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29.10.17 Daily Update Top EDM Tracks PART-1 (Deep House new tracks Soulful House, Dubstep, Grime, Twerk)


Deep House & Nu Disco & Indie Dance & Soulful House

Electra - Dream Space Inbetween
Flyypost, Molly Knew - Further Dreams
Gnork - Blorp93
Gnork - One Point Two
Heko - Nu Reve
Luv Jam, High Fox - Romeo, the 1016
Maxim Lany, Lemakuhlar, Maxim Lany & Lemakuhlar - Exotic Guitar
Plas Vegas - Horseshoe Fall
Studio Swiss - Falcons Pass
Taylor Made - Glaswellt Gwyrdd
David Ponziano - Led Storm (Original Mix)
Per Hammar - Lost Tape (Original Mix)
Quell - One Less (Original Mix)
SIS - The Rondom (Original Mix)
Taster Peter - Nutella Jar (Original Mix)
Babak - Mon Repos (Till Von Sein Remix)
Baldo - All Together (Ruff Stuff Remix)
Black Loops - Baustelle (Tech Support Edit)
Carlo - Infinite Improbability Drive (Flabaire Remix)
Mr. Bootsauce - On Even Keel
Mr. Bootsauce - Together We Vibe
So Dubbed - Lose Yo Breath
So Dubbed - Wanna Do
Daniel Cuda, Vaxx - The More (Original Mix)
Dirty Channels, Rogue D - Make It Right (Original Mix)
Kevin McKay - The Love Forever (Original Mix)
Magitman - Around You (Original Mix)
Mr. Night - Movin' (Original Mix)
Space Jump Salute - Say No More (Original Mix)
Thomas Gandey, Solarc - I Give You More(Feat. Thomas Gandey) (Original Mix)
Tommy Vercetti - Flamingo (Original Mix)
Adam Moda - Disconnect (Original Mix)
Adam Moda - Lust (Original Mix)
Aeroplane - Love On Hold (Feat. Tawatha Agee)
Alexz - Dreamin (Original Mix)
Amberoom - Craft (Original Mix)
Amberoom - Klark (Original Mix)
Amberoom - Minoo (Original Mix)
Atfc & Bongoloverz - I Called U (The Conversation) Power Of Music (Feat. An-Tonic)
Bluesoil - Sunny Land (Original Mix)
Body Music - Just One (Mixed)
Bookwood - Detuned World (Original Mix)
Bookwood - Follow (Original Mix)
Bookwood - Uh Yes Oh Yeah (Original Mix)
Bwi-Bwi - Insight (Mixed)
Cerrone - Give Me Love (Funk Hunk Re Edit)
Chanelle - One Man (One Mix)
Cool Million - Dontcha Wanna Dance (Feat. Marc Evans)
Crazy P - One True Light (Mixed)
Dany Cohiba - Nocturnal Pleasures (Original Mix)
De'lacy - Hideaway (Dubfire Needs To Score)
Debbie Jacobs - Don't You Want My Love (Mixed)
Dirk Sid Eno - Aachener Weiher (Original Mix)
Dirk Sid Eno - Kap Hornstrasse (Original Mix)
Dj Cocodil - La Mariposa
Dj Csemak - The Future (Original Mix)
Dj John 'Julius' Knight - Find A Friend (Dr Packer Remix)
Dusty Kid - Milk (Marc Romboy's Starquake)
Dusty Kid - Milk (Original Mix)
Dyna' - Sabotage (Original Mix)
Expanded People - One2one (Original Mix)
Funk Hunk - Dancing Fever (Original Mix)
Funk Hunk - Everybody Dance (Original Mix)
Funk Hunk - Never Been In Love (Original Mix)
Gary Swift - Baby It's You (Saud's Deep Edit Mix)
Herr - London Express (Nitin Remix)
Herr - London Express (Original Mix)
Herr - November Rain (Original Mix)
Herr - Sense Of Wonder (Hector Remix)
Herr - Sense Of Wonder (Original Mix)
Joey Negro & Horse Meat Disco - Dancing Into The Stars (Feat. Angela Johnson)
Jonathan Kaspar - Cicatrice
Jonathan Kaspar - Mellow
Jonathan Kaspar - Paradise
Jose Vizcaino - Behind The Scenes (Original Mix)
Jose Vizcaino - Justin Time (Original Mix)
Jose Vizcaino - Taste It (Original Mix)
