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25.11.2018 Daily Update Tech House November new chart tracks and albums 2018 PART-4

25.11.2018 Daily Update Tech House November new chart tracks and album

25.11.2018 Daily Update Tech House November new chart tracks and albums 2018 PART-4
D!AZ - Deviance (Original Mix)
Deejay Sat - All I Wanna Do (Original Mix)
Gerald Henderson - Don't Break It (Original Mix)
Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro - House Party (Jackjazz Remix)
Maxime Sache - Amnesia (Original Mix)
Pirro - No Limit (Original Mix)
Shin Matsura - Eraser (Original Mix)
Sinistar - Groove On (Original Mix)
The Benz Motorwagen - It's Nice (Original Mix)
Yvan Sealles, Naj - Dragstory ADE (Continuous DJ Mix)
Yvan Sealles, Naj - Rubber Rabbit (Dragsonor Extended Edit)
Chris Manura - Into the Woods (Mollono.Bass Remix)
DJOKO - Foolin' Round (Original Mix)
Dompe, Agent! - Safari (Original Mix)
Eddy M - The Beat (Original Mix)
Groove Salvation - Drop That (Original Mix)
Harvy Valencia - Fluorescente (Original Mix)
JJ Mullor, Gili & Craig - Hypnotic Sound (Original Mix)
Kenny Ground, Riccardo Farina - Mi Corazon (Luca M Remix)
Larsen Factory, Mario Del Regno - Virtual Body (Original Mix)
Lino Loud, Louis Brown - Body Language (Lino Loud Remix)
Los Paranos - Madness (Original Mix)
Marcos Salas - Tech House Rules (Original Mix)
Michelle Weeks, Sam Skilz - Release (Club Mix)
Monkey Brothers - Up to the Hill (Original Mix)
Neeco - Chipper (Original Mix)
Paul Gavronsky - Paradise (Original Mix)
Raul Martin, David Loewe - Mahle (Original Mix)
Rene Bourgeois - Techor (Original Mix)
Rulers - ID (Original Mix)
Ryan Shepherd (UK) - Bitch Better (Original Mix)
Seb LeBrox - I Know Angels (Stereotype Remix)
Simun - Religion (Milkwish Remix)
Wild & Kins - Save with Us (Original Mix)
Alfrenk - Sinapsi (Original Mix)
Alfrenk - Sinapsi (Rafael Francesconi Remix)
And Who - Perfect (Original Mix)
AWSI - For As Long As You Want (Original Mix)
Brutal Bill - The DJ's List (Original Mix)
Brutal Bill - The DJ's List (Tommy Myst Remix)
Butane - Playing Games With Electricity (Original Mix)
Butane - Sexy (Original Mix)
Butane - The Pressure (Original Mix)
Carlos Perez, George Privatti, Guille Placencia - California (Andrew Savich Remix)
Casmalia - Observe (Original Mix)
Casmalia - Walking Distance (SEVADER Remix)
Cocun, Tomas Bessone - The Flight (Original Mix)
Dan Black (UK) - Chickz (Original Mix)
Dan Black (UK) - Knees Up (Original Mix)
Dan Black (UK) - Workin (feat Parris Mitchell)
Danniel Selfmade - Akuabana (Original Mix)
Deeper Purpose, Intrusive, Davi Menezes - Rocket (Original Mix)
Dino Saints, Unknown7 - Back On Track (Original Mix)
DJ Smilk - Break Free (Original Mix)
DJ Smilk - Sweet Ear (Matteo Freyrie Remix)
DJ Smilk - Sweet Ear (Original Mix)
DJ Smilk - Sweet Heart (Jayro Remix)
DJ Smilk - Sweet Heart (Original Mix)
DJ Smilk - Yourselves (Original Mix)
Dorian Chavez - Hapiness (Original Mix)
Dzordz - East Coast (Kris Von Remix)
