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21.03.2018 Daily Update House, Future House PART-3

21.03.2018 Daily Update House, Future House PART-3

Fidget House, Bass Music 2018 mp3 for Djs
AC Slater, Herve, Purple Velvet Curtains - Misfits (Sinden Remix)
AC Slater, Jamakabi - Big Riddim (Riddim Commission Remix)
AC Slater, Shoffy - Taking Off (Jay Robinson Remix)
AC Slater, Tchami, Rome Fortune - Dealer (Petey Clicks Remix)
Antoine Delvig & Felicity - Jack That Body
Borgore feat. Bella Thorne - Salad Dressing (Elvice Remix) 
Dario Rodriguez & Dycos - Blackbox
Destructo x GTA x Wuki - Party Up (Birthdayy Partyy Flip)
Holy Goof & Flava D - Takeover (feat. Dread MC)
JERO - Hau5
Magnus - Move your Body (Original Mix)
New Northern - Get Down
Tellur - Against Everyone
Toby Green feat. Kris Kiss - Beyond Mars (Club Mix)
Toby Green feat. Kris Kiss - Beyond Mars
16 Files; 135,115 MB

House, Classic, Jackin House, Future House 2018
Alex DiscoMan - Miss You
DBow - Creme De La Creme
DBow - Realhousemusic!
DBow - Rely On Me
DeRobert & The Half Truths - Judgement (Part 1)
Funk The Beat - Funky City
Hey Jack - Ha Ha
Hey Jack - MYB2
Kamal - Feel It
Kamal - Inspired By U
Kamal - Just An Idea
Kamal - Runway
Lawrence Olridge - They Just Look
Luke Million feat Fluir - Alive (James Curd Remix)
Luke Million feat Fluir - Alive (Sammy Bananas Remix)
Luke Million feat Fluir - Alive (Slow Poke Remix)
Luke Million feat Fluir - Alive
Pc Pat & Claud Santo - Hello Chicago Hello
Peppe Santangelo - Dance Of The Mind
Peppe Santangelo - Heartbeat
Piem, Iban Montoro, Jazzman Wax - Lovin'
Rick Marshall - The Big Thing
Rude Boyz - Miracles
Tom Da Lips - Pacific State
Twism & B3RAO - Let Me Down Easy
Wikett - Colbat
Wikett - On The Rhodes
Wikett - Rue Faidherbe
Arefiev - Super Mario (Original Mix)
Asketa - Forever (Original Mix)
Borgeous - Making Me Feel
Brooks, David Guetta, Martin Garrix - Like I Do (Extended)
Cablo Pescobar - Everybody Knews (Original Mix)
Cablo Pescobar - Get Down (Original Mix)
Cablo Pescobar - Insomniac (Original Mix)
Calippo Vs. Don Diablo - Good For You Vs. You Can't Change Me (Art1 Mashup)
Croatia Squad, Lika Morgan - Make Your Move (Kharmelo Remix)
Dallerium - Need U (Extened Mix)
Dallerium - Need U (Original Mix)
Deekey - Solo Beat
Dexxx Gum - Honey (Original Mix)
Dexxx Gum - Keep On (Original Mix)
Dexxx Gum - Red Socks (Original Mix)
Diamn - Hypnotize (Original Club Mix)
DUAL CHANNELS - Changes (Original Club Mix)
Firebeatz, Peppermint - Everything feat Aidan O'Brien (Extended Mix)
FOLLK, Animalls - Get Down (Original Mix)
Frey - The Sleaziest (Bacca Remix)
iPunkz - In Da Pump (Original Mix)
Justluke, Madskies - Stranger (Original Mix)
Kenzo, Flowavez - Back & Forth (Original Mix)
Lanna B - Hollywood Swingers (Extended Mix)
Lavelle Dupree - Git Your Hands Up (Original Club Mix)
LAXX - Fake Friends (Extended Mix)
Martin Garrix, Troye Sivan - There For You (Dzeko Instrumental Remix)
Mike Molino x Gordon & Doyle - The Way We Do It (Extended Mix)
Mordkey - Mon bébé d'Amour (Original Mix)
Nick Fox & Hard Lights & Gummy Kid - Coming Down
not loud enough - Deep in the Streets (Original Mix)
Pation - I Need You (Extended Mix)
Platinum Doug - Don't Stop It (Original Club Mix)
Prophane, Rollerz - Stopper (Original Club Mix)
Sagan - Need You Too
Selva, Zerky - Make Me Wanna (VINNE Remix)
Shiftwell - Take Me (Radio Edit)
Thee Cool Cats - G Stack (Original Club Mix)
XCRPT - Bring Em (Extended Mix)
Adri Block - Party Hardy (Original Mix)
Adri Block - Party Hardy
Angelo Ferreri - A Special Day (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Baby OOOH! (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Because It's For Me (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Big Fun (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Can't Get Enough (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Change My Skin (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Children In Love (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Choose The Moovie (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Coming After U (Angelo Ferreri remix)