Jose Vizcaino - The Monsters Are Back (Original Mix)
Joshua Jesse - Arethusa (Original Mix)
Joshua Jesse - Hesperusa (Original Mix)
Karl Fraunhofer - Santa Cruz (Leo Mas & Fabrice Remix)
Karl Fraunhofer - Santa Cruz
Karl Fraunhofer - Tone (Neil Diablo Remix)
Karl Fraunhofer - Tone
Kevin Yost - Chant The Night (Original Mix)
Kevin Yost - La Espere (Original Mix)
Kraak & Smaak - Back Again (Feat. John Turrell)
Kristine W & Armless Kid - Feel What You Want (Our Tribe Vocal Mix) Loubar's Stars (Feat. Queen Rose)
Ks French - All My Life (Original Mix)
Ks French - Cold Shoot (Original Mix)
Ks French - Got Stuff (Original Mix)
Ks French - Higher Love (Original Mix)
Ks French - If I Can Fly (Original Mix)
Ks French - Moneys Too Tight (Original Mix)
Lehar - Dance Of The Last Man (Original Mix)
Lehar - Declaration (Original Mix)
Lehar - Dream (Original Mix)
Lehar - Metrotango (Original Mix)
Lehar - The Last Track (Original Mix)
Lehar - The R.E.M. Phase (Original Mix)
Lesny Deep - Touch My Hand (Main Vocal Mix)
Lhh - Deeper (Mental Deep Remix)
Marc Hartman - 2 As 1
Marc Hartman - Anything I'll Do
Marc Hartman - Be The Rhythm
Marc Hartman - Dreams Are Reality
Marc Hartman - Endless Summer (Shining Sun)
Marc Hartman - Follow The Brightest Star
Marc Hartman - Glow
Marc Hartman - I'm Burning
Marc Hartman - Land Of The Rising Sun
Marc Hartman - Little Wonder
Marc Hartman - Mirror Of Love
Marc Hartman - My Morning Sun
Marc Hartman - My Offences
Marc Hartman - Oceans To Cross
Marc Hartman - Put It On Me
Marc Hartman - Spirits
Marc Hartman - Sweet Summer Rain
Marc Hartman - Tears Run For Love
Marc Hartman - You Are Gonna Love Me
Marino Canal - All The Right Endings (Original Mix)
Marino Canal - The Endless Fall (Original Mix)
Marino Canal - The Midnight Sun (Original Mix)
Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa - Work.Groove (Chezz Cosmic Groove Remix)
Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa - Work.Groove (Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax Remix)
Medsound - Feeling The Pressure
Medsound - I Don't Wanna Be In Love
Medsound - I Want You Around
Medsound - Keep It Alive
Medsound - Message On The Wall
Medsound - Never Fear The Love
Medsound - Ses Illetes
Medsound - The Life We Once Had
Medsound - Touring
Medsound - Wandering Satellites
Mike Dunn - Time Keeps Marching On (Mike Dunn Kenlou Trib Mixx) Acid (Accapella)
Monsieur Jean - The Garden Of Secrets (Original Mix)
Mr. Bootsauce - On Even Keel (Original Mix)
Mr. Bootsauce - Together We Vibe (Original Mix)
Nahue Juarez - Simplify (Juan Hansen Remix)
Nahue Juarez - Simplify (Portofino Sunrise Remix)
Nahue Juarez - Simplify
Nils Hoffmann - Moon Water (Original Mix)
Nils Hoffmann - Physical Grinder (Original Mix)
Paul Revered - E2-E4 (Original Mix)
Qubiko - Disco Connection (Mixed)
Qwestlife - Give Me A Minute (Feat. Jacqui George)
Rhythmic Groove - On The Floor (Original Mix)
Right On - Once The Dust Has Settled (Original Mix)
Right On - Recollecting (Original Mix)
Right On - Revolving (Original Mix)
Salomé De Bahia - Outro Lugar (Mixed)
Sandy B - Feel Like Singin' (Def Classic Mix)
Saud Albloushi - Remy Nights (Original Mix)
Shaboom - Totally (David Morales Alternative Vocal Remix)
Shapeshifters - When Love Breaks Down (Feat. Teni Tinks)
