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31.10 Daily Update Top EDM Tracks PART-2



Acote - Sidewalk
Andras Toth - Mudang
Bloke - Vilification
Crushfield - Rarralax
Dan Only - Pacific Heights
Haste - AA24
Kindbody - Worn
Koosh n Murge - Whales Unt Space (feat. Mike Roma)
Maaskant - HeLa
Muon - Rubber Tree
Murr - Bars
Nathan Jonson - Take Me Away from This Place
Nautiluss - Jasper
Neverdyingsoul - REM
Noyz II Men - Zenith
Schist - Riding Thermals
Souns - Quiet Love
Step Fiction - Dorothy Lanwright
Vellus - Peachfuzz
Can Ergun - Dream On (Original Mix)
Can Ergun - Everything Is OK (Original Mix)
Can Ergun - Whatever (Original Mix)
Carson Teal - All That Is (Original Mix)
Carson Teal - Back To The Sun (Original Mix)
Carson Teal - Mirror (Original Mix)
Carson Teal - Wake (Original Mix)
Coppola - Claps (Original Mix)
Diatonik - Odyssey (George Adi Remix)
Diatonik - Odyssey (Original Mix)
Diatonik - Odyssey (Peppe Markese & Daniele Travali Remix)
Ioanis - Boatsignal (Victor Norman Remix)
Ioanis, Don Son - Selenicereus Grandiflorus (KeyBe Remix)
Levon Vincent (For Paris) - Baseball
Levon Vincent (For Paris) - Dancing With Machiavelli
Levon Vincent (For Paris) - Hope For New Global Peace - In 3 Parts
Levon Vincent (For Paris) - If We Choose Peace
Levon Vincent (For Paris) - If We Choose War
Levon Vincent (For Paris) - Kissing
Levon Vincent (For Paris) - Late Reflections
Levon Vincent (For Paris) - Only Good Things
Levon Vincent (For Paris) - Slander Is Terrible
Levon Vincent (For Paris) - The Candlelight
Lusk - Fate (Original Mix)
Lusk - Sailing In Dreams (Original Mix)
Shwin - Castaway (Original Mix)
Shwin - Starbound (Original Mix)
Shwin - Wandering (Original Mix)
Siriusmo - Bleat
Siriusmo - Comic
Siriusmo - Dagoberta
Siriusmo - Geilomant
Siriusmo - Important Movie Scene
Siriusmo - Isegrim
Siriusmo - Momento Mori
Siriusmo - Psychofant
Siriusmo - Stock und Stein
Siriusmo - Wixn
Siriusmo - Wrong Password
Siriusmo feat. Dana & Romano - La Bouche
Siriusmo feat. Jan Driver - Patina
Siriusmo feat. Mr. Oizo - Doppelklick
Wind, Chakra Bliss - Say Something Loving (Electronic Lounge Dub Mix)
Wind, Shanti Shanti - The River (Enigmatic New Age Chill Out Mix)
Wind, Tai-Chi Gong - Moonglow (Ethnic Oriental Vocal Pop Mix)
Wind, Zaalima - Kiri No Mashuka (Downbeat In Asia Mix)
Yeophis - Isabela (Original Mix)
Yeophis - Puerto Real (Original Mix)

Fidget House, Bass Music Pack
Artiik - What the Fuck (Remix) 
Bombs Away ft. Elle Vee - Like You (Dash One's Skrrt Remix)
Botnek - Inside the Groove 
Brandon Reeve - Orbit
D-Tune - Everlasting Love (Marc Reason Remix)
Dirty Sunchez - Raw (Original Mix)
DRYSKILL - Who Are The Killers
Elvis Crespo - Suavemente (KVSH & Beowülf Remix) 
FATESKY - Roll Out
Green Ketchup - Bass Code
HAECHI - Drop Money
JACKNIFE - Half House
John Christian - Back To The Oldskool
John Christian - Funkastarz
MNNR - Freaknik
RageMode & Angry Beats - Damn Son
Syskey - Atypique
Syskey - Chasing Perfection
Two Figures - Bring It Back
Zomboy - Saints & Sinners (Habstrakt Remix) 

House, Classic, Jackin House, Future House
2owl, Wizzi - Raindrops (Original Mix)
Bougenvilla feat. LZRZ - No Sleep (Sonny Bass & Jordi Rivera Remix)
