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24.07.16 Daily Update New Tracks, Videos PART-1 (New Best Dance Music, EDM - Best Hip Hop Music Mix 2016‎ Avgust top100 Songs Trap mp3 Aug )

New Best Dance Music, EDM - Best Hip Hop Music Mix 2016‎ Avgust top100
V.A - ALBUMS PACK + Instrumentals
Beats Beast -   Knockz I
Beats Beast -   Knockz II
Beats Beast -   Southern Bella
Beats Beast -  BUCK BUCK
Beats Beast -  Battle Rapz
Beats Beast -  Beast in the Jungle
Beats Beast -  Cooley Horns and the Band
Beats Beast -  Get High
Beats Beast -  Highs
Beats Beast -  Horn Drips
Beats Beast -  Horn Talk
Beats Beast -  Its Just The
Beats Beast -  Jungle Chuuuurrrrchhhh
Beats Beast -  Lazers
Beats Beast -  My Everything
Beats Beast -  Peezy Riddim
Beats Beast -  RnBeatsBeast 
Beats Beast -  RnBeatsBeast 
Beats Beast -  RnBeatsBeast 
Beats Beast -  RnBeatsBeast 
Beats Beast -  Snakes in the Jungle
Beats Beast -  Tha Jungle
Beats Beast -  Tha Shake Joint
Beats Beast -  Tha Stripper Joint
Beats Beast -  Thumper Dumper
Beats Beast -  Whine Down
Beats Beast -  Wild South
BenwMy Eternity
BenwMic Up
BenwYoung Ones
BenwDo Tell
BenwQuiet (Throwback)
BILL$ PESO - Bill Pe Bag (prod by R)
BILL$ PESO - Bill Pe Ice on my wrist (prod by R)
BILL$ PESO - Bills Pe X ScrapBad Lean with no sprite (prod by R)
BILL$ PESO - Bills Pe Extra Drippy (prod by R)
BILL$ PESO - steph curry-bills
BILL$ PESO - niggaz be fake-Bills Peso
BILL$ PESO - juggin - bills peso
BILL$ PESO - Bankrolls-Bills Peso
BILL$ PESO - whats going on 
BILL$ PESO - Gas-Bills Peso
Bo - EveryBody Eats (Prod By CEO)
Bo - Million (Prod By CEO)
Bo - Hard For Me(Prod.CEO)
Bo - Legion (Prod By Chase Da Great)
Bo - Love My City (Prod By Tezzy)
Bo - More (Prod by CEO)
Bo - Risks
Bo - Exchange X Bo G.Herm
Bo - We On Feat Nique (Prod By CEO)
Boon Gooney,Blesid - Hello LSD ft Blesid
Boon Gooney,Blesid - Just Me
Boon Gooney,Blesid - True Religion
Boon Gooney,Blesid - Mindset ft Blesid
Boon Gooney,Blesid - No Lane
Boon Gooney,Blesid - Not A Saint
Boon Gooney,Blesid - Sickness
Breezy The Great - #FYPM
Breezy The Great - 's Baby
Breezy The Great - Give None
Breezy The Great - So Tired
Breezy The Great - When I'm Gone
Breezy The Great - BOS Your Life Up
Caleb Lemond -  - Intro
Caleb Lemond -  - Slow and Steady
Caleb Lemond -  - The Dream and the Dreamer
Caleb Lemond -  - The Coldest Winter
Caleb Lemond -  - I Think From Now On
Caleb Lemond -  - Kissing Scars
Caleb Lemond -  - Evil Cannot Create
Caleb Lemond -  - Outro
Cam, E Mac, A.D. - Bay  LA (Intro)
Cam, E Mac, A.D. - Giggin
Cam, E Mac, A.D. - Fresh
Cam, E Mac, A.D. - Trap
Cam, E Mac, A.D. - You Can Get feat E Mac
Cam, E Mac, A.D. - Starship
Cam, E Mac, A.D. - Cali Livin
Capital Steez -  Til' Infinity (feat. Joey Bada)
Capital Steez - Pain On My Sins (feat. Ducati)
Capital Steez - Indigo Synchro (feat. Joey Bada)
Capital Steez - Blood In, Blood Out
Capital Steez - The Sound Is God (feat. Kelo & Versos)
Capital Steez - Shooting Stars (feat. Jakk The Rhymer)
Capital Steez - Ignorant On Purpose
Capital Steez - Check the Melodies (feat. Joey Bada)
Capital Steez -  More Burgers (feat. Chuck Strangers Rokamouth)
Capital Steez - Peachfuzz (feat. Joey Bada)
Capital Steez - In Vision (feat. AK)
Capital Steez - Today or Eye Can't Explain (Last Performance) [Live///]
Capital Steez - One for Steelo [Bonus] (feat Joey Bada)
@ChicoStar - Gotham
@ChicoStar - Child's Play
@ChicoStar - The Movement
@ChicoStar - Casualties Of War
@ChicoStar - Steady Mobbin'
@ChicoStar - Murda, Murda
@ChicoStar - Cops On Tha Block
@ChicoStar - The G.O.A.T.
@ChicoStar - Brickz, Brickz, Brickz
@ChicoStar - Vice City
Desiigner-Panda[Jeff Duran Remix] (feat. Dave Ea Uncle Murda)
Desiigner - Strap Ready
Desiigner Ft King Savage - Zombie Walk
Desiigner-Back In My Ways
Desiigner Bam Vito Freestyle on The Hot Box
Desiigner-Panda (DJ Future Remix)
Desiigner-Panda Live
Dh Next Up - Be There [prod by BMGz]
Dh Next Up - Gangsta,Gangsta [prod by BMGz]
Dh Next Up - Since  [prod.by OG Juan]
Dh Next Up - More Than  [prod by OG Juan]
Dh Next Up - Come Alive [prod by Da Unknowns]
Dh Next Up - The Motto [prod by JRelentlesz]
Dh Next Up - Typa Nigga [prod by BMGz]
Dh Next Up - I Got x Ak [prod by JRelentlesz]
Dh Next Up - My Personal Angel [prod by JRelentlesz]
Dh Next Up - Young Father [prod by BMGz]
Dh Next Up - Never That [prod by BMGz]
Dh Next Up - Me [prod by JRelentlesz]
Dh Next Up - Streak [Skit]
Dh Next Up - Sucker Free [prod by Da Unknowns]
Dh Next Up - Trillest [EG Mix] (BONUS)
Dh Next Up - Faded Too Long [EG Mix] (BONUS)
Dh Next Up - Halfway [EG Mix] (BONUS)
Dh Next Up -  [EG Mix] (BONUS)
Dh Next Up - Trap Ni asz [EG Mix] (BONUS)
 In The Beginning [Prod. By Murda Beatz & Dj Hektik]
 Da Payback [Prod. By Dj Bigg Cheeez]
 I'll Take Your Man [Prod. By Klc]
 The Party Don't Stop (Feat. Master P & Foxy Brown) [Prod. By Craig B]
 Part  (Feat. Mr Magic, Mo B Dick & C-Murder) [Prod. By Mo B Dick]
 I Get The Paper
 Slow Down (Feat. Snoop Dogg) [Prod. By O'dell]
 I Always Feel Like (Feat. Master P & Silkk The Shocker)[Prod. By Mo B Dick, Klc & Craig B]
 Thinkin' Bout U (Feat. & Master P) [Prod. By Craig B]
 Down For My B's (Feat. C-Murder, Khia & Trina) [Prod. By Xl]
 Anything (Feat. Soulja Slim) [Prod. By Craig B]
 Mama's Tribute [Prod. By Klc]
 Camouflage (Feat. Brandy) [Prod. By Xl]
 Big Timer (Feat. Fiend) [Prod. By Klc]
 Feel So Good (Feat. Fiend)
 Major Players (Feat. Silkk The Shocker & Porsha) [Prod. By Carlos Stephens & O'dell]
 --Bars [Prod. By Bink]
 Drunk Song
 Bag Of Money [Prod. By Beat Billionaire]
 No Pain No Gain (Feat. The Ghetto Twiinz) [Prod. By Precise]
 Bout It Bout It (Feat. Master P) [Prod. By Klc]
 No Limit Soldiers [Prod. By Klc]
