicit
K Camp Feat. Quavo - Up
Future - No Charge [Prod. By Mafia]
Migos - Hoe On A Mission [Prod. By Murda Beatz]
2 Young Dro - S
2 Young Bam Feat. Olddixie P - Just Being Me
22 Johnny Cinco - 2 [Prod. By Spiffy]
2 Trill Sammy - Check Out [Prod. By Fred On Em]
2 Chief Keef - Untrustworthy
2 Kap G Feat. Q Money - Keep It [Prod. By Joe Mclaren]
2 Migos - Commando [Prod. By Og Parker & Deko]
2 Famous Dex Feat. Sauce Walka - Drip From My Walk (Remix)
2 Que - Dawg Catcher [Prod. By Webbmadethis]
2 Mango Foo - Literally
Yrn Lingo - Aint No One Hit Man
Meek Mill Feat. Tdot Illdude - Problem
2 Manemane - Where Im From
Nephew Texas Boy Feat. Young Dolph - Trap On Fire
Tracy T - Bandz
Dougie F - On Right Now
Money Man - Boss Up
Rockie Fresh - Dont Change
Pnb Rock Feat. Rich The Kid - My Zone
Big Trill & Project Pat Feat. Vado - Trap
Migos - Commando
Bwa Ron Feat. Kevin Gates & Zuse - All I Ever Wanted
2 Waka Flocka Flame & Young Sizzle - One Eyed Shooters
Tessa Feat. Gucci Mane - Get You Right
Albee Al Feat. Monty & Uncle Murda - Gettin To The Cake
Money Man - International
Monty Feat. Fetty Wap - Not Poppin
Young Scooter & Chief Keef - Daily Job
Rich Homie Quan Feat. Chief Keef - Change (Remix)
Ct Mclaren Feat. Fat Trel - No Difference
Papoose Hold The City Down
Rick Ross Feat. Future - D.O.P.E.
Hoodrich Pablo Juan - Percocet
Migos - Trippin [Prod. By Phenom Tha Don]
Pnb Rock Feat. Rich The Kid - My Zone
Slik Binji - Chung Lee
Travis Porter Feat. Bankroll Fresh - Damn [Prod. By Mike Stacks]
Future - Salute [Prod. By Dj Spinz & K Major]
Shawty Fresh Feat. Gucci Mane, Bankroll Fresh & Boochie - Dopeman
Meek Mill Feat. Tdot Illdude - Problem
Peewee Longway Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J - Jackie Tan
Future - Hater Shit [Prod. By Metro Boomin]
2 Lil Twist Feat. Fooly Faime - Fck Em Up
Parkway Dee Feat. Johnny Cinco - Mind Gone
Spitta Boi Feat. Offset, Mango Foo & Domingo - Ape Shit
A$ap Rocky Feat. A$ap Nast, A$ap Ant & A$ap Ferg - Yamborghini High
Future - Wicked [Prod. By Metro Boomin & Southside]
Albee Al Feat. Monty & Uncle Murda - Getting To The Cake
Tracy T - Bandz
Chevy Woods - Dope Show Freestyle
2 Waka Flocka Feat. Young Sizzle - One Eyed Shooters
2 Future - No Charge [Prod. By Southside]
22 Young Thug - Serious
2 Yrn Lingo - Aint No One Man
Jacquees Feat. Rich Homie Quan - Come Thru
2 Ghetto Guitar & Bryson Tiller - 2 Come Up (Guitar Remix)
K Camp - Dont Freestyle
Kirko Bangz - Codeine
Marc E Bassy Feat. Ty Dolla $ign - Thats Love
Sy Ari Da Kid - Road To Heartbreak
Jacquees - Ex Games
Tory Lanez - Honda Civic
Eric Bellinger - Bitches
Dreezy - Body
Chris Brown - Sex You Back To Sleep
Jacquees Feat. Kirko Bangz - T-Shirt Panties
Tony Sunshine - Midnight (Ddrnb Exclusive)
Raven Felix Feat. Wiz Khalifa - All On You
K. Michelle - Not A Little Bit
Jacquees - B.E.D
Niko Suave Feat. Future & Nigel Damani - You Deserve It
Kodak Black - Institution
Migos Feat. Eric Bellinger Jeremih & Jazz Lazer - 2 Piece (Remix)
Stuey Rock Feat. Sy Ari Da Kid - Me And You
Tinashe Feat. Juicy J - Energy
Jonn Hart Feat. Cent & Kid Ink - New Chick
Wiz Khalifa Feat. Travi$ Scott - Bake Sale [Prod. By Dj Spinz]
Future - Purple Reign [Prod. By Metro Boomin]
Migos - Hoe On A Mission [Prod. By Murda Beatz]
Rico Richie - Too Lit [Prod. By Squat]
Meek Mill Feat. Tdot Illdude - Problem [Prod. By Beat Billionaire]
Remy Boy Monty Feat. Fetty Wap - Not Poppin [Prod. By Sonny Digital & Metro Boomin]
Future - Bye Bye [Prod. By Zaytoven]
Savage - Red Opps [Prod. By Sonny Digital]
Tracy T - Bands [Prod. By Zaytoven]
Peake - Toes Down
Migos - Yrn 2 (Intro) [Prod. By Will A Fool]
Coca Vango Feat. Casey Veggies - Infidelity [Prod. By Slo Meezy]
Future - Salute [Prod. By Dj Spinz & K Major]
Que - Dawg Catcher [Prod. By Webbmadethis]
T.Skrilla - Buss A New Check
Young Thug - Serious
Pnb Rock Feat. Rich The Kid - My Zone
T.Skrilla - High Class Vision
Kirko Bangz - Codeine [Prod. By Sledgren]
