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17.11.2018 Daily Update Tech House November new chart 2018 PART-4

17.11.2018 Daily Update Tech House November new chart 2018 PART-4

17.11.2018 Daily Update Tech House November new chart 2018 PART-4
Alec Troniq - Berzerk (Tobi Kramer Remix)
Bongo Beat - Aphone
Christian Tibor - Let'Scho Body (Let'scho Groove)
Danniel Selfmade - Origenes
David Aurel - Shut Up
David Phillips - Girls Wanna Grab Me
Ilary Montanari - Mi Casa Es Tu Casa
Johnny Davison - Disorder
Klangkuenstler - Pfötchentango (Endlich Sommer Mix)
Lucio Grandi - Red Heels
Lui- & Arialdo;Lui-;Arialdo - Deeepeeer (DJ Fronter Remix)
Manni - Come On
Mara Tone - Energy
Mark Evemport - Robot
Pacho & Pepo;Pacho;Pepo - Voices
Ray Okpara - Tough Flang
Romano Alfieri - Brain Grinder
Stefano Greppi - Nightbet
Stefano Noferini - Extramelody
The Deepshackerz & Luca Lento;The Deepshackerz;Luca Lento - Sourn
Trobath - Funcional
Yuko - Grey Alley
Audax - Flying
BWAXX, Sarah Roston - Running to Me (Extended Mix)
Croatia Squad - Café Brasil
Dave202 & Angelika Vee - Outta Mind
Falko Niestolik - Believe
Gil Glaze, Madi Rindge - Naked (Ambrose Henri Remix Edit)
Gino G - Ibiza After Season (Continuous DJ Mix)
Gino G - Let You Go
Jolyon Petch - Make a Move
KerZe - Infra
Leventina - Grenoble 2k18
Lika Morgan - Go with the Flow
Mario Milano - Ethnic
Nora En Pure - Branches
Robert Burian - Too Long
Scotty Boy - Closer
Simon Fava & Federico Scavo - La Gota Fria
Stanley Ross - No Summer Without Rain
Trilllion - Magic Stick
Xenia Ghali - Stick Around (Playinfields Remix Edit)
Yvvan Back & BigNoise - High Love
CoreSolo - UnderGroove.flac
DJ Nox - I Can See (Murciano Remix).flac
Dub Tiger - Offweek.flac
Groove Hertz - Feeling of Happiness.flac
Huma-Noyd - Last One.flac
Jonathan Calvo - Animista.flac
Level Groove - Dynamic.flac
LNZT - Fallen.flac
Mattia Musella - Gimme That.flac
Miguel Matoz - Deriva.flac
Plastiks - That Fire.flac
Rod Tha Funk - One (Hugo Villanova Remix).flac
Rogerio Ribeiro - 24 Hours.flac
Tania Pascoal - 25th of April.flac
Vany Ardin - Close Your Eyes.flac
XL Garcia - The Switcher.flac
Beth Lydi - Spilled Beans (Original Mix)
KC Wray - Wiggidy Whack (Original Mix)
Lubelski - Just Business (Original Mix)
Ucha - Carpediem (Original Mix)
5prite - Fonkey Trash (Original Mix)
5prite - Ytoob (Original Mix)
Alex Twitchy - Saw In My Track (Original Mix)
Andruss, Jean Bacarreza - Wanna Hum Hum (Original Mix)
ANOTR - Futur (Original Mix)
AWSI - Oddyssey.flac
AWSI - Space Time Fabric.flac
Bastien Groove & Alexandro G - Guataqui.flac
Bastien Groove & Alexandro G - La Playa.flac
Ben Hoo - Creek.flac
Ben Hoo - Derivative.flac
Ben Hoo - San Geronimo.flac
Br!tch - Fallout (Original Mix)
Br!tch - Get It (Original Mix)
Br!tch - Somewhere (Original Mix)
Bryce - Armonia.flac
Bryce - Callisto.flac
Bryce - Home.flac
Bryce - Nos 00624 (Bryce Remix).flac
Bryce - Poesia.flac
Bryce - Rosas.flac
Carlos A - Rainy Day (Andres Blows Remix).flac
Carlos A - Rainy Day (Fhaken Remix).flac
Carlos A - Rainy Day (Original Mix).flac
Cele - Get Down (Ian Ludvig Remix)
Cele - Get Down (Original Mix)
Cele - West Coast (Original Mix)
Charming Horses - King Of My Castle (Original Mix)
Chicks Luv Us - Insoumise (Original Mix).flac
Chicks Luv Us - Let's Go Head Up (Original Mix).flac
Click Box - Unknown Pleasure (Francesco Romano, Manu P Remix).flac
Click Box - Unknown Pleasure (MA.L.D.I.N., Joot Remix).flac
Click Box - Unknown Pleasure.flac
Cloonee - Gospel (Original Mix)
Cloonee - Gospel (Prok & Fitch Remix)
Cloonee - I See You (Original Mix)
Cris Cobeña - El Miedo.flac
Cris Cobeña - THC & LSD.flac
Cris Cobeña - U & Mi' (Bad Touch, Pt. ll).flac
Dakar - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)
Dakar - Until The Day Feat. Dajae (Original Mix)
Dario D Attis Markus Homm - You Got It Danny Serrano Remix
Dario D Attis Markus Homm - You Got It Original Mix