 Uhhh (Feat. Master P, Fiend, Silkk The Shocker & Mystikal) [Prod. By Klc]
 Hot Boys And Girls (Feat. Mystikal & Master P) [Prod. By Craig B]
 Flip  Rip (Feat. Mac) [Prod. By Klc]
 Ghetto Symphony (Feat. Fiend, C-Murder, Silkk The Shocker, Mystikal & Goldie Loc) [Prod. By Klc]
 I Am (Feat. Mary J Blige) [Prod. By Xl & Brigg Stern]
 Can't Trust No Man [Prod. By Ken Franklin]
 Whatcha Wanna Do (Feat. Charlie Wilson) [Prod. By Craig B & O'dell]
 Fallen Angel (Dear Jill) [Prod. By Klc & O'dell]
 Verbal Assault (Feat. Dj Big Cheeez) [Prod. By Xl]
DJ Khaled-Welcome To My Hood ft VA Remix Dirty
DJ Khaled-They Ready ft J Cole Big KRIT and Kendrick Lamar
DJ Khaled-Im So Hood ft T Pain Trick Daddy Rick Ross and Plies Dirty
DJ Khaled-All I Do Is Win
DJ Khaled-I Did It For My Dawgz ft Rick Ross French Montana Jadakiss and Meek Mill
DJ Khaled-Future ft Ace Hood Meek Mill Big Sean Wale and Vado
DJ Khaled-I Wanna Be With You ft Nicki Minaj Future and Rick Ross
DJ Khaled-Holla At Me Baby ft Weezy Paul Wall Rick Ross Fat Joe
DJ Khaled-It Aint Over Till Its Over ft Mary J Blige Fabolous and Jadakiss
DJ Khaled-Hip Hop ft Scarface Nas and DJ Premier
DJ Khaled-Fuck What Happens Tonight ft Mavado Ace Hood Snoop Dogg Scarface
DJ Khaled - Funkmaster Flex-Dont Make Me Do It ft Vado DJ Khaled French Montana Meek Mill Ace Hood
DJ Khaled-They Dont Love You No More ft Jay Z Meek Mill Rick Ross and French Montana
Domz - ILY - Domz (Produced by Theophilus)
Domz - Bae - Domz (Produced by Domz)
Domz - Cant Nobody - Domz Ft Jay Kemp (Produced By Jay Kemp X Domz)
Domz - Swervin - Domz ft Jay Kemp (Produced By Jay Kemp X Domz)
Domz - You - Domz (Produced By Jay Kemp X Domz)
Domz - Here - Domz (Produced By Krissi O)
Domz - SIde Effects - Domz (Produced By Migl)
Domz - Nobody NadDomz (Produced by KB)
Domz - Promise - Domz (Produced by KB)
Domz - Tell Me - Domz (Produced by Vybe)
Domz -  Problems - Domz (Produced by Domz)
Domz - One Night In Kansas - Domz (Produced By Domz)
Domz - Actin Like - Domz (Produced By Domz)
Emmit Jay - You and Me
Emmit Jay - The Black Scholar
Emmit Jay - Sprung
Emmit Jay - All Good - Adrian Kniffley feat. Emmit Jay
Emmit Jay - Fences
Emmit Jay - Becoming Emmit (Personal Warfare)
Emmit Jay - Peat (ft. Cali Skyz)
Emmit Jay - Like Birds/Shakespeare FT Rook
Emmit Jay - SweetLittleInterlude
Emmit Jay - The Mighty D
Emmit Jay - I lost the game
Emmit Jay - The Neverending Story
Emmit Jay - King's Queen
Emmit Jay - membersONLYouterlude 
Emmit Jay - UrBiggestFanSee (Clean)
Emmit Jay - WithoutUrLuv (Bobby Sanchez Original)
Emmit Jay - H O M E Coming (feat. Dom B Wugati)
Foolio & Soulja k - INTRO
Foolio & Soulja k - LETTER
Foolio & Soulja k - DEMONS - FT SOULJA K JB
Foolio & Soulja k - POPPIN
Foolio & Soulja k - ARCOSS THE SEA
Foolio & Soulja k - HOT SHIT PART 
Foolio & Soulja k - HOT SHIT PART 
Foolio & Soulja k - CHECK
Foolio & Soulja k - WE GOT IT - FT PRIME
Foolio & Soulja k - FLIP FLOP (REMIX)
Foolio & Soulja k - OUTRO FT FOULOUT
Future-Fly Intro
Future ft Doon- Zips
Future-Bitches Gonna Tell
Future-Miley Cyrus ft French Montana
Future-My Niggaz
Future-Coolin Boolin Ft Fortune
Future-Slippin ft Dave East and Meek Mill
Future-Lie to Me
Future-Blood On The Money
Future-Substitute Everything
Future-Hey There ft Dej Loaf
Future-U Did It
Future-Fly Shit Only(Original)
Future-In Freebands We Trust
Future-Trap House
Future-Chosen One New Verses
Future - Old Money
Future-Plastic Bag (Jeff Duran Remix)
Gucci Mane - One Step Forward
Gucci Mane- Hammerhead
Gucci Mane - I Gots Dat
Gucci Mane - Yeahhhh
Gucci Mane - No Stranger  Danger
Gucci Mane - Love Me
Gucci Mane - Trap Lessons
Gucci Mane - Bachelor Pad
Gucci Mane - Pressure
Gucci Mane - Buy A Watch
Gucci Mane - Follow Me
Gucci Mane - Gwap
Gucci Mane - The Business
Gucci Mane - Street Cred
Gucci Mane - Swank Fuckin
Gucci Mane - I Cant Stop
Gucci Mane - Expecting
Gucci Mane - Vampire Ft Trina
Gucci Mane - Vibrator
Gucci Mane - Let Em Go
Hamburger Helper -  - Feed The Streets (Prod Dequexatron X Bobby Raps Dj Tiiiiiiiiiip) By Helper
Hamburger Helper -  - Hamburger Helper (Prod Retro Spectro) By Helper
Hamburger Helper -  - Crazy (Prod Illwin And Realistic Productions) By Helper
Hamburger Helper -  - Food For Your Soul (Prod Genreal) By Helper
Hamburger Helper -  - In Love With The Glove (Prod Itsdandy) By Helper
Bricks Feat Rich The Kid Prod By Zaytoven
Juggin Prod By Slegdren
Abu Dhabi Feat Kenny Turnup Prod By Jaasu
Close Dat Doe Feat Larry June Remix Prod By Cardo
Work Prod By Zaytoven
Taco Bell Feat Danny Seth, Keith Ape Prod By Southside
Dont Get Me Started Feat Kohh Prod By Riki
Smoking Dope Feat Dice Soho, Trill Sammy Prod By Mark Gee, Ace Bankz
You Ain t Smokin Feat Lil Yachty Prod By Peyote
Free Gucci Interlude
Juice Prod By Bilbo Beatz
Ooh Feat RizzooRizzoo Prod By Mark Gee
High For You Feat Xander Ghost Johnny Drama Remix Prod By Mark Gee
Close Feat Dantes Key Prod By Ethereal
London Prod By Zach Nahome
JeyGoose - all by myself feat pyrex dot
JeyGoose - oh god feat loud wolf
JeyGoose - put in work
JeyGoose - its your world feat loud wolf
JeyGoose - Type Of Way
JeyGoose - Its Ova feat bowboah
JeyGoose - coming home
JeyGoose - Acting Crazy
JeyGoose - all me
JeyGoose - Executive decision
JeyGoose - free for all dirty game feat chill gizzy , jey goose
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - Beware The Dawg
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - Nite Nite
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - First Base
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - Big
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - Pills,Pills,Pills
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - F K IT.
