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25.03.2018 Daily Update Best Tech House, MP3 PART-4

25.03.2018 Daily Update Best Tech House, MP3 PART-4

Tech House, Best New Tracks 2018 April
Alex Arnout - Carbon Unit
Alex Arnout - Monolith (DJ T. Remix)
Alex Arnout - Monolith
Alex Arnout - New Renegade
Antony Pl - Obsessions (Original Mix)
Argenis Brito, Felipe Valenzuela - Modulor (Original Mix)
Avior - Keep On Telling (Original Mix)
Avior - Wack Crowd (Original Mix)
Bassel Darwish - Future (Original Mix)
BBY JSS - R. Pierre (Original Mix)
Christian Martin - Cold Morning (Original Mix)
Christian Martin - Speaker Freaker (Original Mix)
Cuartero - Enderezado (Cocodrills Remix)
Cuartero - Enderezado (Original Mix)
Danniel Selfmade, Hugo Bianco - Alley Rock (Original Mix)
Demenzor - On My Way (Original Mix)
DirrtyDishes, Kuestenklatsch - Can Take
DirrtyDishes, Kuestenklatsch - Get O Funk
Emery Warman - 300 Miles (Original Mix)
Gianfranco Troccoli, Lio Mass (IT) - Rondas (Original Mix)
Hira - Is That So (Original Mix)
Hira - Jack Move Your Back (Club Edit Mix)
Hira - Jack Move Your Back (Original Mix)
Iban Montoro, Jazzman Wax - Chains (Matt McLarrie Remix)
Jazzy Eyewear, Spettro - Turn It Up (Honey Dijon Remix)
Jean Anza - Essence Of Buddhism (Original Mix)
Jean Anza - I Can See You Accross The Window (Original Mix)
Jean Anza - Meet Someone Extraordinary (Original Mix)
Jesse Perez - Things Done In The Dark (Mathias Kaden's Mental Twist Remix)
Jesse Perez - Things Done In The Dark (Original Mix)
Jesus Nava - Move (Original Mix)
Jesus Nava - Raw (Original Mix)
JP Torres - Back to the Front (Original Mix)
JP Torres - Bananawarama (Original Mix)
Junolarc, Erick Morillo, Redward Martin - Flashlight (Alternative Mix)
Kassier - Kadjar (Original Mix)
Kassier - Put The hands Up (Original Mix)
Kenny Tynan - Zaragoza (Original Mix)
Kuca - Rise Up (Original Mix)
Lee Ogdon - Divide (Original Mix)
LEKTRK - Come Over Here (Original Mix)
LEKTRK - Intergroove Interlude (Original Mix)
Lex Loofah - Hive Mind (Original Mix)
Liteweb - Nite Sand (Original Mix)
Liteweb - Salmon (Original Mix)
Marco Lys, The Deepshakerz - Too Busy (Miami 2018_ Special Weapon) (The Deepshakerz 2018 Re-Edit)
Marcos Salas - Nueva Escuela (Original Mix)
Marzzano - My Mind (Original Mix)
Matteo Vanti, Astin - Siero (Original Mix)
Mattia Cabibbo - Fuck Drugs (Original Mix)
Mattia Cabibbo - Know (Original Mix)
Mauro Vetter - Acapulco (Original Mix)
Monkey Maffia - Fat Freak (Original Mix)
Monkeye - Da Hype (Original Mix)
Navar - Atemzuge (Original Mix)
Newball - Funk Groove (Original Mix)
Nic Zega - Da Noise (Original Mix)
Nic Zega - Red Nails Girl (Original Mix)
Nicky Three Sixty - Birth (Hauckshay Remix)
Nicky Three Sixty - Birth (Original Mix)
Nicky Three Sixty - Freq. (Original Mix)
Nico Cabeza - Everyday (Original Mix)
Nicole Moudaber - I Like This One (Original Mix)
Nopopstar - Alanya (Original Mix)
o god - Holy Smokes (ADMN Remix)
Oblomov - Balzaam (Original Mix)
Oblomov - Buntar (Original Mix)
Odd Only - Solow (Sasse Remix)
Oscar L, Tini Garcia - Endless (Original Mix)
OSMININ - Keep Your Steps (Original Mix)
Passenger 10 - White Eagle (Original Club Mix)
PBR Streetgang feat Mattie Safer - Everything Changes (Tuff City Kids Acid Mix)
Pirro - Iron (Original Mix)
Pirro - Smoking (Original Mix)
Pleasurekraft, Jaceo & Vedic - American Hustle (Original Mix)
Poor Pay Rich - Aquatone (Original Mix)
Pulse Plant - Chartreuse (Original Mix)
Pulse Plant - Crazy Sounds (Original Mix)
Pulse Plant - Vida (Original Mix)
Rayven & Valexx - Want To Do (Extended Mix)
Romanthony, Kevin McKay - Freaky Dancers (PAX Remix)
Sharam Jey, Jean Bacarreza - Attention! (Original Mix)
Sharam Jey, Jean Bacarreza - No Soy Facil (Original Mix)
Tapesh, Iam Bam - Lost (Original Mix)
Tete Hz, YRM - Ding Dong (Original Mix)
Vern - Pe Vremuri (Original Mix)
VLF - La Mezanin (Original Mix)
VLF - Shaman Dan (Primarie 'DaDaDan Da' Remix)
Volkoder, Mc Stretch - Don't Stop Dancing (Original Mix)
Vom Feisten - Toilet Tales (Daniel Jaeger & Joseph Disco Remix)
Vom Feisten - Toilet Tales (Dirrty Dishes Remix)
Yvel & Tristan - Holdem (Original Mix)
Zlatnichi - Electric (Original Mix)
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