DJ Wady & MoonDark - No One Cares (Original Mix)
Dust Yard - Celest (Vril Remix).flac
Dust Yard - Celest.flac
Dust Yard - Lux (S.A.M. Reshape).flac
Dust Yard - Lux.flac
Eli Brown, Mason Maynard - It Ain't Easy (Original Mix)
Eli Brown, Mason Maynard - Touch Me (Original Mix)
Gianni Firmaio - Dominio (Original Mix)
Gioseph - I Am Deep (Original Mix).flac
Gioseph - Transparent (Original Mix).flac
Gioseph - Warehouse (Original Mix).flac
Gorge - Don't Stop (Original Mix)
Gorge - We Start Again (Original Mix)
HearThuG - I Wanna Get Q-Tipped (Original Mix)
Huxley, Lee Walker - Procreate (Original Mix)
Italoboyz, Blind Minded - Contepomi (Los Pastores Remix)
Italoboyz, Blind Minded - Contepomi (Original Mix)
Italoboyz, Blind Minded - Garaganka (Original Mix)
Joyce Muniz - 39 Degrees (Original Mix)
Joyce Muniz - Get 'em (Original Mix)
Joyce Muniz - Morning Stories (Original Mix)
Kamorah - Others Places (Original Mix)
Kamorah - Standing Section (Original Mix)
La Fleur - Rooned (Original Mix)
Last Knight - Remember
Liya Fran,WilyamDeLove - I'll Be There (Original Mix).flac
Liya Fran,WilyamDeLove - Move Bitch (Original Mix).flac
Manu Fuentes - Don Breaker (Original Mix)
Manu Fuentes - Elixyr (Original Mix)
Manu Fuentes - Poison Bass (Original Mix)
Marco Strous - Bust (Original Mix)
Mark Knight & Danny Howard - Playing With My Heart (Original Mix)
Mark Knight & Danny Howard - You Can Do It Baby (Original Mix)
marthey & Sven Jaeger - Isolation.flac
marthey & Sven Jaeger - Pinwheel.flac
Mason Maynard, Green Velvet - Got This (Original Mix)
Matthix - Atmosphere (Dark Mate, Ahmed Yasser Remix).flac
Matthix - Atmosphere.flac
Matthix - Never Personal (Steve Kelley Remix).flac
Matthix - Never Personal.flac
Mennie - Hollow (Original Mix)
Mennie - Intergalactic (Original Mix)
Mennie - Planetary (Original Mix)
Minor To Major - Cycles (Dim Section Remix).flac
Minor To Major - Cycles (Original Mix).flac
Minor To Major - Difracction (Original Mix).flac
Minor To Major - Side by Side (Original Mix).flac
Minor To Major - Signal (Original Mix).flac
Minor To Major - The Hum (Original Mix).flac
Mirel - Agale (Original Mix).flac
Mirel - Alune (Original Mix).flac
MKJAY - Death Scene (Original Mix)
MKJAY, Sterium - Isso Aqui (Original Mix)
MKJAY, Sterium - Okay Obey (Original Mix)
Mr. Jones - Ethics (Original Mix)
Mr. Jones - Ethics (The Advent - Detroit Remix)
Mr. Jones - Ethics (The Advent - Late Night Remix)
Mr. Jones - Ethics (The Advent - The Main Remix)
Mr. Jones - Identity (Original Mix)
Mr. Jones - Magic Poison (Original Mix)
Mr. Jones - MCC (Motor Cycle Club) (Original Mix)
Narda, Senno - Dizaya (Original Mix)
Narda, Senno - Metak (Original Mix)
Narda, Senno - Retrovizor (Original Mix)
Ordinary Subject - No Return.flac
Ordinary Subject - Off Balance.flac
Ordinary Subject - Tipping Point.flac
Paul Sirrell - Music For The People (Original Mix)
QuiQui - Inflammation
QuiQui - Pellestrina Wood (Cliff De Zoete Remix)
QuiQui - Pellestrina Wood (Paul Vervoort Remix)
QuiQui - Pellestrina Wood
S-Man & Roog - Da Beat (Mihalis Safras Remix)
S-Man & Roog - Da Beat (Original Mix)
Scoper & Bubba - Don't You Know (Original Mix).flac
Scoper & Bubba - Don't You Know (T-Bone Remix).flac
Scoper & Bubba - To Touch me (Jordan Remix).flac
Scoper & Bubba - To Touch Me (Original Mix).flac
Severija - Zu Asche, Zu Staub (Solomun Remix) (Original Mix)
Shuksan - It's Time (Original)
Sven Jaeger & marthey - Isolation (Christian Burkhardt Remix).flac
SVTSLV - Crystal Unicorn
SVTSLV - Magnetic Witch
SVTSLV - Sad Fairy
The Revelers - Back2Back (Original Mix).flac
The Revelers - Feel (Original Mix).flac
Unknown - A Homage To Frankfurt – Farmacia.flac
VDH - All Aboard.flac
VDH - Lose Yourself.flac
WilyamDeLove,Liya Fran - B.A.B.Y (Original Mix).flac
WilyamDeLove,Liya Fran - Dont Stop 33 (Original Mix).flac
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