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19.11.2018 Daily Update Tech House November new chart tracks and albums 2018 PART-4

19.11.2018 Daily Update Tech House November new chart tracks and album

19.11.2018 Daily Update Tech House November new chart tracks and albums 2018 PART-4
Abdel Karim - Happy Popcorn (Original Mix)
AIO, Gotterscheisse - Fake Fucker (Aio Remix)
Alberto Cristian, Dubphone - In and Out (Original Mix)
Alessandro Diruggiero, Diego Lima, Rone White - Fame Award (Rock & Roll Mix)
Alex Neza - Mexicalis
Alex Twitchy - Saw In My Track
Alex Wellmann - Charlie! My Man (Original Mix)
Alex Wellmann - Footsteps (Original Mix)
Alex Wellmann - Goodbye! Okey (Original Mix)
Alex Wellmann - Move Your Body (Original Mix)
Alex Wellmann - No Disco (Original Mix)
Alex Wellmann - UK Out Here (Original Mix)
Alixander Raczkowski - For You (Original Mix)
Alixander Raczkowski - Richish (Original Mix)
Allen(IT) - Check Yourself (Original Mix)
Allen(IT) - Delicius (Original Mix)
Allen(IT) - Hausse (Original Mix)
Allen(IT) - Runnin' Roll (Original Mix)
An-Beat - The Noise (Original Mix)
Anartist - Buenos Dias Tulum (Original Mix)
Anartist - High in the Sky (Original Mix)
Andre Salmon, Cristhian Balcazar - Dussome (Original Mix)
Andre Salmon, Dave Sanz - Dave XX (Original Mix)
Andre Salmon, Jonny Cruz - Funny Things (Original Mix)
Andrea Giungo - Hot Head (Original Mix)
Anton Jay - Bass Live (Original Mix)
Anton Jay - Take One (Original Mix)
Axel Bartsch - Beyond Darkness (Metodi Hristov & Shosho Remix)
Bass Side - Human True (Original Mix)
Bass Side - Untitled (Original Mix)
Between Ourselves - Guidance
Between Ourselves - Red Mist (Andre Lodeman Edit)
Between Ourselves - Red Mist (Ruede Hagelstein's Boost Cut)
Blacktron - 32 Km
Blurt & Early - Get You (Original Mix)
Blurt & Early - How Much Freak You Got (Original Mix)
Boby Samples - Hipnotik Sounds (Alberto Costas Remix)
Bultech - Lowe Away (Original Mix)
Bultech - Rango (Original Mix)
Camilo Do Santos, Daniel Moreno - Just It's Over (Piaab Remix)
Camilo Zampini - Bassline (Original Mix)
Camilo Zampini - First Time (Original Mix)
Carlo Caldareri - Forty Ounce (Original Mix)
Carlo Caldareri - This Is Groovy (Original Mix)
Carlo Caldareri - What You Wanna Do (Original Mix)
Casmalia - Psychotropic (DJ Susan Remix)
Casmalia - Psychotropic (Mitch Dodge Remix)
Casmalia - Psychotropic (Original Mix)
Casmalia - Taking Flight (Original Mix)
Charlie V, Guto Fernandez - Should (Guto Fernandez Remix)
Cheise, trecut - Marimba (Original Mix)
Classmatic - Consciousness
Cosmin Horatiu - Explorer (Original Mix)
D3W - Out My Face (Original Mix)
D3W - Twisted (Original Mix)
Diego Lima - Jump'2beat (Original Mix)
Dj Fronter - Saved
DJ Karl Cotbrum - Out Of Mind (Mario Zetter Remix)
DJ Marika - Go (Original Mix)
DJ PP - Groove You (Format B Remix)
Domenico Mastandrea, Marco Corcella - Like It (Original Mix)
Duck Sandoval - Aquilles (Original Mix)
Duck Sandoval - Orpheus (Original Mix)
Dusmo - La Plage (Original Mix)
Echonomist - Perasma (Chaim & Jenia Tarsol Remix)
eCost - Airplane (Original mix)
eCost - Ask Me (Original mix)
eCost - Be Alive (Original mix)
eCost - Better Follow (Original mix)
eCost - Resonate (Original mix)
eCost - Time To Work (Original mix)
Elia Tessari - Acid Soup (Original Mix)
Elia Tessari - Afro Soul (Original Mix)
EMABEAT - Get Out All (Original Mix)
Filip Szostak, Cles - Mad Jazz (Original Mix)
Fluida - Even (Original Mix)
Fluida - Lucid (Original Mix)
Fluida - Tongue Tab (Original Mix)
Franklyn Watts - Can't Take It (Original Mix)
Franklyn Watts - Dip feat Sophiegrophy (Original Mix)
Franksen, Rafa Zoe - Swell (Patrick Kunkel Remix)
Gavrilovich - 030 (Original Mix)
Gavrilovich - 031 (Original Mix)
Gettoblaster & Missy - 4am