2 Tank Feat. Rich Homie Quan - She Wit The Shit
2 Sy Ari Da Kid - Road To Heartbreak
22 Kanye West Feat. Kendrick Lamar - No More Parties In L.A.
2 Byrd B - Line Beatn
2 Waka Flocka X Young Sizzle - One Eyed Shooters
2 Czech Bank Feat. T.Skrilla - Neva Knew U
2 Future - No Charge [Prod. By Mafia]
2 Czech Bank Feat. T.Skrilla - Money Come St
Fabolous ft. Jazzy - Nu Gambino
Busta Rhymes ft. Chance The Rapper - Hello
Remy Ma ft. Rick Ross & Yo Gotti - Hands Down
Freeway ft. Scholito - Biggie (Freestyle)
Diddy ft. Jadakiss & Styles P - Old Man Wildin
Big Sean ft. Pharrell & Detail - What A Year
Diego Dose ft. Rick Ross & Fabolous - Where They Do Dat At (Remix)
J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League ft. Drake ft. Rick Ross - Empire
Wiz Khalifa ft. Travi$ Scott - Bake Sale
Maino & Uncle Murda ft. Manolo Rose - Thugz Cry
Busta Rhymes ft. Rick Ross - Real Niggas
G Herbo - Just Bars 2
TNT ft. Duane Darock, Jadakiss & Sheek Louch - Throw It Up
Cassidy - The Greatest Alive
Memphis Bleek ft. Manolo Rose - So Different
Vado ft. D. Shake - New New
The Game - Ride Solo
Hit-Boy ft. Wale - Yadda Yadda
Statik KXNG (Statik Selektah & KXNG Crooked) - Dead Or In Jail
Kid Ink - No Pretending
Trill Gladiators ft. Bun B - Gangsta
Busta Rhymes ft. J-Doe & O.T. Genasis - Gods Plan
The Game ft. Trey Songz - Do It To You
Flatbush Zombies - Glorious Thugs
Diggin In The Crates ft. AG, OC & Fat Joe - Diggin Numbers
Snoop Dogg - Im From Long Beach
ASAP Twelvyy - L.Y.B.B (Resolution)
Chance The Rapper ft. Jeremih & R. Kelly - Somewhere In Paradise
Dizzy Wright - Plotting
Wale - Legit Boss (Freestyle)
Lil Bibby - Trapping In My Pradas
Pusha T ft. Kanye West, A Rocky & The-Dream - M.P.A.
