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22.10.2018 Daily Update Dubstep, Grime, Trap, Future Bass Pack 2018 Electro music pool ftp access PART-2

22.10.2018 Daily Update Dubstep, Grime, Trap, Future Bass Pack 2018 El

Dubstep, Grime, Trap, Future Bass 2018 october
Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock (Champagne Flip)
David Spekter & FWLR - Anyway (Twistex Remix)
Figure & 2FAC3D - Dissociative Identity
Figure & Dack Janiels - Dr. Death
Figure & Don't Kill It - The Escape
Figure & Don't Kill It - Welcome to the Asylum
Figure & Hatch - The Voices
Figure & Hatch - Uncompromising Darkness
Figure - Ear Drill Operation
Figure - Lobotomy (feat. Born I Music)
Figure - Patient 138
Figure - Schizophrenia
Figure - Shock Therapy
Figure - Sleep Paralysis
Figure - The Sound of Surgery (Binaural)
HALIENE - Dream In Color (AMIDY Remix)
HALIENE - Dream In Color (Jason Ross Remix)
HALIENE - Dream In Color (Stonebank Remix)
HeRobust - WTF (Riot Ten Remix)
Krimer - Fxck Around
Murdock & Doctrine - On A Rampage (FuntCase Remix)
Neonix - Build 7601 (Original Mix)
Neonix - Saswalk (Original Mix)
Neonix, Aweminus - Selecta (Original Mix)
Qoiet - Cut Me Open (Thred Remix).wav
Savoy feat. Laura Reed - Treat Me Right
Seven Lions, SLANDER & Dabin - First Time feat. Dylan Matthew 
Slander, Riot - You Don't Even Know Me (Original Mix)
Sullivan King - Begone (Riot Ten Remix)
Sullivan King - I'll Fight Back (Original Mix)
Thred - Suburban Sauce
Emika & The Exaltics - Falling in Love With Sadness.flac
Emika - Close.flac
Emika - Could This Be.flac
Emika - Escape.flac
Emika - Eternity.flac
Emika - Falling (Reprise).flac
Emika - Killers.flac
Emika - Promises.flac
Emika - Run.flac
Emika - Wash It All Away (Waterfalls Version) (Bonus Track).flac
Emika - Wash It All Away.flac
AG10 - No Matter What (Original Mix)
Armin van Buuren feat. Sam Martin - Wild Wild Son
Curtis (冷炫忱) - Gotta Like U
Formal One, Vika - Falling (Original Mix)
Han Chien Leow - Show Me Love (Original Mix)
Jasper Dietze - Let Me Go
Jey Vazz - Don't Wanna Be Lonely (Original Mix)
Junior J - Love Me Away
KRANE & Max Styler - Changes (feat. GØLDN).m4a
KRANE & Sant - Curfew.m4a
LeMay - Looking For You.m4a
Netsky, David Guetta - Ice Cold
Noisestorm ft. Foreign Beggars - Breakout (Original Mix)
NÉONHÈART - Don't Wait
Petit Biscuit - Safe
Petit Biscuit - Suffer (feat. Skott)
Teri Miko x Varien - Wrath of God (Extended Mix) (feat. Flowsik)
Thook & UZ - Heat.m4a

Dutch House, Dirty Dutch, Moombahton, Moombahcore 2018
GRLZ - Hit It (Original Mix)
GRLZ - Money Dance (Original Mix)
Wiwek - Chemistry

Electro House MP3, Progressive, House 2018
+268 - Happiness (Feat. Melusi Super & Lando) (DJ Bullet's Remix)
1605 - Quiet Day
Caprivian - Ten Walls
Caprivian;FonnikDeep;Caprivian & FonnikDeep - Shades
Claude-9 Morupisi - Vicissitudes