Snazzy Trax - By The Hour
Snazzy Trax - Get Together
Snazzy Trax - The Tribe (Groove Riddim Remix)
Snazzy Trax - The Tribe (Jemaho's 'Organic' Remix)
Snazzy Trax - The Tribe (Melodymann Remix)
Snazzy Trax - The Tribe (No Shit Like Deep Remix)
Snazzy Trax - The Tribe
So Dubbed - Lose Yo Breath (Original Mix)
So Dubbed - Wanna Do (Original Mix)
Stephane Deschezeaux - Always On My Mind (Original Mix)
Stephane Deschezeaux - Destiny (Original Mix)
Swing 52 - Color Of My Skin (Swing Remix)
Tecca - The Mountain (Deep Version)
Togetherbro - Makin It (Mental Deep Dub)
Warren Clarke & Fcl - Over You (Feat. Kathy Brown) 'It's You' (Accapella)
Zithane - Feeling Dizzy (Original Mix)

Dubstep, Grime, Trap
NGHTMRE - On The Run (feat. Passeport)
Pfista - Majestic
Pfista - Puzzled Cat From Los Santos
Sex Whales & Omri - The Program
Sex Whales - Night Fighters (feat. Messinian)
Skeptiks - Violate
Soltan - The Realm
Zombie Nation - Kernraft 400 (Hartness & Miss Ghyss Remix).wav
Anki, Micah Martin - All Alone (Original Mix)
Arston, Sibbyl - Messed Up (Original Mix)
BadKlaat - ROAWR
ConRank & Holly - Playing High
DISTO & Holly - Cutie
ensu - Gronk.wav
Hex Cougar - Agatha (Original Mix)
High Zombie - SHADOWS
Holly x Skope - Plasticity
Jackal - Empathy (Original Mix)
Just Kiddin - More To Life (TUNAKI Remix)
lanki - money [leotrix master 1].wav
leet - issa.wav
Makk x RicharddSly - Chaos
Mike Mago, Tiggi Hawke - Dangerous Behaviour (Original Mix)
msft. - Take One
NGHTMRE - On The Run (feat. Passeport)
NGHTMRE, Passeport - On The Run (Original Mix)
Noah Cyrus, XXXTENTACION - Again (Galactic Marvl Remix)
Notaker, Declan James, Karra - Who I Am (Original Mix)
Robin Schulz, Hugel - I Believe I'm Fine (Original Mix)
Skrillex, Poo Bear - Would You Ever (Branchez, Charlie Klarsfeld Remix)
Skullkid - watch what happens.wav
Slander, Kayzo, Dylan Matthew - Without You (Original Mix)
TJR, Chris Bushnell - Higher State (Extended Mix)
Valentino Khan - PUMP (Yvng Jalapeño Edit)
What So Not - Better ft. LPX (ORIENTAL CRAVINGS flip)

Dutch House, Dirty Dutch, Moombahton, Moombahcore
DRIIIFT - Hero (Original Mix)
Gaminow - Jungle Sound
Kroshwell - Rocket (Extended Mix)
MR.BLACK & 22Bullets feat. Richie Loop - Higher (Extended Mix)
Party Favor x Bad Royale - BURY (feat. Richie Loop)
R3SPAWN vs. Muztach & Strada - Nakala (Original Mix)

Electro House Vol.1335, Progressive, House
Bleedin Neutron - Steel Pillars of Dawn (Original Mix)
Chris Stoll - Introspection (eNc(Irl) Remix)
f.e.b.a. - Soul Trap (Original Mix)
Following Light - Bulge (Ewan Rill Remix)
John Noir - Melancholia (Original Mix)
K.Oshkin - Point of Enlightenment (Matt Holliday's Radiant Remix)
Platunoff - Secret (Audioglider Remix)
r.v.o - Durch&Hcrub (Martin Giraldez Remix)
Sergei Spatz - Dark Forest (Ivan Lu Remix)
Slow Phase - Errant Click (Original)
Alan Walker - The Spectre (Housegeist Extended Mix)
Albon - If You're Anywhere (Extended Mix)
Albon - If You're Anywhere (Radio Mix)
Alpha 9 - Lily (Extended Mix) 
ALPHA 9 - Lily (Extended Mix)
Andy Ztoned - Oh Carol (Radio Edit)
Anki & Micah Martin - All Alone
Antoine Delvig - Disciples (Extended Mix)
Avicii - Without You (SON & Vil Remix)
B Selekt - Your Love (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