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - Flex Luthor
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - SlickMan PHD
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - PopStar
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - Work H E
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - Slick Talk()
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - War Ft T Buddy
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - Dinero Ft Pill Nye
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - The Re UP
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - Mclovin While It's Hot()
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - SuperDuperFlexxin Ft.Pill Nye
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - Fendi
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - Got That Ft. Pill Nye & Chad Fuego
Johnny Parelli, Pill Nye, Chad Fuego, T buddy - Who 
All The Way Up - Fat Joe Feat. Remy Ma, French Montana
Felt Like Cappin -  Chainz
Knotty Head (Remix) - Denzel Curry Feat. Rick Ross
Ready (Troy Ave Diss) - Joey Badass
Badass (Joey Badass Diss) - Troy Ave
Gang With Me - Towkio Feat. Vic Mensa
Trap Phone Ringin - Grafh
Sold Out - Maxo Kreme Feat. Lil Family
Summertime Sadness - Fabolous Feat. Dave East
Kung Fu - Baauer Feat. Pusha T, Future
Minnesota (Remix) - Lil Yachty Feat. Quavo, Skippa Da Flippa, Young Thug
Play With Me - PnB Rock Feat.  Savage
WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT NOW - Tyler, The Creator Feat. A Rocky
Get My Shit Together - Big Sean
 - Run The City
 - Get Gangsta
 - I Be
 - Kevin Gates- Automatic
 - Everything Changes
 - Got It
 - Patrick Swayze
 - Boss Shit
 - Kevin Gates Ft Killa Kyleon - Ringing
 - Kevin Gates Ft Bwa Ron Zuse - All I Ever Wanted
 - Lookin
 - Paid (Remix)
 - Pull Up
 - On Me
 - All Day
 - While She Talkin (Remix)
 - Yeaa
 - Lord Forgive Me
 - Keep Gettin Money
 - Rider
 - Bullshit
 - Destroyed
 - Hennessy (Remix)
 - On My Face (Remix)
 - Khaza
 - Hands
 - Mexico
 - Let The Plug In
 - Rollin Round
 - Undefeated
 - Grind For It
 - Keep Gettin Money
 - Pound
 - Money Fall
 - Mine
King Khi - Goonies
King Khi - Stop It
King Khi - John Madden
King Khi - I Love Strippers
King Khi - OH Shit
King Khi - T.T.G
Kj Da Youngstar & Cold June - RIGHT HERE
Kj Da Youngstar & Cold June - RACKS
Kj Da Youngstar & Cold June - DOPE
Kj Da Youngstar & Cold June - XANZ
Kj Da Youngstar & Cold June - SNAKES
Kj Da Youngstar & Cold June - STRUGGLE
Kj Da Youngstar & Cold June - BACKWOODS
Kyng - Intro
Kyng - Can't Help Myself
Kyng (Feat. Prynce Persona) - Bloodaz
Kyng - So Brazy
Kyng (Feat. Prynce Persona) - Rich Wild
Kyng (Feat. Code G Losie) - Run It Up [Prod. By @CodeG]
Kyng (Feat. OnlySkoota Prince) - Believe Us [Prod. By @OnlySkoota]
Kyng - Supa
Kyng (Feat. Persona) - Turn Up
Kyng (Feat. Persona) - Filet Mignon
Kyng (Feat. Persona) - Paid Not Played (Prod By DJ Black Ghost)
Kyng (Feat. Prynce Persona) - Hate It
Kyng (Feat. Prynce Persona) - Lord [Prod. By @CodeG]
Kyng (Feat. Prynce, Persona, OnlySkoota Rich Homie Nard) - Woes [Prod. By @OnlySkoota]
Kyng - DJ Testarosa (Feat. Kyng, Prynce Persona) - Late Night
Kyng - EvilEye
Kyng (Feat. Code G, Prynce Persona) - Bitxhez Benjiz [Prod. By @CodeG]
Larce Dagrate - Drowing In Love
Larce Dagrate - Sacrafice Ft Fedarro
Larce Dagrate - It's am
Larce Dagrate - Numbers
Larce Dagrate - Master Mind
Larce Dagrate - Lick Shot
Larce Dagrate - Bout Paper
Larce Dagrate - Grey Skys
Larce Dagrate - Royal Blue
Larce Dagrate - Squad Up
Larce Dagrate - Lets Go
Larce Dagrate - Make It Clear
Larce Dagrate - Tags And All
Larce Dagrate - No Games
Larce Dagrate - Summer Time Shit
Larce Dagrate - War Zone
Larce Dagrate - You Already Know
Larce Dagrate - We Got It
Larce Dagrate - Stackin Diz Bread
Larce Dagrate - Workin Ft Scott Styles
Larce Dagrate - Nights We Creep
Larce Dagrate - Make It Rain
Larce Dagrate - Work (Freestyle)
Lil Chriiz - Actin
Lil Chriiz - Ballin
Lil Chriiz - Code Red
Lil Chriiz - Guns Out
Lil Chriiz - Invasion
Lil Chriiz - Juggernauts
Lil Chriiz - Keep It 
Lil Chriiz - My Brother
Lil Chriiz - Payments
Lil Chriiz - Trap Boomin'
Lil Chriiz - Loyalty
Lil Chriiz - Execution
Lil Chriiz - Black Out
Lil Chriiz - Masked Up
Lil Flash - Trap Bunkin
Lil Flash - Feet Up
Lil Flash - Hatin
Lil Flash - Gotta Get 
Lil Flash - From The Land (Feat Benji Glo)
Lil Flash - They Not
Lil Flash - Roarin
Lil Flash - On Yo Mind (Feat Trigga Black)
Lil Flash - Beg To Differ
Lil Flash - Who Want Smoke
Lil Flash - Racks And Poles
Lil Flash - Lil Boss Da Savage
Lil Flash - Yeah
Lil Flash - Pull Out
Lil Flash - Monopoly
Lil Flash - Trix
Lil Flash - Camp
Lil Flash - Money (Feat Tray Savage Donniddy)
Lil S Da Boss - Aint For Everybody Ft Tovey
Lil S Da Boss - City Lights
Lil S Da Boss - For A Minute Ft Tovey
Lil S Da Boss - Wet
Lil S Da Boss - Changed Ft Tovey
Lil S Da Boss - Everyday (Pro By BBRoy)
Lil S Da Boss - Teach You Ft Dc , Rasta
Lil S Da Boss - How Did I Know Ft Quis
Lil S Da Boss - Wonders
Lil S Da Boss - My Shoulders Ft Trace Boogie
Lil S Da Boss - Riding Around Ft Dc
Lil S Da Boss - Haters Ft Tovey
Lil S Da Boss - Rolling And Smoking
Lil S Da Boss - Lifestyle (Pro By. BBRoy)
Lil Wayne - Intro (In The Pink)
Lil Wayne-Lets Talk It Over (Jeff Duran Remix) (Prod By Streetrunner)
Lil Wayne - Lil Way-Bentley Truck
Lil Wayne-Order More
Lil Wayne ft. Raw Dizzy-Heaven
Lil Wayne Ft. Fetty Wap-Say Yeah
Lil Wayne Interlude
Lil Wayne-L.A. Traffic
Lil Wayne-Finessin
Lil Wayne-Pillowtalk
Lil Wayne-I'm Nice
Lil Wayne Ft. Manny Fresh, Birdman-Hate
Lil Wayne Ft. Kanye West -Heaven Help Us (Bonus)