Cosmic Beets - Midnight Loving (Feat. Neo Soulsta) (Soulpoizen Herbs&Soul Feel)
Crystal Vinyl;Philile;Crystal Vinyl & Philile - Ndzivhulavhula (Mindlo & Essential I Mix)
Da Lex - The Release
Default - Delusion of Youth
Dj Hypnosis - Flower Power (Instrumental Mix)
DJ Vice L - Underworld
Dmitriy Toks - Feel So Free (Koper & Tin Remix)
ElvisWasHere - No More
Etu Beats - When I Close My Eyes
Glenn Fiasco - Cafe Anthem
Jorg Gurtler - iONiC
Jorg Gurtler - One Mans Dream
Jorg Gurtler - Second Chance
LADY M - A Feeling
Lekwats - Down Town Jam It Is
Likrish & Yoalk - Mr Winster
Mash.o - Two Pieces
MusiQWorks - Echoes of Africa
Nova - Hooked
Rex Blah - Raw Deal
Solid_Torry_Deep - Open Your Heart
Soundmodul;Moffous;Soundmodul & Moffous - Hollywood Sky
Syo - Awakened
Tas Mo - Marimba Land
The Beat Prophet;ODV;The Beat Prophet & ODV - #Upstairs (Proper-Gander Remix)
Dan Ryan - What You Got
F.Bobrov - Feeling Better
F.Bobrov - Stop The Show
George Ellinas - Galexia
John Gregory - Connection
John Gregory - The Simplon Effect
Midnite Heat - Eclipse
Desunk - Murbye (Original Mix)
Edvard Hunger - Space Around Me (Original Mix)
Mistol Team - Aeropuerto 2038 (Original Mix)
Mistol Team - Rumipal (Original Mix)
Nikolay Mikryukov - Big Picture (Original Mix)
Nikolay Mikryukov - Highway (Original Mix)
Tom Bro - Alive (Original Mix)
Tom Bro - Dusk (Original Mix)
Chris Hobbs - Unspoilt by Progress (Original Mix)
Christian Monique - Balistica (Zisis D Remix)
donnerstag - Hal2018 (Original Mix)
Entfremdet - Deep Feeling (Original Mix)
MDeco - New Era (Original Mix)
NeKKoN - Get Freaky (Original Mix)
Nino Weber - Aborigines (Original Mix)
Noisy Small - No Future (Original Mix)
Relic Background - Moon (Nicolas Rada Remix)
Signal One, Risingsun - Nomad (Original Mix)
Adam Sharpe - Orion (Extended Mix)
Amba Shepherd - Away (Dave Winnel Extended Remix)
Antoine Delvig & Ayor - Low Rider (Extended Mix)
Antoine Delvig, Ayor - Low Rider (Extended Mix)
Armand Pena - Se Va (Extended Mix)
ArtJuna - Surya (Damian Cruga Remix)
ArtJuna - Surya (Janno Kekkonen Remix)
ArtJuna - Surya (Original Mix)
Asco - Fomento (Extended Mix)
Attom Ft. Jason Walker - Fingertips 
Basil O'Glue - Dante (Dowden Remix)
Basil O'Glue - Dante (Original Mix)
Basil O'Glue - Dante (SHFT Remix)
Bassjackers, Pep & Rash - Poppin (Extended Mix)
Beyondway - I Just Want To Be Free (Extended Mix)
Brunelle Ft. Laura White - Ladykiller (Avon Stringer Extended Remix)
Bruno Oloviani - Stardust (Dub Mix)
Bruno Oloviani - Stardust (Original Mix)
BUDD - Fade Away feat Melissa Hollick (Club Mix)
Calvin Harris & Sam Smith - Promises (David Guetta Remix) 
Calvin Harris, Sam Smith - Promises (David Guetta Remix)
Carolina Marquez, Pitbull, Dale Saunders - Get On The Floor (DjHope.X.C Extended Mix)
Charles B & VCTRY - House Pride (Extended Mix)
Charles B, VCTRY - House Pride (Extended Mix)