Angelo Ferreri - Credits (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Dafne (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Does Me (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Don't Walk (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - End Of Street (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Everybody's Funk (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Feel Like Getting Down (Angelo Ferreri remix)
Angelo Ferreri - First Question (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Get It (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Get Press (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Got A Woman (Angelo Ferreri remix)
Angelo Ferreri - He Needs You (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Houseless (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Housettone (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - I Wanna Party (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - I'm Surprise (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Jamaica Funk (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Job Created (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Let's Break (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Lonely Ghost (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Magic Rhodes (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Man In Soul (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - More People 'In Many Ways' ('Explicit' mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Mr. Trammps (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - MuSeek (original 'Madness' mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Needle On The Record (Angelo Ferreri 'Dub' remix)
Angelo Ferreri - No Mame (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - One Dollar (Angelo Ferreri remix)
Angelo Ferreri - Piano Forte (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Right Now (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Rock It (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Santiago (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Saxeggiare (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - So Hard (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Stop To Do It (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Thank You, Will Be Loved (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - That DJ Made My Day (Angelo Ferreri 'Groove Insane' mix)
Angelo Ferreri - That Funky Music (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - That Soul (original 'Super' mix)
Angelo Ferreri - That's The Way (Angelo Ferreri remix)
Angelo Ferreri - The Rule (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - To Have The Music (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Tosca (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Trouble (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Umana (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Wanna Dance Dirty Disco (Angelo Ferreri 'Jackin Dope' mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Want To Say
Angelo Ferreri - What The Fuck (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - When I See You (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - Will Be Changed (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - You Can Do (original mix)
Angelo Ferreri - You Give Me (original mix)
Ant LaRock - The Whip
Arturo Garces - Back It Up
Arturo Garces - Breakin' Bread
Arturo Garces - Catch Me
Arturo Garces - Dreams
Arturo Garces - Foot Talk
Arturo Garces - Homebase
Audio Go, Out_Ctrl - Coockie Dough Dynamo (Original Mix)
Blake Tree - Bongo Party (Original Mix)
Brillstein - Gotta Clean The Music
Brillstein - Yo Watta Nite
CEV's - Lucid (Original Mix)
Cupcakes - Midnight Special
Demuir - Cess - Feels So High (So Good)
Disco Ball'z - Wave Gangz
Discoloverz - 100% (Original Mix)
Discoloverz - 100%
DJ Coker - Disco Triscit (Midnight Affair Remix)
DJ Coker - Disco Triscit (Original Mix)
Dj Csemak - Bounce Back (Original Mix)
DJ Rene - Hands Up (Original Mix)
DJ Romain - Get Your Bearings (Doc Link's Tight Grip Mix)
DJ Romain - Get Your Bearings (Ro's Original Mix)
El Funkador - Bailar en Silencio
El Funkador - Everybody
Fiorez - Give Me The Drum (Original Mix)