Lil Wayne- Blooded (Bonus)
lil wayne, drake, styles p  chains, kaneaveli -  CHAINS AND LIL WAYNE BOUNCE REMIX ( BY KANEAVELI )
lil wayne, drake, styles p  chains, kaneaveli - LIL WAYNE -LA TRAFFIC- REMIX ( BY KANEAVELI )
lil wayne, drake, styles p  chains, kaneaveli - DRAKE - BACK  BACK- REMIX ( BY KANEAVELI )
lil wayne, drake, styles p  chains, kaneaveli - STYLES P - ARAAB STYLES - REMIX ( BY KANEAVELI )
lil wayne, drake, styles p  chains, kaneaveli - DRAKE -SUMMER SIXTEEN-REMIX ( BY KANEAVELI )
lil wayne, drake, styles p  chains, kaneaveli - FRENCH MONTANA -OFF THE RIP- REMIX ( BY KANEAVELI )
Lil Yachty - Real (feat. Famous Dex)
Lil Yachty - Adore Me
Lil Yachty -  (feat. Burberry Perry)
Lil Yachty - Ain't Fair (Freestyle) (feat. Nessly)
Lil Yachty - All Stars (Freestyle) (feat. K CKent)
Lil Yachty - All Times
Lil Yachty - B Da Boat
Lil Yachty - Ballin' Like a Piston 
Lil Yachty - Bitches on Bitches
Lil Yachty - B Da Boat (Part )
Lil Yachty - Blood on My Face
Lil Yachty - Ballin' Like a Piston
Lil Yachty - Brazy
Lil Yachty - Ballin' Like a Piston 
Lil Yachty - Christmas Lights
Lil Yachty - Batman Robbin'
Lil Yachty - Do It (feat. Reese)
Lil Yachty - Bitter
Lil Yachty - Flip Phone Trappin'
Lil Yachty - Fuck up a Sack (feat. K)
Lil Yachty - Come Up (feat. Soop)
Lil Yachty - Gang Shit
Lil Yachty - Die by Myself (Freestyle) (feat. K)
Lil Yachty - Lifelike
Lil Yachty - Die by Myself  (Freestyle) (feat. K)
Lil Yachty - Lil Baby
Lil Yachty - Everything I Wanted (feat. K)
Lil Yachty - Lil Gangsta
Lil Yachty - Flexin' on My Ex's
Lil Yachty - Muddy
Lil Yachty - Floss Everyday
Lil Yachty - Ping Pong (feat. SwagHollywood)
Lil Yachty - Follies
Lil Yachty - Rari (feat. Carnage Famous Dex)
Lil Yachty - Free the Lord (feat. Don Niddy)
Lil Yachty - Rich Nightmare
Lil Yachty - Fresh off a Boat (feat. Rich the Kid)
Lil Yachty - Run It (feat. Playboi Carti)
Lil Yachty - Hella O's
Lil Yachty - SAATS (Remix)
Lil Yachty - Here We Go
Lil Yachty - Sad
Lil Yachty - Hollywood
Lil Yachty - Shame (feat. Larry League)
Lil Yachty - I Don't Fuck With Niggas
Lil Yachty - Shit to Lose
Lil Yachty - I Got the Bag
Lil Yachty - Snapchat
Lil Yachty - Ice Water
Lil Yachty - Splurge
Lingo Jonez - Intro
Lingo Jonez - We Got it (#FWAN)
Lingo Jonez - I'm So Orlando
Lingo Jonez - F the Club
Lingo Jonez - Ace Boon Koom
Lingo Jonez - Ain't Goin Broke
Lingo Jonez - Loyalty Money Can't Buy
Lingo Jonez - Hello REMIX
Lingo Jonez - Finessin REMIX
MayhemDaMan - Dope Sh!t (Prod. By Jupyters Galaxy)
MayhemDaMan - Blue Billz Ft Oskino (Prod. By Jupyters Galaxy)
MayhemDaMan - IDGaPhuck (Prod. By Jupyters Galaxy)
MayhemDaMan - Toodles (Prod. By Jupyters Galaxy)
MayhemDaMan - Making Moves (Prod. By J.Barbee)
MayhemDaMan - Love Dont Live Here (Prod. by Flatline)
MayhemDaMan - Drive By (Prod. By Jupyters Galaxy)
MayhemDaMan - You Heard (Prod. By E-Jay Beatz)
MayhemDaMan - MayPAC (Prod. By Jupyters Galaxy)
MayhemDaMan - Stand Foe (Prod. By Jupyters Galaxy)
MayhemDaMan - Zoned Out Ft PhreshaVeli and Oskino (Prod. By Jupyters Galaxy)
MayhemDaMan - Eastside Ft Oskino and DaBear (Prod. By Jupyters Galaxy)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Makin That Money In Miami Dade (Produced By Mike Black)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Movin Your Body (Produced By Mike Black)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Mami Roll Wit It
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Holla At Me (Feat. NI aka Serious)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - NWA
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Regardless (Feat. Sin G)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Dollas In Dade (Produced By Mike Black)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Shawty
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Turn Me On (Feat. NI & Princess Supreme)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - I Wanna (Produced By Mike Black)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - F#@k Wit Me (Produced By Mike Black)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Shake Dat A#$
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Tatted Up
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Where The Beef At (Feat. Ice Early) (Produced By Mike Black)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - We Ridin (Feat. Daps & NI)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Gettin High (Feat. Hardcore Gor)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - In My Dreams
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Magic CIty Takeover (Feat. Verics) (Produced By Verics Sat)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Im On Deck
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Try To Kill Me (Produced By Mike Black)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - I Wanna Hold U (Feat. Chico Shyne & NI)
Mike Dyce, NI, Chico Shyne, Sin G, Daps, & Hardcore Gor - Dont Care
MrTroyCrackManStokes, - yu.-strong
MrTroyCrackManStokes, - WHATS UP 
MrTroyCrackManStokes, - what it anit
MrTroyCrackManStokes, - vintage
MrTroyCrackManStokes, - untitled
MrTroyCrackManStokes, - okkkk 
MrTroyCrackManStokes, - whells spin
MrTroyCrackManStokes, - turn around
MrTroyCrackManStokes, - who trippen snip
MrTroyCrackManStokes, - oh yea
MrTroyCrackManStokes, - new york
MrTroyCrackManStokes, - my problem
O'neil Edwards - Intro
O'neil Edwards - Eyez
O'neil Edwards - CHNO
O'neil Edwards - Alien
O'neil Edwards - Take Me.wavydoo.
O'neil Edwards - Floss
O'neil Edwards - Little
O'neil Edwards - Every Night
O'neil Edwards - Pt.