Chuckie, Tom Enzy - Back In The Day feat GVO LV (Extended Mix)
Clutch 21, Chedd & Chease - Nocturne (Original Mix)
Cosmic Gate, Jason Ross - Awaken (Extended Mix)
D-Rhapsody - Liquid Ceiling (Original Mix)
D.jameson - Tuareg (Dj Bird Remix)
Dada Life - Do It Till Your Face Hurts (Hardwell Extended Edit)
Dakota - Hey Mamma (DRAMA Remix)
David Guetta - Don't Leave Me Alone feat Anne-Marie (Oliver Heldens Remix)
Deab - Voyager (Original Mix)
Declain & Elle Vee - Eyes Shut (Extended Mix)
Declain, Elle Vee - Eyes Shut (Extended Mix)
Deekey - All Alone (Original Mix)
Diaz Tech, Veltran - Ficcion (Original Mix)
Diaz Tech, Veltran - Ficcion (Sixtoagusto Remix)
Disconnected - Brujeria (Cabizbajo Remix)
Disconnected - Brujeria (Original Mix)
Disconnected - Brujeria (Zombies in Miami Remix)
DJ TOista - Zaffre (Allan Mcluhan Remix)
DJ TOista - Zaffre (Mark Doyle Remix)
DJ TOista - Zaffre (Original Mix)
Djcybertsai - Mechatropolis (Following Light Remix)
Djcybertsai - Mechatropolis (Original Mix)
Djcybertsai - The Swarm (Original Mix)
Djcybertsai - The Swarm (Spanless Remix)
DMX Krew - Changed Minds
DMX Krew - Cordial
DMX Krew - Mini-Owner
DMX Krew - Paraside
DMX Krew - Ping Me Back
Dotan Janana - 7Boom (Original Mix)
Dynacom (ARG) - Black Lion (Andrea Cassino Remix)
Dynacom (ARG) - Black Lion (Dhany G Remix)
Dynacom (ARG) - Black Lion (Original Mix)
Einmusik - Pulsar
Einmusik - Sa Trincha (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
Einmusik - Sa Trincha
Einmusik - Sponge (Original Mix)
Eleven Sins - Fly (Original Mix)
Eleven Sins - Piece Of Mind (Original Mix)
Eleven Sins - Test Flight (Original Mix)
Emran Badalov - Sideway (Luman Remix)
Emran Badalov - Sideway (Original Mix)
Emran Badalov - Sideway (RIGOONI Remix)
Eran Hersh - Somber (Club Mix)
Fred Pellichero - House Or Not (Club Mix)
Fred Rister - I Want a Miracle feat. Sam Martin & Chris Willis (David Guetta Remix) 
Frostfire - This Feeling (Pulsedriver Remix) 
Futuristic Polar Bears & Kess Ross - I Can't Do It (Extended Mix)
Futuristic Polar Bears, Kess Ross - I Cant Do It (Extended Mix)
Galantis Feat. MAX - Satisfied (B-Sights Remix)
Geo Da Silva and LocoDJ feat. Fizo Faouez - What a Feeling (Extended)
George Ezra - Shotgun (The Wild Remix)
Grum - Never Have To Be Alone (Original Mix)
Hardwell - Kicking It Hard (Extended Mix)
Harmonic Operation - Obscure (Extended Mix)
Javi Mula, Juan Magan - King Size Heart (Dj Hope Extended Mix)
Jaytech - Audiovirus (Extended Mix)
Jaytech - Transit of Venus (Extended Mix)
Jeef B - For a Memory (Original Mix)
John Christian - Hands Together (Original Mix)
John Dahlbäck vs. VIZE - Glad Bricks Came (Peekaboo Mashup)
Klaas - Get Down (Extended Mix)
Klaas - Pretender (Crystal Rock&Marc Kiss Remix) 
Leon (Italy), Dennis Cruz - My Hood (Ewan Pearson Remix)
Leonel Diaz - Anyone There (Original Mix)
Leonel Diaz - Hindu (Original Mix)