Lil Bibby - Cant Trust A Soul
Tha Dogg Pound - Ultimate Hustlaz
Baby Jesus- Dab City
Melo Racks Feat Blacko Bandz- Got me
GI Zoe -In Love With A Dancer
Vino Da Hustla Feat Trill- They Know Me
Shaq x P Frank-What You Know About
Jay Way Sosa - Money Conversations (Produced By Jstacks)
CheckMate ft. Vega - Sex
Purptana Feat. Michael Hendrix- Dope Hole
Deniro FarrarFeat Baby Jesus -The Dealer
Maserati Tez- Cartel Life
Deejaytrap X J Hines x Baby Jesus x Yung Reason - Clubbin (Produced By Deejaytrap)
Vega Ungrateful
Tru- Get Right
Golden Child featuring Baby Jesus and Tang-Good Week-
Solo Boom Feat Jayway- Under pressure
Yung Reason - Nights
Shedezzy- Ways
Asa Hood - Decisions (Produced By Jstacks)
Dooley Feat Checkmate- We Ball
Dolla Bill Feat JB Da Boss-Trenches
Jayway sosa x Kevin Gates- Drop Em Off
OTL- Aint Ah Damn Thang Funny
DJ Magnum Intro
DJ Magnum - Rest In Peace (Sucka DJz)
The Game ft Skrillex - El Chapo (th Wonder Trap Remix)
Melanie Martinez - Pity Party (K Theory Remix)
Kicks N Licks ft Adara - Young
Alessia Cara - Here (Lucian Remix)
Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith - La La La (K Theory Remix)
Ellie Goulding - On My Mind (Jax Jones Remix)
Wizard - Strippers
Michael Jackson - Thriller (Jason Edward Trap Remix)
Faydee - Move On (Cest La Vie) [Divy Pota Remix]
The Chainsmokers- Roses
Madeon ft Kyan - Youre On (Tatsuro Remix)
LVX - Get Em Up
Justin Bieber - Sorry (Fue Remix)
Inkyz - Bottle
BREVIS x Roasty Suave ft Hala Sherif - Breaking Ice
Tropkillaz - Yeah Yall
Melanie Martinez - Mad Hatter (KXA Remix)
Diskord - Go Hard
Tropkillaz - Boi Noite
TNGHT - Higher Ground (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice)
Contrvbavnd x Kraeday - Symphony
R. Kelly - Ignition (Shindig Twine Trap Remix)
J-Hood - Intro
J-Hood - 2th Hour Freestyle
Truth - New Type of Something (ft. Sean Price)
Endemic Emerald - Crown Royale (ft. Ruste Juxx, Kasim Allah & Top Notch)
Rite Hook - The Road (prod. by Sicknature)
Mysonne - Aint No Love In Hip Hop (prod. by Luxury Music)
J-Hood speaks
J-Hood - Who Got The Props Freestyle (EXCLUSIVE)
Ricky Bats - Guns For All
Koncept - Fuck You Music (prod. by Optiks)
Blak Madeen - Mic Divine (ft. Blacastan prod. by Teddy Roxpin)
Knightstalker & Falling Down - Times Have Changed (Remix ft. th Prince, Dark Skinned Assassin & Fe
J-Hood - Boi Wundas (ft. YJ, Dolla Sign & J. Rosario prod. by YJ)
J-Hood - speaks
J-Hood - Uncrowned King Freestyle
Phene - Rare Breed (prod. by Macapella)
Grand Surgeon & Ruste Juxx - Bring The Terror (prod. & cuts by LG Roc)
K. Sparks - Make It Look Easy (Because)
Jie Young - The Hold (ft. No Malice)
Goody Gunz - New Old School
John Jigg$ - LI Bullshit (prod. by BP)
J-Hood speaks
J-Hood - The Way She Feels
D.I.T.C. - Make Em So Proud (Hold Up)
Blaine - Fire Squad (Freestyle)
Nappy Roots - Concrete Pavement (prod. by SMKA)
Jae Rellz - Salute Me (ft. J-Hood prod. by YJ)
J-Hood - Outro
Stick - Ooh Freestyle (Bonus Track)
Skillz - 2 Rap Up (Bonus Track)
Rico Richie - Too Lit
Future - Wicked
Jose Guapo ft. Skippa Da Flippa & Lucci - Run It Up
Kevin Lavell Ft. Young Dro - Muscle
Young Thug Ft. Trouble - Thief In The Night
Migos ft. Skippa Da Flippa – Dab
Yo Gotti Ft. Lunch Money Lewis – Again
Timberland Ft. 2 Chainz - This Me Fuck it
Rich Homie Quan Ft. Beatmonster Marc – K Hally
Bankroll Fresh - How You Wanna Play