Fred Pellichero, Loors - My House (Antoine Delvig Rework)
Giorgio Rodgers - Feelin' The Heat (Dub Mix)
Giorgio Rodgers - Feelin' The Heat (Original Mix)
Giorgio Rodgers - Feelin' The Heat (Radio Mix)
Gregor Botteghi - Spin My Mind (Original Mix)
Hank Jay - Jazzy Vibes (Original Mix)
Henrique Said - Respect The Groove (Original Mix)
J Paul Getto - Say You Do
Jamie Berry - Sweet Rascal (Original Mix)
Jarred Gallo - New Laces
Jason Cheiron - Abokuta (Original Mix)
Kideko, George Kwali - All On Me (Extended Mix)
Leandro Da Silva - Yemanjà (Extended Mix)
Manjit, Leah - Number One (Original Mix)
Massivedrum - Prayer (Original Mix)
Middle Rhythm - Whole Lotta Lovin (Original Mix)
Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez - HEY FRANKLIN!
Milty Evans - Express Your Way
Mr Deep - Run It Down (Original Mix)
Norbit Housemaster - Baby Your My Life (Original Mix)
Petrus - Hybrid (Instrumental)
Petrus - Hybrid (Original Mix)
Pinto & Jesusdapnk - Get Up
Pinto & Seba Harper - Disco Light
Pinto - Be You
Pinto - If You Want Me To
Pinto - So Right
Reza, JJ Mullor - My Lovin (Original Mix)
Robb Swinga - You Should Know (feat Shea Doll)
Sean Finn, Luca Debonaire - Flip It (Away From Here) (Original Mix)
Softmal, soFLY - Thunderstruck (Original Mix)
Soledrifter - Thru The Night (Original Mix)
Sounderson - Energyze (Original Mix)
State Of Funk - The Love (DJ Fopp & Daniele Danieli Mix)
Umberto Lumber - Walk That Walk (Original Mix)
Veev - Vigneron (Original Mix)
104 BPM - Disconnected, The Observer (Original Mix)
104 BPM - Imvula (Dub Mix)
104 BPM - Imvula (Original Mix)
104 BPM - Mountains of Sichuan Province (Original Mix)
1200 Warriors - MF Digi (Mastiksoul Avangard Remix)
Aires Adora - Waited (Ron Carroll Afro Chicago Vibe)
Alain Hellion - Pow (Bedoy Remix)
Alain Hellion - Pow (Original Mix)
Alex Barattini, Dr.Feelx The Zulu Child - Love Respect (Club Mix)
Alex Kennon - Negative (Original Mix)
Alexander S. Karlov, Romeo Syrgi - Wicked Game (Twin Fingers Remix)
Amtrac, Anabel Englund - Old Times (Original Mix)
Ananda Project, Chris Brann, Heather Johnson - I Hear You Dreaming (Cee ElAssaad Remix)
Ancient Deep, Cry No Mas - These Bones
Ancient Deep, Cry No Más - These Bones (Original Mix)
Angelo Ferreri & Tete De La Course - See You Soon
Angelo Ferreri - I'm Talking To You
Angelo Ferreri - The Real Ghetto (extended mix)
Anhauser, Who Else - Looks Of Tribes (Original Mix)
Anthony K. - Three Chords Deepness (Black Ivory Mix)
Antonio Ocasio - Because I'm AFRO-Caribbean
Archelli Findz - Paradise Coming Down (Original Mix)
Aristofreeks, Next Step - Thinking of You (Full Intention Disco Dub Rework)
Arminoise  - Asya (Original Mix)
Arminoise - Toy World (Extended Mix)
Armless Kid - Henry Mancini
Arturo Garces - Magic
Aseity - Bass Jumper (Original Mix)
Aseity - Fetish (Original Mix)
Aseity - L Trane (Original Mix)
ATFC, David Penn - Hipcats (Extended Mix)
Atjazz - Track 10 (Mix 1)
Audio Bullys - The Scene (Hatcha & Smokey Bubblin B Instrumental Mix)
Audio Bullys - The Scene (Hatcha & Smokey Bubblin B Remix)
B'utiza, Hyenah - Usuthu (Mr Raoul K Remix)
Barbara - Deeply (Serendipity) (feat Luena) (Boxhead Remix)
Barbara - Deeply (Serendipity) (feat Luena) (Pressure & JC Remix)
Barrosso - Hypnoticed (Original Mix)
Baxter, Mason - Take A Chance feat Baxter (Original Mix)
Belinda Hoover - I Like That In You (Dub Version)
Bellaire - Hey Everybody
Betonkust, Palmbomen II - Onrust bij Tihange (Original Mix)
Biancco Buccaco - Unhurt (Forte Grosso Remix) 
Bicep - Metro (Original Mix)
Bicep - Opal (Four Tet Remix)
Big Shaq - Man's Not Hot (Original Mix)
Block & Crown - Give Me The Night (Original Mix)
Bola Belo, Dennis Ferrer - Dem People Go! (Mahoota House Afrika Remix)
Bone Project - Plex (Original Mix)
Bonetti, Urvin June, Anthony Carey - San Francisco (Original Mix)
Bonetti, Urvin June, Anthony Carey - San Francisco (Twin Peaks Mix)
Boss, Rodrigo Veiga - Dreams (Original Mix)
Boss, Rodrigo Veiga - Falling (Original Mix)
Boy Funktastic - Anillo Por 3
Boy Funktastic - Back
Boy Funktastic - Extrau
Boy Funktastic - I Whish
Boy Funktastic - Joven
Boy Funktastic - Parfait
Boy Funktastic - Past
Boy Funktastic - Polars
Boy Funktastic - Shack
Boy Funktastic - Start
Boy Funktastic - Touch Me