Leonel Diaz - Time (Original Mix)
Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis 2.0 (Sander van Doorn Remix) 
Lorenz Koin Ft. Norah B. - In The Name Of Love  
Lorenz Koin Ft. Norah B. - In The Name Of Love (Radio Mix) 
Luca Debonaire & Kiki Doll - Still Blind (Original Mix)
Luca Debonaire & Ozzy Houseborn - Bring That Bass (Original Club Mix)
M1dy - Kemuri (Original Mix)
Madison Mars feat. Maggie Szabo - Home (Extended Mix)
Madison Mars Ft. Maggie Szabo - Home (Extended Mix)
Matan Caspi, Darko De Jan - Black Street (Original Mix)
Me & My Toothbrush - A Kid With A Dream (Club Mix)
Me & My Toothbrush - A Kid With A Dream (Fort Arkansas Remix)
Mercer - Fireworks (Original Mix)
Mercer - Monte Carlo (Original Mix)
Mike Candys, Jack Holiday - The Riddle Anthem (Extended Rework)
Modeplex - Against My Fears (Original Mix)
Modeplex - Pythia (Original Mix)
Modeplex - Virtual Machine (Original Mix)
Moksi - To The Sound (Original Mix)
Mosimann - The Groove (Extended Mix)
Nacho Chapado, Ivan Gomez - I Feel Lola (Original Mix)
Netsky & David Guetta - Ice Cold 
Netsky, David Guetta - Ice Cold
Nuclear Revolt - Total Dance (Original Mix)
ODESZA - Falls (Golden Features Remix)
Oomloud - Floor Fuel (Extended Mix)
Oomloud - Hit Ze Record (Extended Mix)
Orjan Nilsen - What A Rush (Extended Mix)
Overused - Bonfire (Original Mix)
Passenger 10 - Dufour (Club Mix)
Pedro Pons - Cafe Del Mar (Original Mix)
Planete - Invisible Cities (Original Mix)
PROFF - Obscure (Original Mix)
Promise Land - Found Love (Extended Mix)
Radical Fantasy - Tears of the Sun (Original Mix)
Rafa'EL - Frozen Ground (Original Mix)
Rafa'EL - Frozen Ground (Styller Remix)
Rafa'EL - Mistweaver (Ivanshee Remix)
Rafa'EL - Mistweaver (Original Mix)
SEQU3L - Dark Waters (Dimuth K Remix)
SEQU3L - Dark Waters (Shannon Davin Remix)
Sheco, LUM1NA - The Tribe (Extended Mix)
SLVR - Breakdown (Extended Mix)
Smyk - Lunar (Original Mix)
Smyk - Lunar (RIGOONI Remix)
Smyk - Lunar (STEREO MUNK Remix)
Sons Of Maria - Where You Want Me At (Extended Mix)
Stan Kolev - Ambivalent (Ethno Less Dub)
Stan Kolev - Ambivalent (Original Mix)
Timewave - Transcend (Serge Landar Remix)
Timewave - Transcend (Wes Straub Remix)  
Timmo Hendriks & Lennart Schroot - In My Head (Extended Mix)
Timmo Hendriks, Lennart Schroot - In My Head (Extended Mix)
Timmy Trumpet, Lady Bee - Trumpets (Bonka Remix)
Timmy Trumpet, Lady Bee - Trumpets (Chumpion Remix)
Timmy Trumpet, Lady Bee - Trumpets (Krunk! Remix)
Timmy Trumpet, Lady Bee - Trumpets (Mashd N Kutcher Remix)
Tinlicker - Nothing Without You feat. Thomas Oliver (Tinlicker Rework) 
Tinlicker Ft. Thomas Oliver - Nothing Without You (Tinlicker Rework)
Tom Morello feat. Steve Aoki & Tim McIlrath - How Long
Tom Morello feat. Steve Aoki, Tim McIlrath - How Long
Undefined (MT) - Incognito (Original Mix)
Undefined (MT) - Incognito (Steve Parry's Refined Mix)