Plies - Ritz Carlton
Zoey Dollaz - Blow A Check
Chainz - MFN Right (Prod by Mike Will & Zaytoven)
TK N Cash Ft. Young Thug - Money On Money
MORGZY - No Hooks (Prod. By Rocabeats)
RDOT - I Get Back Up
THOMPSON - Wardub Riddim
SYDER SIDES - Real Quick
KING KWAME - Underground Boy (Insha Allah) (Beat by Kevin Mabz)
YOUNG PASO - Da Ghetto (Hoodstory2)
GHXST - Real Life
BDOT SAVERY - Look Around
Kanye West ft Kendrick Lamar -
Wiz Khalifa ft. Travis Scott - Bake Sale
Kanye West ft Ty Dolla Sign -
ASAP Mob feat. Juicy J - Yamborghini High
Coca Vango ft Casey Veggies - Infidelity (Prod By Slo Meezy)
Young Thug ft Lil Uzi Vert Fetty Wap Yung Ralph -
TraviS Scott - Tourist
2 Chainz ft Lil Wayne - Back On The Bullshyt
PeeWee Longway x Wiz Khalifa x Juicy J -
Young Thug ft Lil Uzi Vert - Yea Hoe
Young Thug ft Quavo - Fuck Cancer
Yo Gotti ft Lunch Money Lewis - Again
Coca Vango - Aint No Love (Prod Tino Burna)
Kevin Gates - Not The Only One (Prod By GO Grizzly)
Miguel ft Travis Scott - Waves (Remix)
ASAP Rocky ft Pharrell - Hear Me
ASAP Rocky - Wu-Tang Forever (Remix)
Wiz Khalifa - Hello (Freestyle)
Young Thug ft Young Dro - Top Notch
Coca Vango - Groupie (Feat. Bandit Gang Marco) (Prod. Beat Attikz x Kid Class)
Chris Brown - MFTR (Remix)
Meek Mill ft Tdot Illdude - Problem
Meek Mill - Gave Em Hope
Young Thug - Serious
Migos - MuhFuckin Tired
Migos - WOA
DJ Mustard - Whole Lotta Lovin
J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League ft. Rick Ross & Drake - Empire
Vee Tha Rula - Wheels Up
Ab-Soul ft King Rich - House Of Sin (Unreleased)
Future - Drippn (How U Luv That)
Chisanity ft Trey Songz Dave East - ATM
Jacquees ft Kevin Gates Young Scooter -
2 Chainz - MFN Right
Meek Mill - Pray For Em
Monty ft. Fetty Wap - Not Poppin
2 Milly ft AAP Ferg Rick Ross - Milly Rock (Remix)
Fututre - Hater Shit
Wale - Powerball (Freestyle)
Hit-Boy ft. Wale - Yadda Yadda
Camron - U Wasnt There
Vee Tha Rula - Green Grass
Ty Dolla ft Joe Moses - Wavy
AD ft Sorry Jaynari, Iamsu - Way Up (Prod League of Stars)
Chief Keef ft Migos - Life So Hard
Migos - Commando
Lil Uzi Vert ft Playboi Carti - Left Right
GENIUS ft Felipe Coca Vango - Luv It
Kevin Gates ft Trey Songz, Ty Dolla and Jamie Foxx - Jam
Omarion ft Ghostface Killah - I Aint Even Done
Akon ft Future - Forever (Remix)
The Dream ft Wiz Khalifa - Virtuous
King Shark - Cold War (TXL Feature)
Snow Tha Product - Ill Be Here (Remix)
Ciafu ft Ez x Cashus Clay x Bugsy Mac - Hay (TXL Feature)
HB Sampson - Hustler Season (Prod HB Sampson) (TXL Feature)
The Game - Ride Solo
Max B - My Wave
Wiz Khalifa Ft. Camron - Dope Spot(Instrumental) (Prod by FRANKIE PIFF) (GotInstrumentals.com)
Harv Keitel - Shot (FT. Sanat Kumara E Pesci)
Camron - U Wasnt There - HipHopEarly t
Cry Out (Amen) Prod. By STREETRUNNER
Future - Wicked - HipHopEarly t2
Meek Mill ft Tdot Illdude - Problem - HipHopEarly t
Migos - WOA - HipHopEarly t
Papoose - Sugar Honey Ice Tea Im With The Shits - HipHopEarly t
Wiz Khalifa - Hello Freestyle - HipHopEarly t
Young Thug - Serious - HipHopEarly t
Big Cuz x Forgiato Blow - Outta Body
(DIRTY) [Prod. By Beat Attikz]
Campaign Dirty Prod x DJ Plugg
Big Cuz x Marcko - Trap House
Smiles Official - Been Trappin
Smileyface - Fallen out the sky (prod By track)
Lil Tommy - I Get It In (Explicit Version)
K Justice ft Janet Marerro - Get This Money
Jaquae - My Pieces Hittin
