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20.12.14 Retrotracks Vol.70 - 75 - 54 Tracks

bloodhoung gang - the bad touch (soner karaca remix) (5:06)
corona misha pioner eden es shalev - rhythm of the night (dj rich - max mash - up) (3:13)
komodo y fun factory - close to you (remix) (6:05)
mastiksoul y reel 2 real - i like to move it (murcia y barroso mix) (5:08)
ritmo playaz vs tom boxer - sunshine (dj pitchugin mash - up) (3:30)
shocking blue - venus (dj zubkoff mash - up) (3:58)
the sunshine band vs shtopor - thats the way (dj kuznetsoff mash - up) (3:22)
tinman vs reece low y joel fletche - eighteen strings (dj vincent y dj diaz mashup) (4:16)
whigfield feat carlprit - saturday night (max k remix edit) (3:19)
ace of base - happy nation (dj evan tell y dj archy remix) (4:36)
aruba ice y dj kolya dark - bailando (ser twister remix) (4:31)
christopher s y mike candys - rhythm is a dancer (dj maxx electro house remix) (5:19)
dexter y gold - gonna make you sweat (everybody dance now) (extended mix) (3:53)
europe - the final countdown (dj tarantino remix) (6:56)
ivan frost feat julia lasker - sweet dreams (dj denis rublev y dj anton remix) (5:31)
jenifer lopez vs alex menco y dj digo - jenny from the block (dj mexx 2k14 mash - up) (3:27)
laurent wolf - no stress (damien n drix free remix) (5:10)
los prisioneros - estrechez de corazon (chris stutz y jose spinnin remix) (8:01)
aaron d feat dj wes - do you really want to hurt me (radio mix) (3:31)
cyndi lauper - time after time (club mix) (7:11)
destiny s child - survivor (dj skraga remix) (3:46)
ivan frost feat julia lasker - sweet dreams (stanislav shik y denis rook remix) (5:08)
jack holiday y mike candys - the riddle anthem (original mix) (4:51)
kelis - milkshake (house burner tech edit) (6:35)
michael jackson - thiller (dj maxx edit remix) (3:49)
mike candys y jack holiday - push the feeling on (dmitriy rs rmx) (3:35)
nirvana - smells like teen spirit (max sound house damage bootleg) (5:02)
2 brothers on the 4th floor - dreams (baart b bootleg) (4:22)
alice deejay - better off alone (major bootleg) (3:43)
audio swhet - sunchine after another way (deejay eduardoo bootleg extended) (4:49)
bon jovi vs tarantino dnk - it s my life (dj gangster y vitalee mour sweet mash) (4:03)
danzel d luxe - you spin me round (dj john beelow y dj sergey gray boot up) (4:14)
eurythmics - sweet dreams (flat basse bootleg mix) (4:55)
jack holiday y mike candys - the riddle anthem (andry j bootleg rmx) (4:28)
michael jackson - earth song (wendel kos man in the mirror mix) (4:03)
nirvana - rape me (dj feliks y dj sparky remix) (3:57)
20 fingers - lick it (crash y smash remix) (4:20)
ace of base - happy nation (dj kopernik remix) (4:35)
andrew spencer y the vamprockerz - zombie (marc kiss remix) (5:37)
baby y me - here comes the hotstepper (dj favorite y dj kharitonov remix) (4:26)
gala - freed from desire (club stars remix) (4:48)
jennifer lopez vs mainstream bitch vs derom - play (dj alex sprinter mashup) (4:32)
r e m - losing my religion (slash junior remix) (5:16)
the communards - never can say good bye (dj jarol discotek edit) (3:57)
whigfield - no tears to cry (organ mix) (3:44)
abba - gimme gimme gimme (stereo players remix) (5:25)
albert one - sing a song now now (raf marchesini remix) (6:00)
aycan - lambada (mickey light y sergey kutsuev remix) (4:52)
depeche mode - personal jesus (legran y alex rosco remix) (6:18)
filterfunk - s o s (message in a bottle) (alexx slam y mickey martini remix) (4:39)
jennifer lopez - jenny from the block (dj pasha lee y dj vitaco remix) (4:18)
lolita jolie - moi lolita (club mix) (4:41)
queen - i want to break free (remix prod dj guru) (4:59)
vanessa paradis - joe le taxi (new remix) (3:16)
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