Gianni Firmaio - All Stars (Original Mix)
Gianni Firmaio - Baked Bread (Original Mix)
Gianni Firmaio - Off Sync (Original Mix)
Gianni Firmaio - Run J (Original Mix)
Grasso & Maxim - Ipanema (Sean Random Remix)
GruuvElement's - Work for Good
Gussy (OG) - Speak The Truth (Original Mix)
Hector Bello - Pump It Up (Original Mix)
Hira - Save My Jack (Original Mix)
Hutchy - The Goner (Original Mix)
ILyes, Sichuan - Homie Therapy (Original Mix)
Jack N Danny - Anderson Silva (Original Mix)
Jaime Soeiro - Exciting Bass (Original Mix)
James Dexter - Audio Slave (Denney Remix)
Joe Red, Oscar Mula - Way Out (Original Mix)
Julian Montenegro - Houseton (Original Mix)
Julie McDermott - Don't Go (Roger That Remix)
Kalypso - Wake Up (Original Mix)
Karsten Sollors - Gangsta Boogie
Kevin Corral - Heavyweight (Original Mix)
Kito El Diablo - Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)
Kito El Diablo - Blackclap (Original Mix)
Kito El Diablo - Sea Lion (Original Mix)
Lex Luca - Call Me (Felipe Fella Remix)
Lex Luca - Control Ya (Harry Romero Remix)
Lex Luca - High Fashion (Lex Luca Terrace Mix)
Lissat & Voltaxx - Hold Me Close (Konstantin Yoodza Remix)
Lorenzo Trapani - Huston (Original Mix)
Lorna - Jackin Jump Flash (Original Mix)
Luca M, JUST2 - Acid Ghetto (Original Mix)
Luca M, JUST2 - Restore (Original Mix)
Mac Dephoner - Dark Hall
Macs Cortella - Groove It (Original Mix)
Macs Cortella - Shake It (Original Mix)
Marco Corcella, Andrea Falsone - Everybody (Original Mix)
Mark Knight, Danny Howard - Playing With My Heart (Original Mix)
Mark Knight, Danny Howard - You Can Do It Baby (Original Mix)
Mark'o Musto - Janara (Original Mix)
Masters On Vacation - This Is Real (Original Mix)
Max Muller - Enjoy the Groove (Original Mix)
Mij Mack, Piers Baillie - Deep Down (Original Mix)
Minitronik, Matke - Congo (Original Mix)
Mr Jimmy H - Can't Stop (Original Mix)
Mr. Lekka - Catcall (Original Mix)
Mr. Lekka - Ohhh Lord (Original Mix)
Nader Razdar - She's a Tramp (Original Mix)
Oden, FATZO - I Lost My Keys (Original Mix)
Piem - On The Run (Original Mix)
Piem - Pleasure (Original Mix)
Piem - Popping Up (Original Mix)
Pinco - Rush (Original Mix)
Pirate Copy, Iglesias - Copicat (Original Mix)
Pirate Copy, Max Chapman - Call The Police (Original Mix)
Pirate Copy, Pax - Disco Deal (Original Mix)
Pirupa, Ninho - Bass Bomb (Original Mix)
Pirupa, Ninho - Full Body Shakes (Original Mix)
Pirupa, Ninho - Sensation (Original Mix)
Pirupa, Ninho - Wanna House (Original Mix)
Prok & Fitch - Machines (Original Mix)
Prok & Fitch - My Move (Original Mix)
Rafa Barrios - Broend (Original Mix)
Rafa Barrios, Matt Sassari - Flipflop (Original Mix)
Rafael Manga - Bring The House Down (Original Mix)
Ray Mono - Equanimity
Ray Mono - Full Measure
Ray Mono - Horizons
Ray Mono - It's Never Over
Reblok - Instapose (Original Mix)
Reblok - They Just Talkin' (Original Mix)
Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero - Not Good (Original Mix)
Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero, Last Vision - Fish & Chips (Original Mix)
Roog & Leon Benesty - Firebaby
Sasha, La Fleur - Forbindelse (Original Mix)
Sebastian Reza - Zahara
Sonickraft - Keeps on Getting Better (Original Mix)
Stacy Kidd - Deflection
Stefano Zaninelli - Figueretas
Tobi Kramer - Once Upon A Time In NYC (Original Mix)
Tobi Kramer - Topless (Original Mix)
Tolstoi, Andsan - Walls (Original Mix)
Uri Mood - Got NYC (Original Mix)
Waitz - Bad Boy (Original Mix)
Walker & Royce, Sophiegrophy - All For the Gram (Extended)
Yamil - Tagomano (Original Mix)
Yamil - Tagomano (Peter Makto & Gregor S Remix)
Zolbaran - Lineas de Nazca (Original Mix)
Zolbaran - The Droveway (Original Mix)
Zolbaran - Trust (Original Mix)
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