O'neil Edwards - Vomit (Instrumental)
O'neil Edwards - Crank Dat (Instrumental)
O'neil Edwards - MF DOOM-Vomit(Remix)
O'neil Edwards - Soulja Boy-Crank Dat(Remix)
Poochie Beats - The Arrival (Intro)
Poochie Beats - Caviar
Poochie Beats - Deviled Eggs
Poochie Beats - Bruschetta
Poochie Beats - Small Talk (Interlude)
Poochie Beats - Pigs In A Blanket
Poochie Beats - Antipasto
Poochie Beats - Smoke Break (Interlude)
Poochie Beats - Crudites
Poochie Beats - Crab Puffs
Poochie Beats - Shrimp Cocktail
Poochie Beats - Veggie Platter
Poochie Beats - Baba Ghanoush
Poochie Beats - Mozz Sticks
Poochie Beats - After Party (Outro)
Problem -  - Problem - Check In (Intro) Feat Kevin Mccall (Produced By Problem)
Problem -  - Problem - She Like That (Produced By Jb Minor)
Problem -  - Problem - Best P Y (Produced By Johnny & Nate)
Problem -  - Problem - Tricky (Backstreet In Compton) Feat Strick (Produced By Tm)
Problem -  - Problem - Slow Down (Doin Too Much) Feat Wiz Khalifa Tydollaign & Deray Davis (Produced By Ricky
Problem -  - Problem - How You Wanna Do It (Remix) Feat Mowop P & Problem (Produced By Dj Official)
Problem -  - Problem - My Squad (Produced By Mike N Keys Mars Of Ornothin & Problem)
Problem -  - Problem - Let Me Know (Produced By Mike N Keys Mars Of Ornothin & Problem)
Problem -  - Problem - Again Feat Ne-Yo & Candace (Produced By Jahlil Beats Derek & Snoop Dogg)
Problem -  - Problem - How The Game Goes Feat Snoop Dogg (Produced By Jb Minor)
Problem -  - Problem - Pimpin Aint Easy Feat Teeflii & Kevin Mccall (Produced By Mike N Keys Teeflii & Problem)
Problem -  - Problem - Spend The Night Feat Bad Lucc & Bryan J (Produced By Jb Minor & Problem)
Problem -  - Problem - Heartbreak Hotel (On God) (Produced By Derek Mike N Keys & Problem)
Problem -  - Problem - What Have You Done To Me Shit Need To Change Part  (Produced By Denis The Producer Bong
Problem -  - Problem - Shit Need To Change Part  (Produced By Bongo Tha Drum Gahd Polyester & Problem)
Problem -  - Problem - Check Out Feat Kevin Mccall (Produced By Problem & Kevin Mccall)
Problem -  - Problem - I Love You Feat Bj The Chicago Kid (Produced By Mike N Keys)
Reap - Intro
Reap - What It Do
Reap - Top Notch
Reap - Outta Here feat KB
Reap - Goodnight
Reap - Allergic  Broke feat Yung Ralph
Reap - , , Reapa Comin
Reap - I Had To feat Mistah Boogie and DJ Black Charm
Reap - My Whoaa
Reap - Waffle House
Reap - On Deez Hoes
Reap - Blood Moon
Reap - Alien Dope Intro
Reap - Alien Dope
Reap - Basic
Reap - Pop At YaTop
Reap - Aint No Love
Rich The Kid -  Famous Dex (Feat. Rich The Kid) - Hell Yea (Remix)
Rich The Kid -  J $tash (Feat. Rich The Kid) - Bricks [Prod. By Zaytoven]
Rich The Kid -  Famous Dex - Dmc
Rich The Kid -  Rich The Kid (Feat. Offset) - Swerve [Prod. By Og Parker]
Rich The Kid -  J $tash - Juggin [Prod. By Sledren]
Rich The Kid -  Famous Dex -  Times [Prod. By Kronic Beats]
Rich The Kid -  Famous Dex - I'm Paid
Rich The Kid -  Rich The Kid - The Goat [Prod. By Mannie Fresh]
Rich The Kid -  J $tash - London
Rich The Kid -  Famous Dex - Choose
Rich The Kid -  Rich The Kid (Feat. Lil Yacthy & Skippa Da Flippa) - Phone Tap [Prod. By Chris Fresh]
Rich The Kid -  Famous Dex (Feat. Lil Yachty) - We Next
Rich The Kid -  J $tash (Feat. Og Maco & Rich The Kid) - Break My Wrist
Rich The Kid -  Lil Yachty & Famous Dex -  Real [Prod. By Freaky]
Rich The Kid -  Rich The Kid - Rich Forever (Outro)
Rockie Fresh - Thank You Feat. Rick Ross
Rockie Fresh - Too Long)
Rockie Fresh - All You Interlude
Rockie Fresh - Difference
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - Intro
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - Blinded by the Light
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - Swag Ranked 
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - Candy on the 
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - A Milli Freestyle
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - Ya Feel Me
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - Out Here Grindin
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - I Get Money Freestyle
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - Get it Again
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - Get Time Back
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - Stressful Politics
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - My Life
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - Ryder Pt 
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - Superstar
Rosco, Jadakiss, Akon, Dj Next - Stay Grindin Interlude
Ruben Singz - Calling
Ruben Singz - Tonight
Ruben Singz - all year long
Ruben Singz - Club love
Ruben Singz - my plan
Ruben Singz - U @ THOT
Ruben Singz - doing me
Ruben Singz - childhood heatbreaks
Ruben Singz - AMG
Ruben Singz - Hold Your Hand
Ruben Singz - aint no tellin
Ruben Singz - Hold You Down
Ruben Singz -  Much
Ruben Singz - she a keeper
Ruben Singz - above me
Ryan Conrad - More Than Music
Ryan Conrad - Raw
Ryan Conrad - I Do It
Ryan Conrad - Too Stoned
Ryan Conrad - Fast Money
Ryan Conrad - Blake Song
Ryan Conrad - Bandz
Ryan Conrad - AI Vs. Jordan
Ryan Conrad - Love My City
Scotty ATL - Fantasies
Scotty ATL - Three Steps Forward
Scotty ATL - Oh Lawd
Scotty ATL - Concentrate
Scotty ATL - Know That You Wil
Scotty ATL - Cloud 
Scotty ATL - Crowd Up
Sin - I.D.G.A.F
Sin - Doing My Thing (feat. Cashova)
Sin - Finders Keepers (feat. Leon)
Sin - Breath
Sin - Savage
Sin - I'm That Nigga (feat. Rated.R
Sin - Dope (feat. Booze)
Sin - All My Niggaz (feat. Broli)
Sin - Going In
Sin - JumpMan Freestyle
Sin - Lost Souls
Sin - Grinding
Sin - Take Em Off
Sin - Back to Back
Sin - Summer Bixteen
Sin - Go-N-Get-It
Sin - How We Live
Skippa Da Flipp Bars [Prod. By Dot N Pro]
Skippa Da FlippSportscenter [Prod. By Trauma Tone]
Skippa Da FlippFuckin Witcha [Prod. By  Roc]
Skippa Da FlippGet Loose (Feat. Lil Yachty) [Prod. By Swift Bangaz]
Skippa Da FlippMr. Perfect (Feat. Quavo) [Prod. By Traumatone]
Skippa Da FlippDrugs [Prod. By Dot N Pro]
Skippa Da FlippAmazing [Prod. By  Roc]
Skippa Da FlippNot New To Me (Feat. Offset) [Prod. By Honorable C Note]
Skippa Da FlippRose [Prod. By Dot N Pro]
Skippa Da FlippRide [Prod. By Dot N Pro]
Skippa Da FlippSame Bitch [Prod. By Jrelentlesz]
Skippa Da FlippStuntin (Feat. Mango Foo) [Prod. By Germ Beatz]
Skippa Da FlippI'm Tellin Ya (Feat. Quavo, Offset / Major Flav) [Prod. By  Roc]
Smoke DZ Smoke DzRosenberg Speaks
Smoke DZ Smoke DzCosmic High
Smoke DZ Smoke DzMr 
Smoke DZ Smoke DzNew Jack
Smoke DZ Smoke DzBlack And White Promo (Feat. Bodega Bamz)
Smoke DZ Smoke DzKaz Skit
Smoke DZ Smoke DzReally Fcking Too Cool
Smoke DZ Smoke DzRoh (Skit)
Smoke DZ Smoke DzAbsolutely Perfect (Feat. Wale)
Snake P - King Solomon
Snake P - Who CanSave These Niggaz
Snake P - Plenty of It-
Snake P - Outside Dees Apartments
Snake P - Hold Me Down
Snake P - Success
Snake P - This Money Master Feat Lil Spank Booty
Snake P - Pray  us.ma
Snake P - Way  Maackishhh'
Snake P - Rudy Rudy Moore
Snake P - Strippa Money
Snake P - Passionate About it'
Snake P - Crimeboss
Turian MafiIntro
Turian MafiF*ck Up The Plug (Prod. By Larry Jayy)
Turian MafiCompromise (Prod. By Priority Beats)
Turian MafiChampion Flow (Prod By ILL B DEM)
Turian MafiFull Circle (Prod. By SampleKid)
Turian MafiKick Down The Doorr (Prod. By Larry Jayy)
Turian MafiIt's Good To Be Here (Prod. By LOCHKE)
Turian MafiNext Level (Prod. By Chan A-V)
Turian MafiOphelia (Prod. By DavidBeatmaker)
Turian MafiWater (Prod. By Guerilla)
Turian MafiOculus Life (Prod. By Mr Jazzy Bubblez)
 Insomniac Lambs - Gifts & Curse
 Easy LantanPldnlm
 P The Emcee - Wasting Time
 Young ButtOn The Hush
 Ripp Flamez Feat. Bfa Bleed - Payback [Prod. By Clockwork Muzik]
 Tezo - N.O
 Nes Wordz - Get It Done
 Beatking Feat. Dj Outta Space - Bb
 Go Yayo - Boom!