Boy Funktastic - Vacols
Boy Funktastic - Whit Dreams
Brain Masters - We Super Stylin (Original Mix)
Brillstein - Yo Watta Nite (Oliver Dollar Remix)
Bronx Cheer - All Alone (Original Mix)
Bronx Cheer - All Alone (Radio Edit)
Bronx Cheer - All Alone (Tim Nice Remix)
Brothinlaw - Funky Guitar (Original Mix)
Bruno Kauffmann - All Night Long (Original Mix)
Budda Sage - African Spirit (Original Mix)
Budda Sage - Chop Chop (Original Mix)
Budda Sage - Morning Mist (Original Mix)
Budda Sage - Mystic Andromeda (Original Mix)
Bufiman - Hymn to the Moonface (Break Mix)
CASSIMM - Feel Me (Original Mix)
Catchment - The Rapture (Linier Remix)
Catchment - The Rapture (The Golden Boy Remix)
Ceabaar Paul - Thando Lwam (ISO 1900 Afro Mix)
Ceabaar Paul - Thando Lwam (ISO 1900 Deeper Mix)
CEV's - Karma (Original Mix)
Chadash Cort, Alp3r - Slow Down feat Morena (Dusty & Funky Remix)
Chadash Cort, Alp3r - Slow Down feat Morena (Moonego Remix)
Chris Lawyer & Thomy - We Gonna Feel It (DjM 2011 Remix)
Chris Stussy & Bas Roos - Testing Me
Chriss DeVynal, Psy - The Heart Of Afrika (Soulful Mix)
Christos Fourkis - Camajera (Original Mix)
Christy Walder - Nearly Time (Jack Swaffer & Richey Profond Remix)
Claude Monnet, Francesco Tarantini - Bataclan (Original Mix)
D.O.N.S. & Game Chasers (featuring Alexandra Prince) - How Will I Know (Game Chasers Remix) 
D.O.N.S., Shahin & Styline (featuring Seany B) - Rollin' Deep  (Styline Remix) 
Daniel Rateuke - Marimbo
Dave Rose - My Life (Ellroy Clerk Remix)
Dazzle Drums - Depart From The Past (Afro Mix)
Dazzle Drums - Depart From The Past (Original Mix)
Deekey - Jump Up (Extended Mix)
Delegates feat. CiiCii - Nobody Else (Extended Mix)
Dennis Ferrer - Church Lady (Souldynamic Organ Dub)
Diego Rey - Needin U (Original Mix)
Division 4 - Can't Get You out of My Head (Mr Mig Extended Mix)
DJ Christopher - First Time (Original Mix)
DJ Erik Bo & Tony Will - Drum Generation
DJ Goozo, Jefer Maquin - Killer World (Original Mix)
DJ Mes - I Got Some (Original Mix)
DJ Mulu - Sengmusha (Original Mix)
Dj Native-SA - House (Original Mix)
DJ Phat Cat - God Is African
DJ Phat Cat - Let's Meet In China
DJ Phat Cat - Most Wanted
DJ Phat Cat, Dnizy - Bambelela
DJ Phat Cat, Nkagiseng - Hell No
DJ Phat Cat, Nonhlanhla - Get Up
DJ Phat Cat, Nonhlanhla - You Take My Breath Away
DJ Phat Cat, Nthabiseng, Kaygee Pitsong - You Broke My Heart (Kaygee Pitsong Remix)
DJ Phat Cat, Tsholo - Ngiyacela
Dj Pzet, Rico - Let's Talk About The Land (Radio Edit)
Dj Pzet, Rico - Let's Talk About The Land
DJ S.K.T - Bet You Can't (Extended Mix)
DJ W!LD - E Ai Francoa
Dominic Bullock - Freak 4 Music (Original Mix)
Don Ray Mad - Star, Turn, Dance & Love (Instrumental Mix)
Don Ray Mad - Star, Turn, Dance & Love (Original Mix)
Dropgun - Dark Sky (Extended Mix)
Duane Thamm Jr. - Jump Trax (111 BPM's To 125 BPM's)
Duane Thamm Jr. - Jump Trax (125 BPM's To 107 BPM's)
Dvine Soul, Drama - Last Night (Original)
East Village Heads - Free Girl
East Village Heads - Miss Treated
Eddie Feel, Mal'va - Beloved (Original Mix)
Einzelkind, Markus Fix - Mister HP (Original Mix)
Eli & Fur - Around You feat The Black 80s (OC & Verde Remix)
Emanuele Esposito - Let Me Take Your Soul (Original Mix)
Enea DJ & DJ Lukas Wolf - Chant 1 (instrumental mix)
Enea DJ & DJ Lukas Wolf - Chant 1 (original mix)
Epitome Resound - Massive Tremolo (Biblical Epitech Bless)
Epitome Resound - Massive Tremolo (Radio Edit)
Expanded Brother Project - In Da Club (Original Mix)
Expanded People - French (Original Mix)
Expanded People - Funky Data (Original Mix)
Expanded People - Music Box (Original Mix)
Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Classic Remix)
Felix Leiter - I Can Try
Feral - East Slope (Original Mix)
Feral - Reaching The Peak (Original Mix)
Feral - The Caves (Original Mix)
Feral - West Cliff (Original Mix)
Forced Voyage - You Tell Me That You Love Me (Original Mix)
Franck Roger - To Discover (Original Mix)
Franck Roger - Yabba (Original Mix)
Franky Rizardo - Call Upon Me (Original Mix)
Freddy Groover - Everybody Dance (Dancefloor Mix)
Freejak, Perfecto Allstarz - Reach Up (Extended Mix)
Freiboitar - So In Love
From P60, Lisa Shaw - Magic (Enoo Napa Instrumental)