Dzordz - East Coast (Local Legend Remix)
Dzordz - East Coast (Original Mix)
Electronic Youth - Funk Shuffle (Original Mix)
Elio Riso, Muter - Twilo (Vikthor Remix)
Enzo Elia, Musumeci - Gothic Safari (Original Mix)
Erik Christiansen, David Museen - Brapp (Original Mix)
Fabricio Pecanha, Juliano Machado - How Do You Do (Original Mix)
Felix Da Housecat, Kristin Velvet - Acid Picky
Felix Da Housecat, Kristin Velvet - Swing Special
Flaminik - New Hand (Original Mix)
Gianluca Calabrese - Just For Me (Original Mix)
Gianni Firmaio, Diego Lima - Champions (Original Mix)
GIOC - Spirits (Original Mix)
Grasor - Atom (Original Mix)
Grasor - Edge (Original Mix)
Grasor - Perfect (Original Mix)
Hazzaro - Excess (Original Mix)
Hazzaro - To The Rhythm (Original Mix)
HeartlyBeats - So Nuts
Indira Boka - Next to You (Original Mix)
Infamouz - Walking Boots (Original Mix)
Jack Swaffer, Richey Profond - Faith (Original Mix)
James Bradshaw - Down Like This (Original Mix)
James Cole - Get Down (Original Mix)
James Cole - Get Down (Vincenzo D'amico Remix)
James Cole - Move Your Feet (Original Mix)
Joe Diem - Wildlife (Original Mix)
Jules Wells - Silent Orchestra (Antwon Faulkner's More Life Remix)
Kangkuenstler - Dance With Me (Raffa FL Remix)
KURED - Blazing (Original Mix)
KURED - FLMF (Original Mix)
Luca Lento, The Deepshackerz - Sourn (Original Mix)
Lumc House - Habanera (Original Mix)
Mad Veci - Nagotxu (Original Mix)
Makanan, L.O.R.D.I.E - Trouble (Original Mix)
Manu Fuentes - Come Come (Blue-Room Remix)
Manu Fuentes - Come Come (Original Mix)
Marc Spieler - Blues Job (Original Mix)
Marco Lys - Visions of You (Khainz Remix)
Matteo Gatti - My Sun (Dennis Cruz Remix)
Mavin - Time (Is A Promise) (Snuff Crew Remix)
Ming (GER) - B - Side You (Original Mix)
Modulest - Biphasic (Original Mix)
Neverdogs - El Puto (Original Mix)
Nicola d'Angella - Fleeting (Mirko Dee Remix)
Nicola d'Angella - Fleeting (Original Mix)
Nicola d'Angella - Fleeting (Patrick Leyka Remix)
Oscar Poulsen - Back To The Break (Original Mix)
Philipp Gonzales - The Lost Art (Original Mix)
Philipp Gonzales - Visions Of The Past (Original Mix)
Rhyno, Monstergetdown - Puerto Barrio (Original Mix)
Roy Lebens - Cold Wind (Original Mix)
Sergio Saffe - Khalui (Original Mix)
Sergio Saffe - Loewe (Original Mix)
Sergio Saffe - Loewe (Wilian Kraupp Remix)
Sidney - Game (Original Mix)
Space Puma - Collective Jungle (Original Mix)
Squicciarini - Jungle Demon (2 Sides Of Soul Remix)
Stephen William - Coffee Break (Original Mix)
TacoMan, jose m, Cool Jei - Scottish Girl (Italoboyz Mukker Remix)
Thompson - Djubu (Original Mix)
Tomi&Kesh - Nozzo (Original Mix)
Toxo - Shake It (Bump Ugly Remix)
Tyrone B Nelson - Sons (Dub Mix)
Tyrone B Nelson - Sons (Lj Guru Remix)
Tyrone B Nelson - Sons (Original Mix)
Vanucci - Wild Instinct (Original Mix)
Warung, Cheechmo - A Bay Bay (Original Mix)
Weedow - Way We (Original Mix)
Wheats - Original Rebel (Original Mix)
Wheats - U N I (Original Mix)
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