 Sauce Twinz Feat. Sosamann - Diamonds
 Propain Feat. Doeman - Minority
 Rizzoo Rizzoo Feat. Lil Uzi Vert - Fck Up The Party
 Pauliito Feat. Chayez - O.O.P
 Travi$ Scott - Zombies
DJ Keyz &  Mr. Crack Instagram Shout Outs
DJ Keyz &  Fabolous Wicked Freestyle Feat Jadakiss
DJ Keyz &  Drake Pop Style Feat Jay Z & Kanye West
DJ Keyz &  Yo Gotti Get Out Your Feelings
DJ Keyz &  Future Bitches Gone Tell
DJ Keyz &  Rich Homie Quan Rip
DJ Keyz &  Styles P Just Another Ghost Freestyle
DJ Keyz &  Styles P Ghost Not Sorry
DJ Keyz &  Young Thug Digits Feat Meek Mill
DJ Keyz &  Ashon Digi Scale Dreaming Prod By A Tha God
DJ Keyz &  Dave East On & On
DJ Keyz &  Jadakiss Phuck Dat Feat Nino Man
DJ Keyz &  Rude Shoot Em Down
DJ Keyz &  Lil' Durk Traphouse Feat Young Dolph & Young Thug
DJ Keyz &  A$ap Ferg Trap Anthem Feat Migos
DJ Keyz &  Big Jewelz & Money B Money & Jewelz Prod By King Benny
DJ Keyz &  Chief Keef Respect
DJ Keyz &  Gold All The Way Up Freestyle
DJ Keyz &  Jeezy Only That Real Feat Yo Gotti
DJ Keyz &  King Bo Fdw
DJ Keyz &  Meek Mill All I Wanna Do Feat Chris Brown
DJ Keyz &  Meek Mill Know Who I Am
DJ Keyz &  Jeezy Gotta Be A Man
DJ Keyz &  Max B Silver Surfer Feat Wiz Khalifa, Al Pac & Joe Young
DJ Keyz &  Beanie Sigel Top Shotta
DJ Keyz &  Lil' Wayne Lets Talk It Over
DJ Keyz &  Fetty Wap Zoovie Zoo
DJ Keyz &  Troy Ave Badass
DJ Keyz &  Joey Badass  Fingers Of Death Freestyle
DJ Rack$ -  Kool John Feat. Snoop Dogg & Iamsu! - Ahhh Sh!t Gah Damn!
DJ Rack$ -  Big Von Feat. D-Lo, Husalah & Mayne Mannish - Off Top
DJ Rack$ -  E- Feat. Nef The Pharoah & D.R.A.M. - Slappin'
DJ Rack$ -  Philthy Rich Feat. E-, Nef The Pharoah & Ezale - Statue Of Liberty
DJ Rack$ -  Iamsu! Feat. Show BangWobble
DJ Rack$ -  P-Lo Feat. G-Eazy & Jay Ant - Light This Bitch Up
DJ Rack$ -  Problem - My Squad
DJ Rack$ -  Iamsu! Feat. Hbk CUp All Night
DJ Rack$ -  D-Lo Feat. Lil Goofy & Boo BangTrade Seats
DJ Rack$ -  E- Feat. Yo Gotti - Law
DJ Rack$ -  Iamsu! Feat. Show Bang Many
DJ Rack$ -  Nef The Pharoah Feat. Deltrice - Hit It Again
DJ Rack$ -  Beeda Weeda Feat. Big Hud - Haters
DJ Rack$ -  Funkadelic Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Ice Cube - Ain't That Funkin Hard On You
DJ Rack$ -  Larry June - Fresh Game
DJ Rack$ -  Kendrick Lamar - Levitate
DJ Rack$ -  Erk The Jerk - You Got Me Open
DJ Rack$ -  Rayven Justice Feat. Waka FlockMoved On
DJ Rack$ -  Balance Feat. SymbAlways Playin
DJ Rack$ -  Gval Feat. E- - Facts Straight (Remix)
DJ Rack$ -  Berner Feat. Mistah Fab - Changes
DJ S.R. -  Lil Uzi Vert - Smoke My Dope [Prod. By Dj Plugg]
DJ S.R. -  Sonny Digital - Mona Lisa [Prod. By Slade Da Monsta]
DJ S.R. -  Dae Dae - Spend It
DJ S.R. -  Young Sizzle - Insane [Prod. By South Side]
DJ S.R. -  Quentin Miller Feat. Sy Ari Da Kid - Correct [Prod. By Groove]
DJ S.R. -  Young Thug Feat. Meek Mill - Digits [Prod. By London On The Track]
DJ S.R. -  Drake Feat. Pimp C - Faithful
DJ S.R. -  Big Sean & Jhene' Aiko - Deja Vu
DJ S.R. -  Problem - She Like That [Prod. By Jb Minor]
DJ S.R. -  Gully Bos - Murder Rate [Prod. By Dubmagic Roe]
DJ S.R. -  Drake Feat. Popcaan - Controlla
DJ S.R. -  Bryson Tiller Feat. The Weeknd - Rambo (The Weeknd Remix)
DJ S.R. -  K Camp - St To St [Prod. By Big Fruit & Musik Majorx]
DJ S.R. -  Problem Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign & Deray - Slow Down (Doin Too Much)
DJ S.R. -  Skooly - Finder Keepers
DJ S.R. -  Lil Uzi Vert Feat. Coca Vango - Outta Nowhere
DJ S.R. -  Big Sean & Jhene' Aiko - On The Way
DJ S.R. -  Dae Dae - We Here Together
DJ S.R. -  Fetty Wap - Zoovie Zoo
DJ S.R. -  Drake Feat. Partynextdoor - Tell Me
DJ S.R. -  A$ap Ferg Feat. Big Sean - World Is Mine
DJ S.R. -  Fabulous Feat. Jadakiss - Wicked (Freestyle)
DJ S.R. -  Yummy - Hit A Lick [Prod. By Stroud]
DJ S.R. -  Lil Uzi Vert - Flex'n [Prod. By Metro Boomin]
 Dj Wavy - Elevators
 Young Thug - Halftime
 Young Thug - Special
 Kodak Black - Skrilla
 Wiz Khalifa Feat. Travis Scott - Bake Sale
 Lil Uzi Vert - Am
 Lil Uzi Vert - Money Longer
 Young Thug - Power
 Young Thug Feat. Yak Gotti - Pull Up On A Kid
 Travis Scott - Uber Everwhere (Remix)
 Madeintyo - Uber Everywhere
 Future & The Weeknd - Low Life
 Desiigner - Panda
 Lil Uzi Vert - Left Right
 Rich The Kid, Playboi Carti & Kodak Black - The Plug
 Nebu KinizGassed Up
 Playboi Carti - Broke Boi
 Playboi Carti - Don't Tell Nobody
  Savage - Red Opps
  Chainz - Mf'n Right
  Chainz - Watch Out
 Trill Sammy -  Watch (Remix)
 Trill Sammy & Dice Soho - I Might
 Carnage Feat. Lil Yachty, Famous Dex & Ugly God - Brought Me A Ferrari
 Lil Yachty & Rich The Kid - We Got It
 Lil Yatchy - Minnesota
 Lil Yachty & Quavo - No Hook
 Lil Yachty - One Night
 Future - Inside The Mattress
 Ty Dolla $ign Feat. Future & Rae Sremmurd - Blase
 Travi$ Scott - A Team
 Ilovemakkonen - Sellin'
 Jeremih - Pass Dat
 O.T. Genasis Feat. Young Dolph - Cut It
 Migos - Pipe It Up
 Rae Sremmurd - By Chance
 Fetty Wap - Jimmy Choo
 Jaques - Like Baby
 Trill Sammy - Check Out