Ben Delay, Alexandra Prince - Out of My Life feat. Alexandra Prince (Calippo Remix)
Ben Delay, Alexandra Prince - Out of My Life feat. Alexandra Prince (Extended Mix)
Billy Kenny - The Hood Girl (Original Mix)
Billy Kenny - Trip Report (Original Mix)
BL3R, GMAXX, Jakik - Tigre (Original Mix)
Blufeld - Tristful Sleeper (Narel Remix)
Boomjackers - Always Dreaming (Radio Edit)
Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug - Havana (Pink Panda Remix)
Cantaffa - Call Me (Extended Mix)
Chris Wilde - Our Time (feat. Jonny Rose)
Clean Bandit feat. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul - Rockabye (Edson Pride Babylon Remix)
Crazibiza - Lockdown (Tommyboy Vs Crazibiza Remix)
Crusy - Things at Night (Original Mix)
D3FAI, Kazden - Drift (Extended Mix)
Dada ft. Lee Williams - Get Your Body On (Dada Extended Remix)
Dada ft. Lee Williams - Get Your Body On (Extended Mix)
Daniel Blume - Tonight (Amice Remix)
Dario Synth, Chess - We Are (BDIS Remix)
Defeo - Profiteers (Original Mix) 
Demokracy - Euphoria (Instrumental Edit)
Diego Barrera - On Top (Original Mix)
Dirty Ducks, JuicyTrax - Equinoxe (Extended Mix)
Disciples - Jealousy (Original Mix)
Ditronne - Octagone (Original Mix)
DJ Cargo - I Got You (Extended)
DJ Snake feat. Lauv - A Different Way (Magnace Remix)
DJ Snake feat. Lauv - A Different Way (twoDB Remix)
Dover & Vino - Hydra
Dr. Alban - It's My Life (DJ SAVIN & Alex Pushkarev Remix)
DRIIIFT - Hero (Original Mix)
Ego Valente - Subbo (Original Mix)
Ego Valente - Tatua (Original Mix)
Ego Valente - Volcano (Original Mix)
Ewan Rill & K Loveski - Biaggia (Original Mix)
Ewan Rill & K Loveski - Elau (Original Mix)
Fonzerelli - Love In The 80s (Original Mix)
Francisco Garcia Devrient - Care the Soul (Niceshot & Armando Guerrero Remix)
Frank Kvitta - Speaking Thru Emotions (Coyu Raw Edit)
Gabriel Cazali - My Nature (Original Mix)
Gabriel Cazali - Share Trips (Original Mix)
Gabriel Cazali - Space for My Soul (Original Mix)
Garmiani - Fogo (SEEQ Bootleg)
Goja & Holly - Creaky
Gorgon City - Primal Call (Original Mix)
Grum, Kevin McKay - Dark Train (Original Mix) 
Henry Fong - Bubblin Anthem (Original Mix)
Herobust - Debt  N Eight (Tha Boogie Bandit Remix)
Hexlogic - Pulse (Original Mix)
Hexlogic - Went Too Far (Original Mix)
Jamie Baggotts - Go (Mark Found 'Grr' Remix)
Jauz, ROUXN - Meant To Love You (Original Mix)
Jaytech - Only Now (Original Mix)
Jaytech - Red Planet (Original Mix)
Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight '2K17 (Edson Pride Babylon Remix)
Jerome - Crush (Extended Mix)
Jerome - Crush
Just Kiddin - More To Life (AXRG Remix)
Kygo x Ellie Goulding - First Time (twoDB Remix)
Lady Bee - Do You Wanna Funk (Cutmore Extended Mix)
Lady Bee - Do You Wanna Funk (KlubKidz Club Mix)
Lady GaGa - John Wayne (Edson Pride Remix)
Lady GaGa - Million Reasons (Cajjmere Wray Millionth Remix)
Lion - Hurricane (Extended Mix)
LoaX & Arcando - Move On (Extended Mix)
London Grammar - Hey Now (David Pietras Bootleg)
Louis The Child, Ashe - Right To It (Original Mix)
Luca Debonaire, Popcorn Poppers - So Funky (Original Mix)
Maroon 5 feat. SZA - What Lovers Do (Reznikov Remix)
Matt Bukovski - Legenda (Extended Mix)
Mirko Boni - La Luna En Bogota (Danilo Secli Remix)