From P60, Lisa Shaw - Magic (Enoo Napa Remix)
Funkatron - Boogie (Moon Rocket Remix)
Funkatron - Second Choice (Original Mix)
Funkerman - 50.000 Watts Of Funk
Funkerman - Lodi
Gabry Venus - Bongo Gongo (Extended Mix)
Galantis & Throttle - Tell Me You Love Me (Kideko Remix)
Gaston Vega - Extasis & Cocaine (Original Mix)
George FitzGerald - Burns
George FitzGerald - Frieda
George FitzGerald - Half Light + Tracey Thorn
George FitzGerald - Nobody But You + Hudson Scott
George FitzGerald - Outgrown + Bonobo
George FitzGerald - Passing Trains
George FitzGerald - Roll Back + Lil Silva
George FitzGerald - Siren Calls
George FitzGerald - The Echo Forgets
George FitzGerald - Two Moons Under
Ghosts Of Our Former Selves - Killers (Opolopo Remix)
Ghosts Of Our Former Selves - Killers (Radio Edit)
Ghosts Of Our Former Selves - Killers (Zwette Remix)
Goodma'En - 1847 Signals (Original Mix)
Goodma'En - Basement Yard (Original Mix)
Goodma'En - The Agressive Paradox (Goodma'En Dub)
Gorgon City - Motorola (Extended Mix)
Greg N Grandi - I Got U
Greg N Grandi - Make Me Wanna Holler
Greg Venezia - ID3 (Original Mix)
Greg Venezia - Lies (Original Mix)
Greg Venezia - Lines In The Sand (Original Mix)
GuiQ - Venetitian (Original Mix)
GUZ (NL), Simun - The Jam (Original Mix)
H@k - Deep Africa (Original Mix)
Hatiras - Bring The Funk Back (Original Mix)
Hazzaro - Let It Rain
HEYZ - Schedule 1
HEYZ - Schedule 2
HEYZ - Schedule 3
HP Vince - House Witness
HP Vince - How I Love You (Original Mix)
HUGO H. aka Hugo Hutchinson - Don't Leave This Love I Got (REMASTERED)
Huguenot - Destroyer (Original Mix)
Imperieux - Aritmetika (Original Mix)
Imperieux - Culture Mess (Original Mix)
Imperieux - Gen (Original Mix)
Imperieux - Talking To Myself (Raw Version)
Intruderz SA - Drum Vision
Intruderz SA - Lions Roar
Intruderz SA - Southern Beast
Intruderz SA - The Orphan
Jakob Trice - Ogien (Extended Mix)
Jamie Lewis, Michael Watford - It's Over (Dj Meme Remix)
JayClectic, Nina Simone - The Blackness (Doug Gomez Merecumbe instrumental Remix)
JayClectic, Nina Simone - The Blackness (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Remix)
Jayffe & Kalu - Use The Funk & Sing (Original Mix)
Jeronimo Roncati - I Like What You Doing (Original Mix)
Jeronimo Roncati - Keep On (Original Mix)
Jimpster, Laura Barrick - Ceilings (Original Mix)
Jiwa - Dance With Me (Coflo Afro Tech Remix)
Jiwa - Take Me Higher (Almost Acid Remix)
Jiwa - Take Me Higher (Jiwa On Acid Remix)
JL & Afterman - Everyday People (Original Mix) 
Joey Carlo - Good At Faking (Original Mix)
Joey O And Out Of Control - Nobody (Club Mix) (Mike Macharello Remix)
Julian Florent - I'm Movin' On (Extended Mix)
Jusa Dementor - African Herbs (Original Mix)
Jusa Dementor - Monkey's Tail (Original Mix)
Jusa Dementor - Zulu Rain (Original Mix)
Justin Prime - Forever (Extended Mix)
Kalubration - Don't Stop It (Original Mix)
Kerri Chandler - Nigerian Travel (Kaoz Drum)
Kevin McKay - Schoolyard Daze (Original Mix)
Kevin McKay - Time Keeps On Slipping (Original Mix)
Kevin McKay - Time Keeps On Slipping
Kevin McKay, Romanthony - Freaky Dancers (Alaia & Gallo Extended Remix)
Kevin McKay, Romanthony - Freaky Dancers (Extended Classic House Mix)
Kevin McKay, Romanthony - Freaky Dancers (Extended Mix)
Kevin McKay, Romanthony - Freaky Dancers (Vlada Asanin Extended Remix)
Kiki Doll - I Don't Wanna Be Lonely (Club Mix)
King Beku, Syd'K - The Hangova (Original Mix)
Klima Project - Gravity Material (Original Mix)
Klima Project - Rocamar (Original Mix)
Klima Project - The Hammond Dance (Original Mix)
Knight Action - D-Rail (Special Mix)
Knight Action - R-Trax (Special Mix)
Knight Action - R-Trax _ D-Rail feat Sedenia (Single Dance Mix)
Knight Action - Single Girl feat Sedenia (Instrumental)
Knight Action - Single Girl feat Sedenia (Vocal)
Kolombo & Branzei - You Drive Me Crazy
L'Tric - Why (Dj James Ingram Extended)
L'Tric - Why (Dj James Ingram Remix)
LadyK - Fetche (Original Mix)
Laminin Music, Tallone - Latitude (Original Mix)
Leela D, Worthy, option4 - Workin' (Kisch Remix)
London Fields - Colour To My Life (Christian B remix)
London Fields - Colour To My Life (Deeper The Fall remix)
London Fields - Colour To My Life (original mix)