Bougenvilla ft. LZRZ - No Sleep (Sonny Bass & Jordi Rivera Remix)
Dave Johnson - Lost Ways (Original Mix)
Dave Johnson - Only (Original Mix)
Lastik - Illusion (Original Mix)
Riser - Reaction (Original Mix)
Alexander Zabbi, Dr Pius - The Silence (Original Mix)
Luke James - Come On People (Original Mix)
Luke James - Take Me Higher (Original Mix)
Luke James - Want It All (Original Mix)
Matthew Yates - Dancing Put Us Under (Original Mix)
Andy Book - FlexKey (Original Mix)
Boyard - Go For A Spin (Original Mix)
Boyard - Still In Space (Original Mix)
Danny eM - Mas House Que Esto (Original Mix)
Demarkus Lewis - Sing It (Deez OG Concept)
Gaol, Tatsu, Miss Dee - Chubbak feat. Miss Dee (Original Mix)
James Brucke - Just Like That (Original Mix)
Le Mills - AM (Original Mix)
Marco Madia - Sifaka (Original Mix)
Mike Morales, Mi Ke - Bumble-B (Original Mix)
Quicker Balance - Feel The Melody (Original Mix)
Rick Wade - Seen Things (Original Mix)
Rogerio Martins - Find The Love (Original Mix)
Sherr - Los Monjes (Original Mix)
Smokin Us - Love U (Original Mix)
AfroTura - Favela (Original Mix)
AfroTura, Wann - Earthquake (Original Mix)
Alioscia Mele, Bunz Music - Backup (Original Mix)
Alioscia Mele, Bunz Music - Format (Original Mix)
Anei - Yanagi (Deep Keep Remix)
Anei - Yanagi (Original Mix)
Animist - Down 
Animist, Eden Moor - Down (Original Mix)
Animist, Eduardo - Don't Stop (Original Mix)
Armiento - Action (Original Mix)
Armiento - Regressive Folly (Original Mix)
Asle - Rolling (Instrumental Mix)
Asle - Rolling (Original Mix)
Belier, Ri-bass - Stronger (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Kim Morgan - Jack Em Up (Original)
CMC$ & Conor Maynard - Understand Me (Bougenvilla Extended Remix) 
Damon Hess feat Alex Wallhead - Don't Worry Child
Darian Crouse, Amateur At Play - My Secret Crush (Original Mix)
Diego Santander - Blanco (Original Mix)
Diego Santander - Cant Back (Original Mix)
Diego Santander - Viper (Original Mix)
DJ Jim Mastershine - ThouSand Miles (Original Mix)
DJ Jim Mastershine - Tonight (Original Mix)
DJ Kiko - Feel Free Music (Original Mix)
Elias Rojas - Jungle Drums (Original Mix)
Execute & FaderX - Cabrio (Original Mix) 
Felon - Planets (Original Mix)
Felon - Swimwear (Original Mix)
Firejack feat. Gabriela Brown - Green Lights (Extended Mix) 
Generik - So High (Extended Mix)
Generik - So High (Generik Remix Dub)
Generik - So High (Generik Remix)
Gettoblaster - Flip The Script (Original Mix)
Goldfish & Pontifexx feat. Gustavo Bertoni - Rising Sun (Extended Mix)
Green Ketchup - Damn Money (Original Mix)
Greg Kercia, Ridwello - Trouble (Minj Remix)
HNNY - Blomstertid
HNNY - Moln
HNNY - Pa solen
HNNY - Promenad
HNNY - Till dig
HNNY - Trettio
Honey Dijon, Sam Sparro, Tim K - Look Ahead (Extended Mix)
Joedan, MC Blenda - Hardcore Girls (Joedan Remix)
Joedan, MC Blenda - Hardcore Girls (Original Mix)
Joedan, MC Blenda - Hardcore Girls (Shay, Sinista Remix)
Joris Dee - No Rules (Original Mix)
Juan Chousa  - Spam! (Original Mix) 
Juan Chousa - Spam! (Original Mix)
Jude & Frank, Raul Mendes, Havoc & Lawn, Leandro Da Silva - Alegria (Federal Music Anthem 2017) 
Klosman - For My People (Original Mix)