 Dice Soho & Trill Sammy - Just Watch
 Young Thug - Best Friend
 Travi$ Scott Feat. Rae Sremmurd & Chief Keef - Nightcrawler
 A$ap Ferg Feat. Future - New Level
 Lil Uzi Vert - Top
 Madeintyo - I Want
 Kodak Black - No Flocking
 Kanye West - Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 
 Torey Lanez - Trap House
 Kodak Black - Skrt
 Future - Fly Shit Only
 Future - Alright
 Playboi Carti - Fetti
 Kanye West Feat. Chris Brown & Kid Cudi - Waves
 French Montana & Kodak Black - Lockjaw
 Manolo Rose - Brinks Trucks
 French Montana Feat. Kanye West & Nas - Figure It Out
 Nav - Myself
 Diddy & French MontanBlow A Check
  Savage - Dip Dip Dip
 Young Thug Feat. Quavo - Fck Cancer
 Future - Run Up
 Future - Wicked
 Future - Fly Guy
 Future - Purple Rain
 Future - Drippin' (How U Luv That)
 Drake - Summer Sixteen
 Young Thug Feat. Lil Uzi Vert - Dope
 Young Thug - Hercules
 Travis Scott & The Weeknd - Wonderful
 Mr. Crack Instagram Shout Outs
 Bryson Tiller Rambo Rmx Feat The Weeknd
 Fat Joe All The Way Up Feat Remy Martin & French Montana
 Drake Controlla Feat Popcaan
 Chris Brown Back To Sleep Rmx Feat Usher & Zayn Malik
 Dj Luke Nasty Might Be Rmx Feat  Chainz & Maino
 Plies Ran Off On Da Plug Twice
 Dej Loaf Off The Top
 Tory Lanez La Confidential
 Slim Of  Never Gone Break Up Feat Rich Homie Quan
 Trouble Ready Feat Young Thug, Young Dro & Big Bank Black
  Chainz Watch Out
 Ty Dolla Sign Long Time Feat Quavo
 Monty Fine Feat Vado
 Troy Ave Good Girl Gone Bad
 K Michelle Down In The Dm Rmx
 Bryson Tiller Exchange
  Cent I'm The Man Rmx Feat Chris Brown
 Papoose Ain't Nothing Like Black Love Feat Nathaniel
 Tory Lanez Uber Everywhere Rmx
 Partynextdoor Come And See Me Feat Drake
 Malachiae Warren Minute Maid
 Yg Feat. Nipsey Hussle - Fdt
 Yo Gotti Feat. E - Law
 Red Cafe Feat. E - Bad Bitch Alert
 Ad, Rj, Skeme & Dj Nemo - Let Em Know
 Trinidad James, Mystikal, Lil Dicky & Dj Mustard - Just A Lil Thick
 Iamsu! Feat. Sage The Gemini & Ymtk - Something New
 Problem Feat. Iamsu! & Stoney The Dealer - Pull Up To Hotel Big Money
 Problem Feat. Snoop Dogg - How The Game Goes
 Problem Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Wiz KhalifSlow Down
 Ty Dolla $ign - West Side
 Ty$ Ft. Akon - Drum
 Ty Dolla $ign - Drug
 Kendrick Lamar - Untitled 
 Mozzy - Bladadah
 Mozzy Feat. Slim , J Stalin & Rax - Hit & Run
 Mozzy - Activities
 Rj Feat. Nef The Pharoah - Long Ass Time
 King Show Feat. Ot Genasis - Came Up On A Plug
 Young Blacc - Last Time I Checked
 Oso - West Wing
 Boogie - Out My Way
 Boogie Feat. Tink - Catching Feelings
Black Elite - Old Soul (Rochester, NY)
Unjust Society - Old Soul (Rochester, NY)
Philly Streets - Dark Lo ft Rigz (Rochester, NY)
Flyy - Westside Gunn ft Keisha Plum (Buffalo, NY)
Fraud Niggas - Armani Caesar (Buffalo, NY)
Wet SeKoolKid JJ (Buffalo, NY)
Pilot - Lamar Starzz (Rochester, NY)
Nasty - Golden ft Ti Lar Bee (Rochester, NY)
Kitty Kitty - Lamar Starzz (Rochester, NY)
Love You Freestyle - Legion (Niagara Falls, NY)
Queen - Old Soul ft Ane Da General (Rochester, NY)
See The Light - Golden (Rochester, NY)
Top  - Illanoise (Rochester, NY)
Orbitz - Legion ft Badge x Kay Kay (Niagara Falls, NY)
Jason Freestyle - Illanoise (Rochester, NY)
What For - Symphony ft Shawn Brown (Rochester, NY)
Get The Money - HC Kush ft Meechy El Camino (Buffalo, NY)
Just Do It - Terry Sky (Syracuse, NY)
Bout Chall - Jay Peso aka Gwopstarr Jay (Buffalo, NY)
Parasite  - Old Soul (Rochester, NY)
Dreams Worth Than Money - Armani Ceasar (Buffalo, NY)
Day Up - Aaron Brooks (Syracuse, NY)
Beats Beast- Thru The Rain (Original Mix)
Beats Beast- Don't Stop (Original Mix)
Beats Beast- Eyes (Burning Sensation) (Original Mix)
Beats Beast- Electronic Carolina (Original Mix)
Beats Beast- House Carolina (Original Mix)
Beats Beast- Take Me Higher (Original Mix)
Beats Beast- Get On The Floor (Original Mix)
DJ Beats Beast x Chedda Da Connect- Flick of Da Wrist (Beats Beast Trap Bootleg)
DJ Beats Beast x Travis Porter- Faster (Beats Beast Trap Bootleg)
Rih- BBHMM (Beats Beast Bootleg)
TeenaMarie- Ooh La La La (Beats Beast Bootleg)
DJ Beats Beast x Jackson - Wanna Be Where U Are (Beats Beast Remix)
Zedd feat. Selena G- I Want You To Know (Beats Beast Bootleg)
Justin Bieber- Sorry (Beats Beast Trap Bootleg)
M.I.A.- BAD GIRLS (Beats Beast Bootleg)
Rih- Sex With Me (Beats Beast Bootleg)
DJ Luke Nasty- Might Be (Beats Beast Bootleg)
Kent Jones- Dont Mind (Beats Beast Trap Bootleg)
MMW Vol -Intro
Jean Poh-Talkin
Yung GooN Ft Swerve Foelife-One Wrong Move
Suave-Move That
Live Wyre-The Come Up
John Blaze-In These Streets
Rich Dollar-Im A Dab On These N
FlyMoney-Sands Of Time Ft J-Rock
Suave-My City
Link Sinatra Ft LaRue-'s Up
Yung GooN-Skurt
John Blaze-Roll Another
Link Sinatra-All I Need
Live Wyre-How We Roll
BFEDaMob-I Fuck Yo Bitch
Link Sinatra-Farewell
Young Thug Feat. Meek Mill - Digits [Prod. By London On Da Track]
Drake Feat. Pimp C-Faithful
Fetty Wap - Zoovie Zoo
Rich Homie Quan - R.I.P
Jr. Boss Feat. Rubberband OG & T James- Anything Goes [Prod. By Karltin Bankz]
