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How to set up FTP Access (FileZilla or any FTP program)

FileZilla is an FTP client that is free, reliable and secure. Key Features: Secure connection (FTPS), cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS and Linux), resume a failed transfer and more.
Step 1 - Download and install FileZilla
First download the latest version here: Download Filezilla (Windows, Mac OS and Linux)
Install it, accepting the default options.
Step 2 - First launch of the software
You can now run FileZilla. You will see the software window that consists of 4 zones.
Step 3 - Configuration
You must enter the connection settings in your FTP Space. Open the Site Manager in Filezilla and save your settings. To do this:
1. In the top menu, click File -> Site Manager. (Ctrl+S for Win)
2. Click on New Site. Enter a name to identify it. (ex. FTP Access)
3. In the Host field, enter HOST NAME
4. Select FTP - File Transfer Protocol for the server Type.
5. Choose Normal for the Logon Type field.
6. Enter your Username and the Password. Check your mailbox. Our e-mail sometimes goes to SPAM folder.
7. Click on Connect to connect to your FTP space or OK to save your settings
Step 4 - Connection and file transfers
Now that your settings are saved:
1. Click on File -> Site Manager.
2. Choose the FTP Space you want to connect to.
3. Click on Connect.
4. You can now move files to your PC. Just drag and drop.
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