London Fields - Colour To My Life (Rapson remix)
London Fields - Colour To My Life (Sonny Wharton Darkdancer dub)
Lorenzo - Get Deep
Lowton - We Are Tribal
Luan Henrique, Vibr'Z - I Said (Original Mix)
Lucky Vegas - Feeling (Original Mix)
Lucky Vegas - Superfunk (Original Mix)
Luis Leon - Haïta (Original Mix)
Lush & Simon - Feel So (Extended Mix)
M.Hustler, Discovery Culture - Telekines (Original Mix)
Mack Jack - Groove Fever (Original Mix)
Macphly - Reason I'd Run (Original Mix)
Man Go Funk - No Lie 
Man Without A Clue, Lee Wilson - Do You Dance (Extended Mix)
Man Without A Clue, Lee Wilson - Do You Dance (Instrumental Mix)
Man Without A Clue, Lee Wilson - Do You Dance (Instrumental)
Man Without A Clue, Lee Wilson - Do You Dance (Radio Edit)
Mani Lapussh, Bob Sinclar - Turn Me On (Africanism Presents)
Manjit, Leah - Number One (Jay Vegas Disco dub)
MarcaSA - Kasi Volt (Main Mix)
MarcaSA - Let Me Shine (Main Mix)
MarcaSA - Purity (Main Mix)
MarcaSA - Salute to Ext Deep (Tribute Kutlwano Bokaba)
Mario Bianco - My Soul Sacrifice (Dub Mix)
Mark Vox, WTDJ - Nothing's Gonna Be The Same (Lucky Vegas Remix)
Master Fale - Elijah _ Umhambi (Original Mix)
Master Fale - High Above (Original Mix)
Master Fale - Save The World (Original Mix)
Mata Jones, Alex Loco - My Dreams (Chicks Luv Us Remix)
Mata Jones, Alex Loco - My Dreams (Original Mix)
Mata Jones, Alex Loco - My Dreams (Qubiko Remix)
Mateo & Matos - Body-N-Soul (Original Mix )
Mateo & Matos - Release the Rhythm (George T.'s Unreleased Rhythm )
Matt Nash, Bout - You (Extended Mix)
Mauri Fly - Dreamer (Original Mix) 
Mauritzio - Close Your Eyes (Main Mix)
Mauritzio - Close Your Eyes (UltraMental Dub)
Maximals - Dont Know Where (Extended Mix)
Metrush - Upside Down (Extended Mix)
Michael Calfan - On You (Club Mix)
Midnite Heat - Dark Alley Lust (Original Mix)
Mike Tomaselli - Crazy Or Not (Instrumental)
Mike Tomaselli - Crazy Or Not Virgin (Original Mix)
Milldyke - Allnighters (Extended Mix)
Milldyke - Movin (Extended Mix)
Milldyke - Told U Once (Extended Mix)
Mita Mita - Lost in... (Original Mix)
Moby - Lift Me Up (Evokings Remix) 
Moon Disco (US) - On Da Block (Gil Aguilar 208 G'd Out Mix)
Moon Disco (US) - On Da Block
Moon Disco (US) - That's the Groove
Moon Rocket, Princess of Controversy - Do What You Do (Moon Rocket Rmx) 
Mosimann - Babtoo (Extended Mix)
Mr Danny & Juan Saez - Gramophonen (Coqui Selection Remix)
Mr Silk - Gong (dub mix)
Mr Silk - Gong (Main mix)
Mr. ID - Layalina feat Faycal Azizi (Original Mix)
Mr. ID - Layalina feat Faycal Azizi (Sobek Remix)
Mr. ID - Layalina feat Faycal Azizi (West & Hill Tribal Remix)
Møzaika - Taba Taba (Original Mix)
Nick Holder - Time Unlimited
Nick Holder - Trying To Find Myself
Nicola Brusegan - 29th Floor (Original Mix)
Nicola Brusegan - 35th Floor (Original Mix)
Niko Maxen - Delta (Original Mix)
Niko Maxen - Gamma (Original Mix)
Niko Maxen - Sigma (Original Mix)
Niko Maxen - Theta (Original Mix)
No Requests - Believe (Original Mix)
Nova Margem - Bad Mingota (Margem Remix)
Nova Margem - Sai Ngaxita (Acapella version)
Nova Margem - Sai Ngaxita
O'Hana - Hey Baby
Octopuz - Madoda (Afro Mix)
Octopuz, Peppe Citarella - Madoda (Peppe Citarella Afro Mix)
Oliver Nelson & Tobtok feat. River - 99 Red Balloons (CID Extended Mix)
Oliver Schories - Tagada (Original Mix)
Palmer Brown, Blaze - More Than Gold (Doug Gomez Deep South Merecumbe)
Paolo Marini Latin Jazz Combo - A Night in Tunisia
Paolo Marini Latin Jazz Combo - At Sunset
Paolo Marini Latin Jazz Combo - Endless Love
Paolo Marini Latin Jazz Combo - Good Morning World
Paolo Marini Latin Jazz Combo - Moanin'
Paolo Marini Latin Jazz Combo - Our Day Will Come
Paolo Marini Latin Jazz Combo - Overjoyed
Paolo Marini Latin Jazz Combo - Prince of Peace
Paolo Marini Latin Jazz Combo - Spain
Paolo Marini Latin Jazz Combo - There's Nothing Like This
Paolo Paleologo - Hard Working
Paolo Paleologo - Trap (Daz91 remix)
Paolo Paleologo - Trap (Old Skool mix)
Papa Tin, Sasha Goodman - Voll Assi (Original Mix)
PAWSA - The Magnet (Extended Mix)
PBR Streetgang - Late Night Party Line (Original Mix)
Peppe Citarella, Max Marinacci - Bouzouki (Afro Mix)
Peter K & Andrew M - Gyngo (Slicerboys Remix)
Phil Weeks - Born To Roll