K.Camp - st to st [Prod. By Music Majors & Big Fruit]
Fabolous Feat. Jadakiss - Wicked (Freestyle)
G-Eazy Feat. Yo Gotti & Lil Wayne- Order More (Remix)
Boosie Badazz Feat. C-Murder & Calliope Bub- Under Pressure
Kevin Gates Feat. Jigg - Run The City
Lil Uzi Vert - Smoke My Dope
Chief Keef - Respect [Prod. By Sonny Digital]
Trouble - Hard Time  Whack Me [Prod. By Zaytoven]
Mexican Rackman Feat. Tay Rackz -Road  Riches
Big K.R.I.T. - Sticks & Stones
Tha Captin - Dab Catcher [Prod. By Timothy Timothy]
Wooh Da Kid Feat. Fredo Santana- Came Up
Nipsey Hussle Feat. YG- FDT
Chris Brown Feat. B.o.B &  Chainz - Hood Go Crazy (Remix)
Omelly - Guns Down
- Travis Scott & MadeinTyo - UBER Everywhere
- Plies - Charged it to the Game
- Future - Aint No Time
- Young Dolph - Get Paid
- Plies - Ritz Carlton (Ran Off On the Plug Twice)
- Plies - Ainna
- Shy Glizzy - Hunnid Hunnid Hunnid
- Remy MHands Down ft Yo Gotti - Rick Ross
- Rich Da Kid - That Bag
- Meek Mill - Ricky
- Yo Gotti - Imagine Dat
- Soulja Boy - Money Steady Coming
- Jeezy - Just Win
- Kanye West - Real Friends ft Ty Dolla Sign
- Fabolous - Sorry Not Sorry ft Bryson Tiller
- RhiannWork ft Drake
- Ask For More
- Plies - Dats Why You Bae
- Rich Da Kid - Extra
- Fat Joe - All The Way Up ft French MontanRemy Ma
- TygRawwest Nicca Alive
- Rich Da Kid - Plug ft Kodak Black
- Jose Guapo - Run It Up ft TakeOff
- Plies - Ruth Cris
- Slim Duece - Tha Topic
Chris Notez - Body Mine
Charlene - A Star Was Born
LV RnB - Take It There
Mike De'cole - Pretty Enough
Dove Hagan - Hero
Al McCoy - Yum Yum Feat. Garrin, M. Dot and Byrd
Luckie Day - Never Had A Love Feat. B Sims
Ellis Bailey - Where The Wild Things Live
Dior - Keep Your Head Up High
D. Stevens - Shawty (Club Mix) Ft. Upstate-P
A.B. - Couple Of Ways
Good Girl - Goodie
Steve Reason - Never Too Late (For Love)
My swag and me
Smoking Dope
Nice and easy
Positions ft  Tall
Boom boom
Turn up time ft Lil C Pilla
Eff you too
Bang Bang!
If you had a heart
New Sound
Blow with me ft D Boy & Jai Fresh
Money Machine $
Fall in love
Pressure (Jay Witty & Shauny Roulette)
Role Play (Jai Fresh & Shauny Roulette)
Twerk it drop it (Lil C Pilla & Shauny Roulette)
Top Dog - Bank$ ft Feevah
The Product - Prince Charles
Club Turnt - Feevah
Red Opps -  savage
Hopped Out - Bank$ ft Feevah
Magnificent - Young Thug
BreadMan - NoMaksRecords ft Wavy Santos, Lavi, The Relap (prod by codiene beats)
x in a Row - TK and Cash ft  Chainz
This Me, Fuck it - Timbaland ft.  Chainz
Overland - Ok Monty
Whip My Wrist - kisumdol A young drumma
On My Own - Bank$
Spent Me - Lil durk ft Meek Mill
Palace  - ft Forte Bowie , Johnny Cinco, OG Maco, CMore Stacks
My Spot - Bank$ ft Feevah ( prod by. Sunny the Rapper)
D.O.P.E - Rick Ross Ft. Future
Vicious V - Traction f. King Certified, JT Swagga
Vicious V - Stoned Out f. Duda, Sharde
Vicious V - Doubt It f. King Certified
Vicious V - Panties Off f. GC
Vicious V - Blow a lil Change f. GC, JT Swagga
Vicious V - All Over Me f. King Certified, JT Swagga
Vicious V - Brand New (Duda)
Vicious V - Shut it Down f. JT Swagga
Vicious V - No Chill f. JT Swagga
Vicious V - Settle It Now f. Duda, GC
Vicious V - Catfish f. SmittBeats
Young Scooter - Philthy Rich - Buss Down (Ft. Young Scooter) [Prod. By  Mafia]
Young Scooter - Sean Kingston - Rich N Famous (Ft. Young Scooter) [Prod. By Young Chop]
Young Scooter - Young Scooter - Real (Ft. Young Dolph) [Prod. By Zaytoven]
Young Scooter - Big Kuntry King -  (Ft. Young Scooter Young Dro)
Young Scooter - OG Boo Dirty - That Boy (Ft. Young Scooter CEO Lil Kenny) [Prod. By ChopHouze]
Young Scooter - Young Scooter - Cut It (Remix)
Young Scooter - Luey V Da Man - Trapp Out Hurr House (Ft. Young Scooter)
Young Scooter - Trouble [DTE] - Duct Tape (Ft. Young Scooter, Big Bank Black VL Deck BMG)
Young Scooter - Young Scooter - Hustla (Ft.  Slim Kris Kelli)
Young Scooter - ValDaTop - Wait A Min (Ft. Young Scooter)
Young Scooter - Mr. Bandz - Athlete (Ft. Young Scooter)
Young Scooter - P Reign - Juggin' (Ft. Young Scooter) [Prod. By Murda]
Young Scooter - Young Scooter - Daily Job (Ft. Chief Keef) [Prod. By Zaytoven]
Young Scooter - Gucci Mane - Foreign Bankroll (Ft. Dre P, Young Scooter, Bankroll Fresh Rich Homie Quan) [Prod. B
Young Scooter - Young Scooter - Count Up (Ft. Marco) [Prod. By Cheeze Beatz]
Young Scooter - Young Scooter - No Feelings (Ft. FDW BayBay SmileyFace) [Prod. By ChopHouze]
Young Scooter - Young Scooter - Swing My Way (Ft. Lil Jay) [Prod. By Cassius Jay]
Young Scooter - Hype Pacino - Money (Ft. Young Scooter Ray Vicks)
Young Scooter - Young Scooter - Chiraq (Ft. Lil Mouse Heavy Lo) [Prod. By Chase Davis]
Young Scooter - Young Scooter - Broke Bitch (Ft. Waka Flocka) [Prod. By Cassius Jay]
Young Thug - First Up
Young Thug-Serious
Young Thug-Tragic
Young Thug-Scoop
Young Thug-Money
Young Thug-Texaco
Young Thug-Magnificent
Young Thug Chief Keef - Warrior (Jeff Duran Remix)
Young Thug ft Johnny Drama-Oh No

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