Mirko Boni - La Luna En Bogota (David Novacek Remix)
MOii - Mummified (Original Mix)
Mokita & Maty Noyes - Goodbye
Mordkey - Move Your Body (Original Mix)
MorganJ, Boothed - FIESTA (Original Mix)
MR.BLACK & 22Bullets feat. Richie Loop - Higher (Extended Mix)
N.P.G, Drek's, Oliver Hawls - Atlantis (Original Mix)
Nathan Clement - Quintessence (Maddux Remix)
Nathan Clement - Quintessence (Original Mix)
Nathan Clement - Quintessence (Vlad Jet Remix)
Nelson (DE) - Ain't Foolin' Real (Original Mix)
Nelson (DE) - Get The Fuck Up (Original Mix)
Nelson (DE) - Keepin' It Real (Original Mix)
Nelson (DE) - No Chill (Original Mix)
Niviro - The Return (Original Mix)
Notaker  feat. Declan James & Karra – Who I Am (Original Mix)
Olav Basoski - Musique Spciale (Extended Mix)
Olav Basoski - One More Chance (Extended Mix)
Olav Basoski - Quince (Extended Mix)
Olav Basoski, Stanford - My House (Extended Mix)
Ovion & Sam Void - Faded (Original Mix) 
Paul Oakenfold - Deep Space (Original Mix)
Paul Oakenfold - Deep Space (Petar Dundov Remix)
Petit Biscuit, Panama - Waterfall (Original Mix)
PULLER & AndreOne - Dynamite
Purple Stories - Manuscript (Extended Mix)
Quentyn - Home Tonight (Original Mix)
R3SPAWN, Muztach & Strada - Nakala (Radio Edit)
Rachael O'Connor - Done With Your Love (G-A-Y Cutmore Extended Mix)
Radiology, Tripl - Alive (Extended Mix)
Rafael Cerato - Between Us (Lake Avalon Remix)
Rafael Cerato - Polaroid (Dizharmonia Remix)
Rafael Cerato - Polaroid (Lake Avalon Remix)
Rafael Cerato - Polaroid (Original Mix)
Rhys, Robin Schulz - Like You Mean It (Original Mix)
Rihanna - Sledgehammer (Edson Pride & Leandro Moraes Remix)
RIVERO - Get Down (Extended Mix)
Robert Qoe - Warp Motion (Radio Edit)
Robert R. Hardy - Verum (Solid Stone Rmx)
Roger Sanchez, Mike Vale, Kelli-Leigh - Do It Well feat. Kelli-Leigh (Extended Mix)
Sammy Love feat. Josie Rosa - Torcida (Enea Marchesini Remix Edit)
Sasha Vector - Liquid Blue (The Summer) (Original Mix)
Sirah, Skrillex - Deadbeat (Original Mix)
Sj - Reflection (Radio Edit)
South Pole - Rise (Original Mix)
SOVTH - Boriquas (Marcus Schossow Remix)
SOVTH - Boriquas (Original Mix)
SOVTH - Sovereign (Original Mix)
Subjack - We Are Pirates (Original Mix) REMASTERED FULL
Tchami, Malaa - Summer 99' (Original Mix)
The Him, Ivy Adara - Everybody Hurts (Original Mix)
The Ragga Twins, MDE - Move It Up (Radio Edit)
Thomas Newson - Combat (Extended Mix)
Tiesto, Stargate, Aloe Blacc - Carry You Home (Original Mix)
Two Friends - Emily (feat. James Delaney)
U2 - You're The Best Thing About Me (Bobby Rooke UltiMix)
Underscorer - Camille (Original Mix)
Van Yorge - Summer Feelings (Bruno Motta Remix)
Van Yorge - Summer Feelings (Mark & Lukas Remix)
Van Yorge - Summer Feelings (Miroslav Vrlik Remix)
Van Yorge - Summer Feelings (Original Mix)
Vito Tafuri - A Night In Detroit (Original Mix)
Wild Culture, Ramon - Lose Myself (Extended Mix)
Yomanda, PTHDZ - You're Free (Club Mix) 
Yomanda, PTHDZ - You're Free (Extended Mix) 
Yomanda, PTHDZ - You're Free (Mikro Remix) 
Yomanda, PTHDZ - You're Free (Murekian Remix) 
Zedd & Alessia Cara - Stay (Dario Xavier Mix)
Zombie Nation - Kernraft 400 (Hartness & Miss Ghyss Remix)
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