Lisette, Anzed - Walk Away (Original Mix) 
Luca Debonaire & Kiki Doll - Gotta Know 
Luca Debonaire - Rock All Night (Original Mix) 
Luca Zante - Mirage (Original Mix)
Luke James - Urgent (Original Mix)
Marco Cometti - Set Me Free (Original Mix)
Mirko Boni - Verdad (Original Mix)
N2N x Danny Ayer - Passenger (Extended Mix)
N2N x Danny Ayer - Passenger (Instrumental Mix)
Ndumiso, Mlawra, Vuyisile - Our Love (Original Mix)
Nelson (DE) - Aint Foolin Real (Original Mix)
Nelson (DE) - Get The Fck Up (Original Mix)
Nelson (DE) - Keepin It Real (Original Mix)
Nelson (DE) - No Chill (Original Mix)
Paolo Faz - Salinas (Original Mix)
Paolo Faz - Stylus (Original Mix)
Papa Marlin - All You Need (Original Mix)
Papa Marlin - What Am I What (Original Mix)
Paul Richmond - Feels Like Home (Extended Mix)
Paul Richmond - Feels Like Home (Instrumental Mix)
Pauls Paris feat. Moses York - Make Your Mind Up (Axwell & NEW_ID Remode)
PC Pat, Claud Santo - Universal Diplomacy (Original Mix)
Peter Ellis - About Us (Original Mix)
Philip Acorowsky - Sunrise (Original mix)
Philip Acorowsky - Tequila (Original mix)
Piem - I Got the G (Bedran. Remix)
Piem - I Got the G (Original Mix)
Piem - S.E.X. (Original Mix)
Putzel vs. Cicada - The Things U Say 
Ray Foxx, KINdom - Gabriel (Original Mix)
Refeci & Robbie Koex feat. Micah Martin - New World (B3nte Remix)
Refeci & Robbie Koex feat. Micah Martin - New World (Dirty Palm Remix)
Refeci & Robbie Koex feat. Micah Martin - New World (Uplink Remix)
Reinoud Van Toledo, Jack Delhi - Freedom (Original Mix)
Reinoud Van Toledo, Jack Delhi - I Don't Love You (Original Mix)
Reinoud Van Toledo, Jack Delhi - On The Run (Original Mix)
Reinoud Van Toledo, Jack Delhi - Wanna Turn Down (Original Mix)
Sanmiguel - Be Yourself (Original Mix)
Simon Groove - Oye Que Rico (Original Mix)
Sion - Booty Shake (Original Mix)
Sion - Pokerdotz (Original Mix)
So.young - Jungle (Original Mix)
So.young - Stream (Original Mix)
So.young - Sunny (Original Mix)
Spook, Jonk - Go Anyway (Original Mix)
Stellz - Rock Da House (Original Mix)
The Colonel, Mr. Bailey - Just A Lil Bit (Original Mix)
Todd Terry, Barbara Tucker - Let It Shine (Original Mix)
Tommy Boccuto - Music (Instrumental Mix)
Tommy Boccuto - Music (Original Mix)
Tommy Boccuto - Music (Radio Edit)
Ulex - All I Wanna Do (Original Mix)
Ulex - Beyond The Falls Down Stream (Original Mix)
Ulex - Beyond The Falls Down Stream (Pete Herbert Remix)
Ulex - Under The Acacia (Original Mix)
Wasabi, Terry Lex - Get Loud (Original Mix)
Wheats - Ar Shril (Original Mix)
Wild Culture feat. Ramon - Lose Myself (Extended Mix)

Ramon Tapia Almost Oktober Chart
Danny Serrano - Rain Of Stars (Original Mix)
Drexler - 4 Ever (KIKDRM Remix)
High Position - Cops (Original Mix)
Oscar L - Konfusion (Original Mix)
Phil Kieran - Wasps Under A Toy Boat (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
Red Eye, M.A.N.D.Y. - Rhythm & Soul feat. Red Eye (Tiger Stripes Remix)
Ronnie Spiteri - Voice In My Head (Original Mix)
Siriusmo - Isegrim
Skyman I - Focus (Original Mix)
Stephen Brown - Deep In (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)
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