Vicetone - South Beach
Vika Grand, Andrey Exx, Sante Cruze - You Don't Fool Me (Original Mix)
Volkan Erman - Hope (Adnan Jakubovic Remix)
Volkan Erman - Hope (Daniel Glover Remix)
W&W vs. Hardwell & Kaaze vs. Martin Garrix vs. Galantis vs. Botnek - Rave Animals Eclipse Runaway (Marx Mashup)
WATEVA - Ping Pong Party (Original Mix)

Electronica 2018
Aleceo - Senegal (Original Mix)
Atropolis - Tudo Bem feat Vitor Goncalves (Original Mix)
Atropolis - Yasou Astoria feat Stavros Skyrianos (Original Mix)
Baerlz - Share Your Dreams
Baerlz - Trans B. Express
Bonobo, George FitzGerald - Outgrown (Original Mix)
Concret - La Mujer (feat Natalia Clavier) (Isaac Soto Remix)
Danny Wabbit - Santoori (Original Mix)
Diass - Dominus (Original Mix)
Dokta - Straight Lines (Classical Mechanics Remix)
Electronic Beach - For a Lifetime (Original Mix)
Electronic Beach - Hannah (Original Mix)
Electronic Beach - Madita (Original Mix)
Enzo Elia, Juan Moretti - Killer 80 (Original Mix)
Enzo Elia, Odd1 - Dirty Hotel (Original Mix)
Estray - Mundo Do Coco (Original Mix)
Foxall - Konnakkol (Original Mix)
George FitzGerald - Burns (DJ Seinfeld Remix) (Edit)
George FitzGerald - Burns (DJ Seinfeld Remix)
George FitzGerald - Frieda (Original Mix)
George FitzGerald - Passing Trains (Original Mix)
George FitzGerald - Siren Calls (Original Mix)
George FitzGerald - Two Moons Under (Original Mix)
HAFT - Doust (Original Mix)
Hector V - Bantra (Original Mix)
Hector V - Sphere (Original Mix)
Hector V - Woodblock (Original Mix)
Igor Girio - Acid Tales (Isabassi Remix)
Igor Girio - Acid Tales (Original Mix)
Igor Girio - Call Me Jupiter (Gforty Paradise Tape Mix)
Igor Girio - Call Me Jupiter (Original Mix)
Jago Alejandro Pascua - If I Fight My Shadow (Original Mix)
Jon Hopkins - C O S M (Daniel Avery Remix)
Jose Solano - Los Jardines Colgantes (Original Mix)
Lil Silva, George FitzGerald - Roll Back (Original Mix)
Mert Eser - La Hipnosis (Original Mix)
Neptune Wave - In the Mists of Neptune (Original Mix)
Omerar Nanda - Tarantula (Original Mix)
PAAX (Tulum) - Raices (Original Mix)
PhysiQue - All-Nite (Extended Dub)
PhysiQue - HSJ (Original Mix)
PhysiQue - Slow Not Fast (Original Mix)
Rapossa - Apus (Original Mix)
Sangeet - Shokou Rei (Original Mix)
Simon G - It's Just Rain (Original Mix)
Soty - The Ascent (Original Mix)
The Field - Divide Now (Original Mix)
The Field - Hear Your Voice (Original Mix)
The Field - Infinite Moment (Original Mix)
The Field - Made Of Steel. Made Of Stone (Original Mix)
The Field - Something Left, Something Right, Something Wrong (Original Mix)
The Field - Who Goes There (Original Mix)
Vladimir Belyaev - Otherside (Original Mix)
Wareika - The Inner Spartacus (Original Mix)
Yohoros - Unaya (Original Mix)
Zuma Dionys - Amor Fati (Original Mix)
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