Mykko Montana The one Ft BZo
Prophit - Just The Cash
Decatur Redd - Trap Holiday Main
DeeQuincy Gates - Wrong Number
Sosay - New Orleanin
Da Da - Wat U Mean (Aye Aye)
Ro Nasty feat Movie Malice x City T - Finesse Dat Pack-2
Genius Ft. Felipe, Hoodrich Pablo Juan- I Know What To Do
Future- Inside The Mattress
Migos- WOA
K Camp- Jugg Foreal
Truez- What Dey Mad Fo
2 Chainz Ft. Lil Wayne- Back On The Bullshyt
Cap - UShareHer
Mikey Jay- Actavision
TK-N-Cash Ft. Young Thug- Money On Money
PeeWee LongWay Ft. Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J- Jackie Tan
Maceo- MCM Bag
RJ Da Youngin- Rich Dixk
Future- Never Forget
LNM Ft. M.e Da Great- Dope Boy Money
Ty Dolla Ft. iLoveMakonnen- Real
HDRo- Bet I Hit
Remy Boy Monty Ft Fetty Wap- Not Poppin
Lil Wayne- Cry Out (Amen)
Miguel- Waves
Sonny Digital- On It
Chris Cap-U Got It(Ft.Jeremih)
Lil George-Thinking Bout You(Ft.Ray J)
Elijah Blake-Forget You
K. Michelle-Not A Little Bit
Tank-I Love Ya(Ft.Yo Gotti)
BJ The Chicago Kid-Love Inside(Ft.Isabella)
Ryan Leslie-Plans
Gloria Prince-Right There
Tank-She Wit The Shit(Ft.Rich Homie Quan)
Majid Jordan-My Love(Ft.Drake)
Kirko Bangz - Codeine
Kevin Gates-Jam(Ft.Trey Songz, Ty Dolla & Jamie Foxx)
Usher-Freak (Bring It Out Of Me)(Ft.Ty Dolla )
Tinashe-Energy(Juicy J)
Chris Brown-Whos Gonna(Nobody)(Remix)(Ft.Keith Sweat)
Jacquees-Ex Games
Trey Songz-2 Girls(Ft.Jowynalex)
Miguel-Waves(Remix)(Ft.Travi$ Scott)
AngelGold-No No No(Ft.Ty Dolla ,TeeCee & Big TC)
Rihanna-Needed Me
Elijah Blake-Zonin
Ty Dolla -Wavy(Ft.Joe Moses)
Jonn Hart-All Them Rumors True
Kid Ink-Rounds(Ft.Jeremih & Fabolous)
JR Castro-Get Home(Blazita Mix)(Ft.Kid Ink & Migos)
Alexis Ayaana-You Mad(Ft.Lil Debbie)
Jake&Papa-Make Em Say(Ft.Jay )
Rich The Kid-Plug
Volcanic Da Don Ft Young Scooter-CoCaine
Future-Perkys Callin
Lil Durk-Drug Party
Meek Mill-Im Da Plug
Remy Ma Ft Yo Gotti,Rick Ross-Hands Down
Meek Mill-FBH
YG Ft Slim-Goapele
Colonel Loud Ft T.I,Young Dolph,Rico Barinno-California
Cent Ft Post Malone-Tryna Fuck Me Over
Migos-Plan B
Post Malone-White Iverson
Post Malone Ft French Montana, Rae Sremmurd -White Iverson(Rmx)
Migos-Hoe On A Mission
DJ Esco & Metro Boomin - Inside the Mattress (feat. Future)
Jeezy - Hustlaz Holiday
Lil Boosie - Blood On My Hands (Ft. Young Moose )
O.T. Genasis - Cut It (Ft. Young Dolph)
Ty Dolla - One Thing
2 Chainz - Neighborhood
Drake & Future - Big Rings
Migos - Pipe It Up
Jeezy - Gold Bottles
Jhonni Blaze - Ride Or Die (Ft. Fetty Wap)
Young Thug - Pull Up on a Kid
Young Jeezy - Church in These Streets
Jose Guapo - Run It Up (Feat. Takeoff & YFN Lucci)
Nipsey Hussle - U See Us
Young Dolph - Whats Poppin
Chella H - High as fuck
Migos - Trippin
Drake & Future - Digital Dash
Young Dolph - Down South Hustlaz (Feat. Slim Thug & Paul Wall)
Pooca Leroy - Step Up
Vixxen - Becoming Of Vixxen(OFFICIAL TRACK)(PRO BY FOA)
Vixxen - Dedicated(OFFICIAL TRACK)(PRO BY FOA)
Vixxen - Finally Free(Exclusive Freestyle)(PRO BY FOA)
Vixxen - Gave Me An Angel(OFFICIAL TRACK)(PRO BY FOA)
Vixxen - Keep It There(OFFICIAL TRACK)(PRO BY FOA)
Vixxen - Money Power Respect(FREESTYLE TRACK)(PRO BY FOA)
Vixxen - Lighters In Tha Air(Dark World)(OFFICIAL TRACK)(PRO BY FOA)
Vixxen - Vicious- We Are So Fuckin Bout It ft Vixxen (We Bring It Back)(EXCLUSIVE(PRO BY LMG)
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