Phil Weeks - Candela (DJ Sneak's Candelazo dub)
Phil Weeks - Make You Wet (feat DJ Red Eye)
Piem - I Wish (Jesus Nava Remix)
Prop & Ganda - Bigote
Prop & Ganda - Hora
Re.You, Floyd Lavine - Humanity (Original Mix)
Re.You, Floyd Lavine - Seamless (Original Mix)
Red D - Moan the Mania (Original Mix)
Redo Desyo - Here Comes the Drums (Afro Mix)
Reset Preset - I Can Read Your Mind (Original Mix)
Rey & Kjavik - Saraswati (Armonica Remix)
Rey & Kjavik - Saraswati (Tuff City Kids Remix)
Ricky Montanari - I Believe (007 Mix)
Ricky Montanari - I Believe (Original Mix)
Ricky Montanari - I Believe (Pasta Boys Mix)
Ricky Remedy, Bok Nero - Pain (Soul Eater) (Original Mix)
Right-O - First Time (Where It's ATT Remix)
Rise Ashen - Second Wave (Rise Ashen's Mix)
Rise Ashen - Second Wind (Patrick Dream Sax Dub)
Rise Ashen - Second Wind (Rise Ashen's Club Dub)
Robosonic, Ferreck Dawn - NINE TO PHIFE (Original Mix)
Roland Clark, Urban Soul - My Urban Soul (USG Urban Rydims)
Roman Rai - Perceptions of Delusion (Peter Pardeike Remix)
Rome in Reverse - All The Words
Rome in Reverse - Godspeed
Rome in Reverse - Grey
Rome in Reverse - Heavenly
Rome in Reverse - Love And Feelings
Rome in Reverse - Løvstræde
Rome in Reverse - Oceans
Rome in Reverse - Over The Same
Rome in Reverse - Petit Biscuit
Rome in Reverse - Polar Bear
Rome in Reverse - Soho
Rome in Reverse - Sunset Before Spring
Rome in Reverse - The Prestige
Roque - K.U.M.A.R (Original Mix)
Ruff Stuff - Balla
Ruff Stuff - Can't Help Myself
Ruff Stuff - Plastin Cring
RXXAN - High (extended Mix)
RXXAN - High (Rxxan Vip Remix)
Sagan - Need You Too
Saint Evo, Toshi - Ukhalelani
Saliva Commandos, Kelly Diniz - Promesa (Original Mix)
Samara Moni - Smooth Operator (Open Club Mix)
Sangabriel - Anyway (Original Mix)
Sebb Junior, LaTasha Conway - Never Be Alone (Extended Mix)
Seph Martin - Hit On You (Original Mix)
SGV - Firework (Original Mix)
So.young - Random (Original Mix)
So.young - Timekeeper (Original Mix)
So.young - Waves (Kirill Bagus Remix)
So.young - Waves (Original Mix)
Soljee - Karima (Original Mix)
Soljee - Nautilus (Original Mix)
Soul Rebels - I'll Be Good feat Lisa Millett (Dr Packer Remix)
Souxsoul, Aston Martinez, D'Argento - My Star (Club Mix)
Souxsoul, Aston Martinez, D'Argento - My Star (Instrumental Mix)
Space Dimension Controller - Hindsight '92 (Original Mix)
Stan Zeff - Afrik'Ami (Tambor Instrumental Mix)
Stan Zeff - Afrik'Ami (Tambor Vocal Mix)
Stefano Mastronardi - Private Space (Original Mix)
Stefano Ritteri - A Different Happiness (Original Mix)
Stephen Nicholls - Skies The Limit (AM2PM Remix)
Stephen Nicholls - Skies The Limit (Original Mix)
Stereo Mc's, Adam Port - Changes (Adam Port Remix)
Stereosoulz - Don't Go
Søren Laga - Crow Over
Søren Laga - Moving Light
Søren Laga - White Shadow
T. Mixwell, Candice Fliedner-Cuellar - Do For Me (NR Remix)
T. Mixwell, Candice Fliedner-Cuellar - Do For Me (NR's Deep For Me Mix)
T. Mixwell, Candice Fliedner-Cuellar - Do For Me (NR's Swing For Me Mix)
T. Mixwell, Candice Fliedner-Cuellar - Do For Me (Original Mix)
T. Mixwell, Candice Fliedner-Cuellar - Do For Me (Quake Mix)
Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura - Common Place
Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura - Directions
TBF - Can U Feel
The 2 Bears - London Are You There_ (Original Mix)
The Beatangers, Boogie Vice - Feel It
The Beatangers, Boogie Vice - Pleasure
The Checkup, Project89 - Feels So Good (Original Mix)
The Dopeheadz - Now I Got Edit
The Ghetto Boys, Terry Lex, Gianni N - House Delight (Crazibiza Remix)
The Unique - Get It 
TheDjLawyer - Stuttering (Original Mix)
Thirteenth, MokoiNoOnna - Varanassi (Vito Vulpetti Remix)
Tim Andresen - Everybody (Ben Macklin Remix)
Tim Andresen - Everybody
Tim Gartz & Nomi Bontegarde - Dive With Me (Extended Mix)
Toka Project - I Gotta Go
Tucillo, Kiko Navarro, Amor - Lovery (Braunbeck 030 Mix)
Twism, DJ Priszilla - I'm Gonna Feel It (The Superball Original Mix)
Undercolors - Cachemir (Original Mix)
Undercolors - Jetlag (Original Mix)
Undercolors - Rummaster (Original Mix)
Underground Mass - Hard Times (Dub)
Underground Mass - Hard Times (Vox)
Used Disco - Back To You (Extended Mix)
VDX - Barcelona (Original Mix)
Vedritunes - Spirit Tools (Original Mix)
Veja Vee Khali - Those Feelings
Veja Vee Khali - Walkabout
Vicari - Pascia
Vidaloca - More & More (Original Mix)
White Label Will - The Night (Original Mix)
WhoMadeWho - Goodbye To All I Know (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)
WhoMadeWho - Goodbye To All I Know (Fell Reis Night Remix)
WhoMadeWho - Goodbye To All I Know (Marvin & Guy Cosmica Remix)
WhoMadeWho - Goodbye To All I Know (Yuksek Remix)
WillowMan - The Same
Wilson Costa - Africa
XFX - Stoned on Love (James Finch's Energy Remix)
Yoheva - Eleknik (Original Mix)
658 Files; 8,810 GB

Resident Advisor Best New Techno February 2018
Actress - X22RME (Original Mix)
Amandra - Principe De Veracruz (Original Mix)
Ancient Methods - Born of Ashes (Original Mix)
Answer Code Request - knbn2 (Original Mix)
Antigone - Ostinato I (Original Mix)
ASC - Simplex (Original Mix)
ASC - Solar Reaction
Batu (UK) - Murmur (Original Mix)
Batu - Marius (Original Mix)
Blawan - 993 (Original Mix)
Blush Response - Serpentine
Bruce - Sweat (Original Mix)
Burnt Friedman - Monsun (Original Mix)
DB1 - Jona (Original Mix)
Diasiva - Neckbrace
Etapp Kyle - Source (Original Mix)
Fiedel - Substance B (Original Mix)
Floorplan - Let The Church
Forest Drive West - Jinx (Original Mix)
Galaxian - Daisy Cutter
Galaxian - Dosing The Population
Galaxian - Forget About It (Original Mix)
Giant Swan - IFTLOYL (Original Mix)
Inga Mauer - Dystopia
Jan Jelinek - Tendency
Lab Rat XL - Lab Rat 3
Laksa - Contrasts (Original Mix)
Lena Platonos - Lego (Avalon Emerson Version)
Liquid City Motors - Catalytic Convertor
Lucy - Group Format 5fg (Original Mix)
Minor Science - Volumes (Original Mix)
Mor Elian - Ruby
Mosca - Don't Take This the Wrong Way (Original Mix)
naturalelectronic.system. - Sicut Erat (Original Mix)
naturalelectronic.system. - Terrae Nullius (Original Mix)
Neel - Bassiani (Original Mix)
Nina Kraviz - Pochuvstvui (Original Mix)
Ninos Du Brasil - Animais Soar O Alarme (Patrick Russell Remix)
Nur Jaber - Weapons of Mass Destruction (Original Mix)
Objekt - Theme From Q
Ourea - Dysnomia (Original Mix)
Overmono - O-Coast (Original Mix)
Parris - Your Kiss Is Sour
Paula Temple, Rrose, Aïsha Devi, SØS Gunver Ryberg - DR2-3 (Original Mix)
Pearson Sound - Robin Chasing Butterflies (Original Mix)
Peder Mannerfelt - Stream of Time
Pharaoh - Landing (Original Mix)
Porter Ricks - Anguilla Electrica (Original Mix)
PTU - A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day (Original Mix)
Samuel Kerridge - Possession - Control
Sawlin - Motion Keeper (Original Mix)
Shawn Rudiman - Memory Pool
Skee Mask - Glass Museum (Original Mix)
Skee Mask - Inti
Special Request - Stairfoot Lane Bunker (Minor Science Remix)
Stanislav Tolkachev - Yes, Today (Original Mix)
Steffi - World Of The Waking State (Original Mix)
Talker - Battle Standard (Original Mix)
Terence Fixmer - Force (Original Mix)
Terrence Dixon - Confusion of Another Kind
Tessela - Hackney Parrot (10_Ton_Mix)
Tommy Four Seven - UUU (Original Mix)
Tzusing - Flow States ft. Illsee
Tzusing - 日出東方 唯我不敗
Varg - Heroine II (Cry For You) (Original Mix)
Varg - Platforms Surrounded By Fences (Eu)
Vatican Shadow - Rubbish Of The Floodwaters (Original Mix)
Xhin - Time Spiral (Original Mix)
Yard - Void
Yotam Avni - Orma (Original Mix)
70 Files; 0,946 GB

DJ Charts
Miguel Lobo Physical Things Chart
OXIA Feelings Chart

Archie Hamilton - Dos Equis (Original Mix)
Josh Butler - Nightshade (Original Mix)
Los Pastores - Groove The Flake (Hanfry Martinez Remix)
Miguel Lobo - Feelings (Oxia Remix)
Miguel Lobo - Nibiru (Original Mix)
Miguel Lobo - Physical Things (Original Mix)
Miguel Lobo - What's The Matter (Original Mix)
Odd People - Isolation x12 (Original Mix)
Steffen Deux - Where U From (Original Mix)
Dosem - Deep Glow (Original Mix)
Flashmob - Drop The Bass (Original Mix)
Franky Rizardo - Mercury (Original Mix)
Joeski, Doc Martin - Leary's Revenge (Original Mix)
Miguel Lobo - Feelings (Oxia Remix)
Miguel Lobo - Physical Things (Original Mix)
Mulya - Brick Talks (Sobek Remix)
Nick Curly - Bad Blood (Original Mix)
Ohmme - Run (Original Mix)
Zaccaria Malak, Gianluca Marcati - Nusierv (Tripio X Remix)
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